For The First Time, I Went To A Beautiful Call Girl

I Went To The A Call Girl For The First Time

My friend arranged a meeting with a call girl, she took me to a hotel. We both entered the room, I was in a bad state due to excitement and nervousness, the girl herself took the initiative.

Friends, my name is Aryan and I am currently twenty-seven years old.

This is my first sex story on call girl Nainital, I work in marketing in Haldwani and Nainital, I am good looking. Before taking this sex story forward, I want to tell you about my fantasy. First of all, I like pussy very much. Since childhood, I wanted to have sex with a pussy, the second desire was to suck the breasts of a milk-giving Bhabhi or a call girl and drink milk, I have always wanted to do all this. This is a true incident that happened with me. Which is about a year ago, I was doing a marketing job, some of my friends also worked with me, at that time we always used to take blue films from each other and watch them and calm ourselves, I have a good stock of blue films.

Once one of my friends Pankaj said to me- Aryan you only watch blue films, don’t you ever feel like having sex with someone? You always have so many blue films and you also masturbate, so once you should also enjoy the real heaven of sex. I told that friend- friend, I also feel like having sex, but I am also afraid that what will happen if something happens?
He asked me- what are you afraid of? I said- friend I have no experience of having sex till now, neither have I seen any girl naked nor do I have any girlfriend, so how can I fulfill this desire of mine?

He said- why don’t you have sex with a call girl first? She will teach you everything and your wish will also be fulfilled. I told him- I had also thought about this, but I don’t know of any call girl with whom I can talk about sex. On this Pankaj said- when I came to Haldwani for the first time, I once had sex with a call girl, she is very beautiful in appearance too, she will also teach you the game of sex.

I became happy after hearing Pankaj’s words and I asked him- how can I meet her? He gave me the number of that call girl and said- take this number and talk to that call girl about sex. After talking so much, I thanked him and our conversation ended.

Pankaj left for his office work, I saw the number he had given me and thought of talking to her right away, but I was not able to understand how to start the conversation, to be honest, I did not have the courage to talk to that call girl about sex. I just kept looking at that number and went out for office work.

Then when Pankaj and I met for tea in the evening, he asked me Aryan did you talk to her or not? What did she say? And when are you going to meet her? I told him- friend I did not have the courage to talk to her, what should I ask her after talking to her? Pankaj said laughing- friend if you are scared now, then what will happen to you at the time of sex? He started laughing loudly.

I showed anger to him and said let it go, I will think about sex only after my marriage. When I started leaving from there, he said to me- sorry friend… wait I will talk to her. He called that call girl and putting the phone on speaker said- I have a friend, he wants to sit with you, tell me how much will you charge and when will you meet? I was surprised to hear such a straight talk from him that he is talking so straight on the phone to any call girl.

Then that call girl said on the phone- I am ready anytime, whenever you need me… you just tell me, I will come. Pankaj asked me at the same time- when will you go? I was a little scared, so he said to that call girl on the phone- I will tell you right now. While disconnecting the phone, Pankaj said to me- friend, you should go to her once, then you will enjoy the real heaven. I said- okay, I will go to her day after tomorrow at 11 in the morning.

Pankaj called the call girl and said- be ready the day after tomorrow at 11 o’clock. He fixed the meeting place and said- my friend is new… he has not done anything yet, so teach him a little. Saying this, he started laughing with that call girl while talking on the phone, looking at me, I was feeling very shy.

Then he hung up the phone and said- now the day after tomorrow you go to this address at exactly 11 o’clock… and before going, call Kalpana once. I understood that the name of that call girl is Kalpana. Then we came to our respective homes. At night while sleeping I was very restless that the day after tomorrow I will see a call girl naked for the first time and will also have sex with her, I got lost in dreams of pussy.

My hand went to my penis and I shook my penis and fell asleep thinking about sex with Kalpana. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that my penis had released water in my sleep, i.e. it was night fall. Then I bathed and went to the office, met Pankaj there and told him that I am feeling scared. He said- nothing will happen friend… you go and enjoy… I am here.

That day after working in the office for the whole day, I left for home, then Pankaj’s call came- Aryan, you call her right now and fix it for tomorrow. I am going out for a few days… I will meet later. He said this and switched off the phone. I came out of the office and called on the number given by Pankaj, then a sexy voice came from the other side.

