How to a village girl become a prostitute?

How a girl was forced to become a call girl

Once a theft takes place in a village in which a lot of money and cash is stolen. The family members are in a bad state. They go to the nearest police station and after going to the police station, they register a complaint of theft. They tell how the goods were stolen from the house and how much was stolen. Now the inspector comes from the spot. To investigate and see how much was stolen, who did the theft. He was trying to find out when a member of the village said that there is a place outside the village and there are some unknown people whose dress and language are completely different and their ways of committing crimes are completely different. As soon as the inspector heard this, he reached that camp directly and after going there, he was talking to those people that you have committed the theft.

Those people clearly denied that they did not steal anything. As the police inspector was talking to them, he noticed a very beautiful girl present among them and immediately told him that if you want to avoid this incident and any big action is taken against you, then you will have to hand over this girl to me, if you do this then nothing will happen to you. When the girl comes back, you should go away somewhere.

So that no one can do anything to you, no one will suspect you and no action will be taken against you. The family members reached a consensus among themselves, after reaching a consensus they handed over that beautiful girl to the police inspector and he did whatever he wanted with her the whole night. When the girl returns to her family from the police inspector, the family members tie the knot and go away from here. The family members had no role in this theft at all, this was known to the police inspector and the family members also know this but the family members are scared. This does not happen to the police inspector.

Take strict action. When the family members were talking to each other, they said that today because of this girl, who must not have been very old, the whole family’s life was saved. They thought that girls are meant to save the family and this was such a system that whenever they felt that trouble was brewing, they would always send the girl forward. Today’s story is of the Bachhala community, which is told about this inspector’s matter that this was such an incident earlier, after that they made this business their prostitution business. And today’s story is of a village where girls sell their daughters for just two hundred rupees, that too beautiful girls.

Aadaab, Namaskar, Sasta Akal. I am going to tell you a true incident of today. This is a true incident. Mandsaur is a district of Madhya Pradesh and a village of Mandsaur is called Haipur, Mandsaur and Chhatarpura village is on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and I am passing through there. A girl from the village whose name is Pooja, Pooja’s mother, her age was increasing slowly and customers were not coming to her.

One day, Pooja’s mother asked Pooja, “Son, will you also do the same work that I have been doing till date or do you want to get married and settle down your life?”. Then the girl said, “Mom, there is nothing to earn or eat at home and there is no arrangement for food, so I will be forced to do the work that you used to do.” And when the daughter was asked, she agreed to do this work. The girl’s age is…
She gets ready in the middle of the year.

After getting ready, she applies make-up and sits at a corner with a torch because a lot of vehicles keep coming and going from there and as soon as vehicles come and go, she shines the torch on them to give a signal that I am waiting for a customer, when any truck driver passes by that light, the first customer who comes to her is a truck driver, she tells her rate and the customer gets impressed and becomes happy. And she did the same thing with him that she did earlier.

A person does it with his wife, that is, makes a relationship, now she first goes to the groom and then to the customers. In 24 hours, good customers start coming to her because the age of that girl was not much. After seeing her, the customers used to get attracted quickly. It was quick and in this way, there were problems in Pooja’s family. There were problems of money, slowly the problems start getting resolved and time also passes. One year passes and there is a day when a driver falls in love with that girl, expresses his love to her. He says that I want to live with you, I want to live my life with you. The girl clearly refused that the girls who work here never study in any such business.

And I have chosen this profession, so I cannot get married. However, she gives in to the insistence of that man and says that I am compelled to continue doing this profession. So she put a Mangalsutra around her neck in the name of the truck driver and when that truck driver used to come to her house like her husband, he used to spend time with her and as time went on, first she gave birth to a daughter and after some time she gave birth to a son, that is, two children. And whatever the driver had, he used to give it all to Paja. But all this continued. It went on for only eight years and as soon as eight years are completed, they are completed. One day suddenly that truck driver disappeared and then he never came back to that village nor did anyone ever find him. But Poo was helpless

Pooja knew that the girl who has fallen in love with someone or someone has fallen in love with her, this happens with many girls in her family earlier also. Actually, a girl of the village is asked whether she wants to join the business of prostitution or wants to do something different in her life by getting engaged and married. The girls who agree to get married cannot do it because they do not have a husband. But the girls who do that business earn money from it and also support their family. But it is also believed that they cannot marry again. This cycle continues and after that it was going on with her also. But her husband, who has a name in his hair, in whose name she had worn Mangarsu Sutra around her neck, leaves her but the helplessness of that girl gets stuck and when it becomes a compulsion, she comes back to it again. Actually, this is the case with this girl of this village.

There are three such villages namely Ratlam, Mandsaur, Neemuch which are said to be better in which prostitution is carried out in which people of the community live. Around 75% of the girls are such who get ready for prostitution and after getting ready they sit on the side of the highway and wait for their customer. There was a time when they used to use it but now things have changed a bit. Now they use the mobile and with the help of the torch light they try to impress the customer. And if they get a girl then it is decided as to how much money can be charged from her.

This is how life goes on and they also know that if a customer likes them, he will definitely leave them after liking them. But they like to live together, they also have children with them and after having children, when they grow old, these children will grow up and become their support. There are so many women in the village who do not have any children, so they face a lot of difficulties in earning food, it becomes a big problem for them. Till the year 2018.
In about sixty eight villages of the community, seventy five percent people used to do this business, when the mother, brother or father used to sit on the sidelines and wait for the customer for their sister daughter. That a customer will come, if a customer comes and if a customer comes for the first time, then they cannot go. But they tell that their daughter is waiting for them at home. And you go and see, if the girl likes you, then you do not go, if not then with someone else.

In a similar way, children are also present in the house. The customer comes and in front of the children, in front of the family members, in front of the siblings, the girl goes inside comfortably with the customer. She spends time with him and after spending time, she leaves from there.
And the customer also leaves in a similar way, this has been going on for centuries.

The people of the Bada community keep doing this continuously but it is told that one IPS officer comes in 2018 and the IPS officer finds these things very strange. After hearing that people of such communities force their daughters into the business of prostitution, he went from village to village and from house to house and gave the message to the people and told them how valuable education is. If you study and write, you can move ahead and you will never face any problem in your life. If you do something after studying, it is possible that you can earn a good income. Not only this, there are government and non-government organizations. Those organizations went to villages and told such people that not only can a new kind of disease spread in you due to the business of prostitution, but you can also get troubled.
The villages in the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, there is no business in these villages, there is no means of earning. Therefore, these girls and women are forced to go into the business of prostitution, they have to do it because of wages, there is no farming. Therefore, men also have to support their sisters and daughters, they have to move forward and this is going on continuously and the government and non-governmental organizations try to end this at least before it happens and a lot of improvement has been made. Pooja’s age, if we talk about Pooja’s story today, then she is around forty-five years old. Her children are also growing up. But Pooja has tried that.

As she herself has done, as her man has done or as her man’s mother had done. Her daughter should not do anything like that and she should teach her daughter honestly so that she can take it forward.
Friends, the purpose of narrating the entire incident is not to trouble anyone or to hurt anyone but to make you aware, to alert you and to tell this before leaving.
If you meet such people to whatever extent you can, as much as you are capable, then at least you should help them, be it financially, socially, in any way, in whatever way you can. And it is especially the responsibility of the government that even today in this era if such things are happening, meaningful efforts should be made in these districts and villages to stop it so that no sister or daughter is tortured like this

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