Broker raped the helpless call girl in Haldwani

The Helpless Call Girl Was Raped By Broker In Haldwani

It is strange to hear that a call girl is raped because a call girl makes people happy in exchange for money, but it is a big deal for a call girl to be raped in this work. Actually this incident happened with a call girl who has told us her story and now we are going to tell you all through the words of that call girl.

Hello friends, how are you all friends, my name is Ritu, I am a hot girl of 22 years and I am a call girl by profession, friends, I was not fond of all these things earlier, I had taken up this work only for the sake of money, but I did not know that all this would happen to me, friends, let me tell you that I am very young in age but I look like a beautiful 16 year old girl, whoever sees me might lose his temper because I was so beautiful in appearance, so this incident happened with me 2 months ago, and I have been working as a call girl for 1 year.

Earlier I used to work as a call girl in Uttar Pradesh but due to lack of good earnings there, I moved to the mountainous city of Uttarakhand and then I got a temporary call girl job in the Haldwani Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Now my work was going very well here but after some time such a day came that the city woke up during the day.

I got a booking that day, I had to go to a client in the evening in Ramnagar city, that day I had a full night booking, our broker brought his car from my room and directly entered my room, although no broker can even peep into the room of any call girl like this, still that broker entered my room forcefully, I asked how are you coming here without my permission, and that broker entered my room abusing me and he immediately locked the door and pounced upon me like a hungry wolf.

He started forcing himself on me, I tried a lot to save myself but I could not stand before him. In the end I had to surrender to him by giving in to his will. He forcibly started having sex with me and I allowed this atrocity to happen on myself because I could not do anything. He was much stronger than me and was hungry for the lust of God knows how many people. Friends, in the course of our conversation I forgot to tell you the name of the broker. Friends, the name of the broker is “Sunny”. I thought that only my clients are worshippers of lust but I did not know that there is a hungry wolf in the disguise of a jackal.

Friends, if a girl like me works as a call girl or a prostitute, then she has relations with many unknown men there, but friends, the relations we make with our customers, we make them willingly and happily. But if someone tortures us in this way, whether she is a call girl or a straight married girl, her self-respect and her dignity is hurt a lot and friends, my self-respect has also been hurt a lot, I could never even think in my dreams that such an incident would happen to me. Now friends, you people must be sleeping that why did I not take any kind of legal action because friends, if I am a call girl and I tell this to the police administration, who knows that the police will also have to pounce on me, due to this fear I did not tell anything to anyone and quietly from there I reached Rudrapur Udham Singh Nagar.

A big secret of the world of call girls

And when I came to Rudrapur, I came to know from my friends that broker Sunny already has such forced sex with all the call girls he keeps with him. I was shocked to hear this and only then I came to know why he pounced upon me like a hungry wolf because he had already made many call girls and innocent girls his victims.

And now almost 1 month passed since I was in Rudrapur, now I started facing shortage of money because I had not gone for booking for a long time because I was very scared of that incident, due to which I stopped going for booking, but now I started feeling the need of money and I started looking for work, friends if I worked in a company or for someone, then probably no one would have given me money quickly, so I again started looking for work as a call girl.

I came to know of a broker here whose name was Rohan. Now somehow I had got the number of broker Rohan. Friends, let me tell you that broker Rohan provides the services of his call girls in many districts of Uttarakhand. Then I talked to Rohan on the phone and Rohan called me to meet him. Now I went to Rohan’s flat where about seven to eight girls lived together. However, Rohan used to come here sometimes when there was some booking work. I started liking Rohan a lot in my first meeting with him because after that incident, I did not want to wander around any man and neither did I ever want any man to wander around me, but after meeting Rohan, I got a lot of confidence and due to this I told my whole story to Rohan ji.

Friends, now I got a job with broker Rohan, he also gave me a flat to live in and in which many call girls like me lived. All the call girls were very friendly, they gave me a lot of courage, otherwise friends, after this incident, I would hardly have been able to tell my story in front of you today, because friends, I would have probably lost the desire to live. Friends, now I had planned everything further with broker Rohan that I will now work as a call girl with him,

Friends, then one day broker Rohan got me a booking, and I went with him, friends this booking was in Kaladhungi. Then Rohan and I left to complete this booking and when I sat in his car with Rohan, another brother was also sitting with Rohan (Friends, the brother that Ritu Madam was talking about, who was sitting in the car, is actually me, who is presenting this incident in front of you) and I sat in the car and left with both the brothers for my booking, friends, when I reached Kaladungi, there is a check post there, so seeing this, all three of us were scared that if our car is stopped, then who knows what will happen next

As we started passing through the check post, the constables there called out to us to stop the car, seeing this we did not stop our car and kept going straight, and then we felt that some car was following us which made our fear even more, we thought that maybe we will get caught today, then Rohan ji drove his car straight away and we came directly on the Nainital road but as soon as we slowed down our car a bit, the car that was following us went ahead due to which all three of us heaved a sigh of relief and we started reversing our car and we reached the location mentioned by the customer.

And then we met the customer, friends, that customer of mine came straight inside our room to see me. As soon as he saw me, he said that this call girl is very beautiful. Then the customer made our payment and I went towards his room with my customer.

Friends, in the end I want to tell you that if a girl has sold her body to get a house or to feed herself, then the one who sleeps with her customer, she sleeps in the bed with that customer voluntarily. But if any man forcibly tortures a woman or me, even if that girl is a call girl, still her self-respect gets hurt. Friends, if any such incident has happened with you, then please tell the person whom you trust a lot, otherwise nowadays the wicked people in the society take advantage of this thing. So friends, I want to take leave from all of you by telling my story.

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