Mangal Yatra in the forest of Nainital

Mangal Yatra in the forest of Nainital

Hello friends, as you have read till now that I or Simran fucked Reema at Reshma’s brothel or Simran also broke her virginity, then both of us went to Didi’s flat or spent the night there and then reached Rahul’s house early in the morning.
Now further..
We both will then reach Rahul’s house or we have breakfast there. Then we decided to walk. And Rahul picked up his car. His family was quite modern. Meaning, he had sent his daughter along with both of us boys.
Well we changed cars and drove or we reached Nainital around 7 in the evening. There, in every hotel, mother or Simran took a room or Rahul took a separate room.
Then we had dinner and went to sleep. And in the morning I woke up. Then we made a plan to travel. And just like that we came out of the hotel. We had breakfast outside and then made plans for a walk.
We parked the car at the hotel itself. And traveled there only by public vehicle or pedal vehicle. You know how people meet in public vehicles.
There was a boy who was walking with us. Then we went towards Mall Road. There he went and met a man or bought something. And then he rolled it, lit it and started drinking it.
I had never smoked weed before. Boys in my class used to die. But neither my Simran nor Rahul used to beat me. But Rahul wanted to try everything.
So I cooked something for him and brought it. Then all three of us started roaming. Today we wandered around the whole place or did some trekking… then when it was evening, we would take liquor and come to our room.
Rahul will also come with us to our room. We had come from spring so we wore lots of warm clothes. The heater was running in the room.
All three of us took off our pearl jackets or went near the heater to get warm. Then we opened the liquor and started drinking it. Rahul also started rolling the goods.
After drinking one peg, Rahul started drinking. Rahul was having trouble with us. Then he gave it to me and I also took 2-3 puffs. I also enjoyed it a lot. And drinking it with alcohol is something else altogether.
All three of us drank badly. And then I don’t remember what happened to us. In the morning, all three of us used to lie completely naked on the same bed. Rahul was between us.
Whatever Rahul or I wanted was done without any force. My mother was thinking that Simran likes Rahul so she might not feel bad if I fuck her in front of her.
But here the work was completely different. Perhaps we were so under the influence of alcohol or weed that we didn’t notice or we allowed it to happen as it was.
I was the first one to open my eyes in the morning. My head was hurting badly. But then I saw that scene and I immediately jumped. I then picked up Simran.
Simran also got a little nervous after seeing that scene. Then suddenly Rahul’s eyes also opened. And she started looking at both of us while sitting like this… After a long time she again said something…


Rahul: Whatever has happened should remain outside this room.
Simran:- This will come true..
Mother:- But I really don’t remember what happened.
Rahul: You were surprised to see our condition.
Mother:- Rahul RR, I was thinking whatever happened he was drunk.. What should I do now..
Rahul:- Are you mad? You are saying something..
Simran:- Hey, since you have done this to us.. then what is the problem..
Rahul:- Look what I can do… That’s when I realized… You guys are my best friends.
Mother:- Look when I said that we are not good friends but we can be friends with benefits also.. you also surprised me… what did you say..
Rahul: Hi dog, I feel like I am sitting naked on your beach and you both are eating my pussy with pleasure…
Simran:- Look, we are also expecting that you will also want a lot.. Now I have also said this.. we are promising you that no one will get emotionally attached to you.. and this is also true for the GF.
Mother:- What else.. now the world also goes.. all three of us will.. enjoy the entire journey..
Rahul:- But there is a condition..
Mother:- Tell me.
Rahul:- If I ask both of you then you will have to do this.. meaning here you both will remain as my slaves.
We both thought about it and said. Then Rahul left the state. I wanted to see but Simran saw me naked for the first time. His penis was completely eaten.
I pulled Rahul towards me. And she lay down on me and started kissing me. Simran also lay down at the same distance as me. The king was feeling very hot.
We reigned again and Rahul held my penis and put it in her pussy. And there was a space above it. She kept kissing me and then started kissing Simran too.
I started pressing Rahul’s ass. While kissing him, Rahul screamed, “Aaahhh, I feel like you are fucking me at night, my ass is hurting so much, man.”
Simran:- Hey, I feel like Karan must have done this…he is fond of this dirty ass..
Rahul :- How did you know?
Simran:- Now why should I fuck you… When we came to your house, we had come to fuck you.
Rahul:- What is the truth?
Simran:- This guy is a whore in Delhi also.. His dick is so big.. This bastard has fucked that whore’s ass also..
Karan- Why are you saying so much.. you also sucked.
Rahul:- Dear friends, I have come to fuck you again and again.
Simran:- Are you baby? We have come to see you.. as if now you are also our whore..
Rahul:- Okay… to fuck this whore again… come my ass but with me..
Now Rahul’s double penetration has started. That is such an erotic scene that I cannot give it to you. We started our journey by taking the original maze. Rahul was also enjoying a lot.
My or Rahul’s plan was completed without any hard work. Rahul was also very happy having a threesome. She was masturbating or screaming loudly.
“Aaahhh aaahhh why are you guys fucking me? Aahhh, the dick in my ass also got bigger, aahhh my pussy also got fucked… aaahh fuck me aaahh fuck me baby.”
Suddenly someone knocked the door. I took off my shorts or covered my body and opened the door. To see whether it is a boy or a girl. The age of the girl was around 22-23 years or that of the boy was 18-19 years.
The girl said:- Sir, you are making a lot of noise. Our room is next to yours. Please don’t make so much noise.
The boy said: Why couldn’t you sleep even at night?
I thought maybe there were a couple at first. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. But then his parents started calling him from the hall outside.
“Vicky, Sanya, come on quickly otherwise you will be killed.”
When my society came for the real honeymoon their parents came here and they were just screaming. So he started shouting at me a lot. Then when I told Rahul, he started speaking..
“Are you listening? I came here to listen to Maze.. Now I have to fuck you in front of everyone, I can fuck you and scream at the same time.”
I tried to explain to him but he did not understand. Then after tousling her hair, I pushed her down from the bed or made her sit on my knees or put my penis in her mouth.
Then I said, “Now shout whore”. I started fucking her vigorously. I started pushing my penis into her mouth completely and that too at full speed. Then Simran pushed me hard and said, “What will you do with me, sir?”
Then Rahul suddenly said, “This is what I want… Rough… Fuck me hard… Make me your mistress… Aaahhh.”
Simran also started inserting the penis in her mouth in the same way. Rahul was putting his penis in her throat. And she was behaving like a whore.
Then we continued having threesome sex like this on the bed. Sometimes I would fuck Rahul or she would suck Simran’s cock or sometimes her ass would suck my cock. And sometimes we both fucked her pussy or ass also.
Similarly, one hour passed. And then both of us fought against Rahul. then we give

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