Beautiful Call Girl Was Raped By Her Own Father

How To The Call Girl Get Raped?

Sometimes such a time comes in somebody’s life which proves to be an inauspicious time. What happens in today’s story is that a call girl was changing her clothes in her own house, her mother was out of the house and suddenly her father enters. The father saw his own girl in such a situation which he probably should not have seen and the father loses his control and does a disgusting act with his own girl. The girl cries, sobs, screams and shouts. But her voice was not reaching the father’s ears. Till the mother does not become happy, satisfied, he kept doing such dirty things with her.

When he leaves from here, he gives some advice to his girl and says that no one should ever get to know about this. If anyone gets to know then it will not be good for you. But no one had imagined what happens in the future. Not only murders take place in this, but many lives are also completely ruined.

There is a place called Ludhiana in the state of Punjab. I am talking about July 11999 when the girl was raped by her father and the girl started crying badly and when the mother enters the house then she tells her story to her minor son and the mother became bad crying. They were unable to understand what decision to take in the future or not because the girl’s life had been ruined. And if it has happened for the first time then it is possible that you do the same wrong thing to her again. Then the mother goes to Thane with her son and after going to Thane.

She files a case against her own husband under relevant sections. The police took the matter seriously and registered the case. After filing the case, the police investigated the matter. After investigating, four sheets were filed in the court and after filing four more in the court, the police filed a case in this case.

The court heard the case thoroughly and on 15th May 2001, the person was convicted and after being convicted, he was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. It was said that this person should be given strict imprisonment and that no leniency of any kind should be given to him. He should be made to work as long as he is behind bars.

And after the harsh comments made by the court against him, it became a topic of discussion in the area that what a disgusting act a father has committed with his daughter. That person whose name is Mohinder Singh goes to Mahendra Singh Jai and after Jai Jaan when there is a night in Jai, people used to hate him a lot in the beginning. The reason for hatred was that whatever dirty act he had committed with his daughter, it is a night in Jai and gradually as his time was passing, people started hating him a lot.

His behavior is very good. Be it a prisoner or an officer, whatever work was given to him, he used to do it with complete honesty and satisfaction. No one had any complaint about his work and as time went on, looking at him it seemed as if he had not committed any crime, perhaps he was being punished for no crime.

Time passes and then some people give him advice. They say that you have good behaviour, if you want you can take the bell and after taking the bell you can go out and live a normal life and see the world.

He does exactly what he had heard. He goes to jail on 1999. He applies for a bail on 2005 and it is accepted. This sentence is of April 2005. As soon as he gets the bail, he stays in a rented room and sends a message to his wife and daughter that they have to stay away from everything of his, whether it is his house or the things given by him. They should not touch any of his belongings because he is using his house. It is said that he is using some of his belongings as well. When this news reaches his mother and daughter, the mother and daughter get scared because he had come out of jail after many years and the way he was threatened, she felt that this might happen and he might commit a criminal act with them.

He goes to the nearest police station and files a complaint there and the police probably does not take the complaint seriously because the police also gets information that his behavior in the jail was considered very good. But time passes and this matter is forgotten. His wife and girl also feel that everything is fine. But this incident is of 8th January 2006. Actually there is a police station in Ludhiana and one of its villages is Pratap Singh Wala. Here Man and the girl Man means Keenu and the girl means Geetu Verma. Both are present at home. Along with them is a relative Shalu Verma. She was present at home. Meanwhile, her husband Deewar Kudkar enters the house.

And when he was entering inside, his wife was praying. She had an axe in her hand. He called out to his wife, screaming loudly. As soon as his wife heard his scream, they tried to run away but Mahender Singh got a chance and attacked his wife’s head with great force and her head was cut. After that, he attacked her neck. When she tried to stop him with her hand, her hand was also cut. Then he attacked her with an axe and in one stroke, he killed his wife. She did not get a chance to recover or writhe in pain and she died on the spot. After hearing Maan’s screams, the girl ran and saw what had happened.

So when the girl came, he vented out twice or thrice the anger he had vented out on his wife on the girl and he hit her with the axe as much as he could, gas was coming out while cutting every part of the body and the girl also died on the spot. Now the third person in the house who was watching all this with her own eyes, i.e. Shalu who is their relative and as soon as Shalu saw it, Shalu ran towards her room due to fear because in the meantime she got a chance to handle it and she screamed as loud as she could. She screamed as loudly as she could and closed the door from inside so that if she tried to come towards him, people would reach there before that and the door was closed. But as she started screaming loudly, the sound of that scream reached the people around and as the people around entered the house

And they start shouting from outside. So the murderer inside the house, Mahendra Singh, who had murdered his wife and daughter, and that too very badly, is caught. He runs away from the house as soon as he gets a chance. After running away from the house, the doors are opened again. The public comes inside and after seeing the scene inside, the mother and the girl were lying there. And whoever saw the scene, gets scared. People get frightened and then this information is given to the Havewala police station and the SHO reaches the spot with his full police force. It is told that two women have been murdered, so the police reaches the spot and sees that the bodies of both are taken into custody and sent for postmortem and after sending them for postmortem.

It is told that who killed them and why and what could be the reason behind it. When the police tried to search for the person who filed the FIR, it was found that he was living comfortably in the same rented house where he used to live. He did not try to escape from there and as soon as the police arrived, he surrendered himself to the police. The police arrested him and sent him to jail after arresting him. Now the police investigates the case. After investigation, all the evidence against him is found and after the evidence is found, the case reaches the court.

So this case is not heard for long and its decision comes within a year. The sentence was of 2006 and on 22nd November 2007, the Sessions Judge of Ludhiana sentenced this person Mahendra Singh to death and said that this person should be kept hanging on the noose till the person dies because this is a rarest of the rare case and the judge considered it and he is sentenced to death, then people get the satisfaction that this expert person probably deserved this. When his girl was a minor, he was around 41 years old and he raped his girl and went to jail to serve the sentence and after coming out in five years, he kills his girl and his wife. A news is published in all the newspapers, time passes a little. After this, this person appeals to the court that the punishment given to him should be reduced. Therefore, the High Court reduced the sentence to 30 years.

On May 2008, this case was completely upheld. His death sentence was upheld and the appeal of this person was completely rejected. But the desire of this person to live was continuously increasing. The person again applied to the Supreme Court. He applied to the Supreme Court that his sentence should be reduced a bit. He gave all kinds of arguments that he is a very poor man and when this incident happened, he was 41 years old. Some such arguments were given which the Supreme Court also probably accepted.
It seemed that perhaps his sentence would be kept as it is. But on January 28, 2013, the death sentence of this person was converted to life imprisonment. And it was said that till the time this person dies, he should not come out of the prison. Because such a person has no right to live in the society.

This person is probably still behind bars but whenever I remember those things, I remember that on July 1999, he had committed a heinous act with his girl. I wish he had not looked at his girl so badly on that day. I wish he had not done wrong to his girl. I wish all this had not happened, then perhaps both mother and daughter would have been alive and this person would also have been living a good life and whatever had happened was shameful for humanity, which this person did to his children. Friends, the purpose of telling this entire incident is not to trouble anyone. I do not want to hurt anyone, but to make you aware. You have to be alert and if such a time comes, then one should try to solve it and whatever was the fate of this person, such intentions should never be kept at any cost.

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