How To A Girl From Almora Became A Prostitute

A girl used to go from village to city every day to study. But the path she had chosen was the path of hope through fire. This was the path of leeches. No one used to walk on this path. People used to walk on foot and on the way they used to find a highway.

When she used to pass through the highway many times, a man used to stop her. He used to say that daughter, do not go through the jungle road, it is possible that wild animals may eat you. When the girl said this, she said that Baba Ji Uncle Ji, I go there every day, there is no problem in this, there is nothing strange, no one will eat me. I know every road here well. Often the truck driver used to go away after saying his thing.

True incident of a poor family girl of Almora

This true incident starts from Almora which is in Uttarakhand, but the story is just this much. Actually on 10 December 2005, a social worker had come to Kaba Bazar in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, who had come here to celebrate International Human Rights Day. And her purpose was to talk to girls and women, talk to them, listen to their happiness, then her eyes fell on a girl who was the most beautiful, after seeing such a beautiful girl, it seemed as if she had never seen a girl before.

One day finally he asked the girl that if the son is still not there then can I know about her previous life? Can I ask who you are, where you are from and how did you reach here? So that girl said that I am from Almora, a city in Uttarakhand. This seems to be a village of Almora. I was studying in the village, I left my studies in the middle and I wanted that my family’s poverty should end. Someone said that you should do this computer training, you will get a job somewhere and if you pass then you will get a government job. The girl used to go to the city from her village every day to learn typing.

The Almora girl reached in Meerut prostitute house

A truck driver trapped her and gave her some food. As soon as she fainted, her eyes would immediately open and she would find herself in this brothel. She had never imagined, never thought how he brought her here. When her daughter opened her eyes, she drank some water. But she did not get any more water. Instead, her mother just told her not to even think once about leaving this place. For fifteen days, she was tortured so much that she would cry, abuse without reason, ask for water without reason, ask for food.

She did not get water, only water for bathing. She started getting so upset. Meanwhile she would get food and after that she would be given a pill. After taking the pill, the hormones in her body would start working differently. After some time she was given injections and as soon as the injections were given, her condition changed. After it had a little effect, that girl was completely put into the business of prostitution. Now new boys and girls started coming into her life every day and whoever came, whatever boys came, on seeing that girl, all would ask for a kiss. I want this girl.

Many girls used to come to the school every day. But most of the people were attracted towards that girl. They would try to talk to her, meet her while talking, do it with her. The girl became pregnant, but no one came to know. On 10 December 2005, when the social worker was meeting that woman, she told that she has a son.

A call girl became mother

Meanwhile, a man had sex with her and left because she used to do it every day. When the fetus in her womb becomes stable, the child becomes stable, that child is born. Yes, the child is born in the womb itself. So that child was kept away from that house and kept separately. It was said that if you want the safety of your child, then you should not leave this brothel, if you think of leaving the brothel then the result will not be good for you. People keep coming and going and one day a social worker comes here, just like that woman, a boy also comes. The purpose of the boy was to talk to the women, to take them to the outside world and try to give them a new life.

When the girl and the boy were talking, the boy did not know when he fell in love with the girl. The girl did not even know. The boy had come to listen to her problems but a relationship developed between the boy and the girl. They used to talk a lot to each other. They used to talk a lot and then the boy said that I want to marry you, my family, my mother, my brother, my relatives will never accept this relationship. But after seeing your beauty, no one will refuse this relationship. The girl thought that maybe now the bad days of her life must have ended, as it is said that whatever happened, happened. Considering it as her fate, she started getting attracted towards the boy. She used to meet him daily. Now she is a resident of this place. His behavior also changed towards this girl. There are many girls who are not allowed to go out of the house. They cannot go anywhere. But this girl used to go out, very few people knew that this girl was also associated with the business of making clothes. It was evening time and the wedding procession was going on the way.

Call girl fulfilled the dreams of marriage

The girl stood there and started dreaming that her groom would come riding on a horse like that and whether this would ever happen to her or not. The girl was dreaming like this. And as soon as the girl took her eyes off the girl’s face, the groom riding on the horse was none other than a boy. This was the boy who loved her, who had promised that he would spend his whole life with her, he wanted to live with her.