I said I am Aryan… Pankaj gave me your number, you are calling me Kalpana, right? She said- yes yes, tell me. I said- I called you about yesterday. She said- my name is Kalpana, you can call me by name. I said- ok Kalpana, I will call you in the morning after reaching the place you told me. She said- ok. I disconnected the call.

That night I slept thinking about her. I got up early in the morning, took a bath, got ready quickly, had breakfast and reached the address given by Kalpana. I looked at the clock, it was 10:30, I called Kalpana, but she did not pick up. I sat there on the bike and waited for the call. After a while Kalpana called. I quickly picked up the phone and asked- where are you? She told me that I am here… where are you? I told her the name of a place, she said I am on the road right next to you, I have seen you, you wait there, I will come.

I looked at the road on my left, and from there a sexy call girl in a black saree was coming towards me looking at me. I understood that this was Kalpana, Kalpana was looking very sexy. She had tied a scarf on her face, she told me that she was Kalpana by gesturing with her eyes. She was coming towards me walking with a sexy gait, I saw that her breasts were so prominent that both her breasts were swinging round and round, her waist was looking so flexible that don’t even ask.

She came to me and asked- Aryan? I said yes, she said- let’s go to the lodge. I said- okay. Then she sat on my bike and we both left for the lodge. On the bike she asked me how old you are? I said- twenty seven years. She said that you don’t look that old, you look like a nineteen year old boy to me. I said- no I am twenty seven years old.

While talking like this, she put her breasts on my back and started talking to me while clinging to me, I was feeling very excited by the softness of her breasts. After about ten minutes, we both reached a lodge, she asked me, did you bring condoms? I said- yes, I have brought them. She said- you go to the counter and book a room, I will stay here.

I went ahead and took the room. After completing all the formalities, I signaled her to come. She came and we both came to the room. As soon as we both went to the room, she said- first close the door of the room properly. I closed the door of the room and looked back, Kalpana was removing the scarf from her face, as soon as she removed her scarf, I was stunned to see her.

Her complexion was as white as milk, small eyes, kajal in eyes, small bindi on forehead, red lipstick on lips. Kalpana was looking very beautiful, I kept looking at her. She looked at me and said- will you just look or will you do something too? I told her- I don’t know anything, this is my first time. Hearing this she started laughing and said- yes I can see that… and Pankaj also said that.

I was standing quietly listening to her, she called me towards her with a finger gesture and made me sit on the bed and said- it’s okay Aryan… don’t be afraid I will teach you everything. She hugged me, I felt as if I got an electric shock. As soon as her breasts touched my chest, my penis got erect in my pants, which started pricking her. She laughed and said in my ear- look, your Babu has also become erect. I felt embarrassed,

Then Kalpana separated from me and said- tell me if you have any special wish, then tell me, I will fulfill it. I told her both my wishes. She said- firstly I will fulfill it, secondly I do not have any arrangement to feed you milk right now. Saying this, she started opening my clothes laughing and said- you also remove my clothes.

I also started removing her saree, as soon as I removed her pallu, I kept looking at both her breasts and the gap between them, her breasts were forty-two inches. After removing the saree, I touched her blouse, then such big and fair breasts were desperate to come out of the blouse… and were very soft.

I grabbed them from the top and pressed them, and Kalpana moaned ‘Ah… Ouch..’. I started opening the buttons of her blouse even more quickly and took it off and let it fall down. Kalpana was wearing a blue bra inside, which looked even more beautiful on her milky breasts, her big orange-like breasts looked desperate to come out of her bra.

I quickly opened the hook of her bra and freed her breasts, both her breasts jumped out as the bra opened, as if two birds had come out of a cage. It was the first time I was seeing someone’s naked breasts in front of me and they were in my hands, I held both of Kalpana’s breasts in my hands and started pressing them. Kalpana’s breasts were so big that they were not fitting in my hands, I squeezed them hard, and again a sound of ‘Ah…’ came out of Kalpana’s mouth. What experiences I had in the sex story with Kalpana call girl, I will tell you all in the next part, and do not forget to call me
call girls Nainital
The story continues, so friends all of you stay tuned.

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