The case of the robbery of a tourist is related to the call girl case.

Call girl's connection in car and cash robbery case in Nainital...

Nainital. The case of robbery of car and cash from a young man on the night of April 3 on Nainital-Bhowali road is related to a call girl. A preliminary investigation has revealed that five friends doing hotel business in Nainital had hired call girls for tourists. When the agent refused to send the call girl after paying the money, the friends committed a robbery to teach the agent a lesson.

call girl nainital

Let us tell you that on April 3, Mohit, originally a resident of Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, had lodged a complaint at Tallital police station regarding the robbery of a car and cash. The very next day after the report was filed, the police arrested Abhilesh Tamta, a youth resident of Damuwadhunga, Kathgodam, in this case. According to police sources, preliminary interrogation of the arrested accused has revealed that the car robbery case is linked to prostitution. It has been revealed that the arrested youth and his four associates run a hotel on lease in Nainital. Earlier also he kept asking call girls for tourists from the agent. This time too the youth paid advance to the agent and asked for a call girl. On the night of April 3, when the businessman asked the agent to send a call girl, he refused. Angered by this, the businessman along with his friends decided to teach the agent a lesson. The businessman called the agent to the Bhawali Road area where he demanded to return the money given earlier but when the agent refused, the five committed the robbery. When asked, CO Sandeep Negi also said that the youth used to get call girls from the agent for a long time. This time, when the call girl did not arrive even after paying the money, they committed the robbery..

Two carried out the robbery posing as media and one as a policeman.
Nainital. It is said that to teach the agent a lesson, two of the five friends introduced themselves as media personnel while one posed as police personnel. The agent was called to Bhawali Road. All five youths were already sitting in a car there. When the agent arrived, two youths put pressure on the agent by posing as media persons and one as a police inspector. When things did not work out even after applying pressure, the youth threw the agent out and ran away with the car and cash.  

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