When the girl saw that boy, the ground slipped under her feet. She was forced to think about the person whom she loved, because of whom she had to suffer so many sins. She must be very beautiful because she had told all these things about her life to the brothel owner. There is a boy who loves her. He comes here and says, ‘Madam, if you say so, I can build my new world’. The owner also becomes happy with his decision. She says, ‘Son, if you want to leave from here, then I have no objection, if he wants to take you with him, then there is no problem. It doesn’t matter, you can go.’ But when she sees him as the groom, she comes back and starts crying, gets upset and tells her owner that her world has been completely destroyed, she was unable to understand. That social worker who used to come to meet her from time to time.

The Beautiful call girl got aids

Now this girl started doing her prostitution work with even more enthusiasm. She behaved in the same way with everyone who came to her. Six months passed without anyone knowing and one day the social worker got a call from the owner of that brothel that sister, please come back soon. The condition of the daughter who was in the nursing home was getting worse. That girl was admitted in the hospital and she had to be admitted in the hospital. She was undergoing treatment. As soon as the social worker reached there, her eyes were wide open after seeing the girl.

The girl whom she used to praise as a very beautiful girl, her face had turned dark, she was becoming strange and weak. She was asked why her condition was becoming like this. She had also lost a lot of weight, why was she becoming so weak. She told that she had fallen ill and was undergoing continuous treatment for the disease for many days. She had demanded that Didi be called because she wanted to talk to Didi. When she was trying to talk to Didi, she asked, “Beta, do you need anything?” Then the social worker told her that after talking to the beautiful girl, she went straight to the doctor. When she talked to the doctor, he said that she was a guest for a few hours.

The doctor said that there will be no more call girl

She will not survive because she has AIDS. Hearing the doctor’s words, the ground slipped from her feet and she immediately went to him. She went and asked him how did you get AIDS, you were not wearing any protective equipment. You did not use the condom which is used. So the girl told that it was 6 months ago when she saw the boy whom she loved riding a horse and that boy used to come to meet her even after getting married. He used to have sex with her. She did not believe that he was trying to come back in my life even after getting married. I do not understand and the step she took to take revenge from him was very terrible. She slept with every man but she never used a condom. She never took any contraceptive which could protect her from such a dangerous disease and in this month’s effort she got this disease, so she did this.

Whoever used to come, there was a person with him who used to go away after seeing him, this disease is very serious, whose treatment is very difficult and that girl also started having a relationship with that girl and when this woman asked that you don’t worry, we will show you to a good doctor, everything will be fine, then she says that sister there is no need to worry, the person whom I loved, the person whom I wanted to marry, his treatment is also going on in this hospital, you don’t worry and as soon as both of them are talking to the social worker, that girl, then a person comes and says something to the owner, after whatever he said, everyone here keeps watching, that person told the owner that he is dead, maybe his daughter was waiting for him to die, as soon as that boy kills his lover, his lover dies.

The last time when the wood laughed

She starts laughing loudly. The whole hospital was listening to her and she says I have taken my revenge and I will go up in the sky and go to the Bhaav and there you did this to me. First of all, the driver cheated the girl who was very poor and whose parents lost a lot of dreams for her. He sold her to a brothel and went away. A new guy came in her life. Seeing that guy, it seemed like she would start a new life from here but he had also left his job. She married him and started looking like him. And to take revenge for this, she got infected with AIDS. Someone gave it to her and went away.

And because of that many more people also got infected with this AIDS. Although it is not known how many people were infected and how many were not. But the boy who was killed was a businessman. He used to run a shop. And when people came to know about his death, they did not regret the death of that businessman at all. But everyone was shocked to know about the past life of that girl. Everyone was worried that how could someone do this to that poor girl. You have to tell them that the girls who are pushed into prostitution are from very poor families. These are girls whose mothers, their brothers, their family relatives.

They cannot even walk, whom even the administrative officers cannot help. Those who do not have money are lured with money, they are lured with facilities. And this is what happened with this girl.

The girl used to go from village to city and that person knew that he slowly started talking to her and found out how many people are there in her family, how many people can help her and how many cannot. He took her there.

He says that 95 percent of such girls are from very poor families. They need them by pretending to love them, they feel that he is their great well-wisher, by becoming their well-wisher. We become a pain and push them into such a swamp from which it is not easy for anyone to get out. Friends take care of yourself and stay safe. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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