How is the life of a call girl in Delhi?


Yes, I am a call girl, an escort or whatever you call it, I don’t regret being a sex worker because long back it was my choice and I still owe it to myself, I was from a small town in India and had some dreams, some really big dreams so after my 12th standard I went to Delhi for college education, I was a good student but I was not financially well off and I took me very little time to realize people don’t give a fu*k about your marks. So, I started searching for a good job and being a part-time employee I could barely meet my own expenses, it was frustrating for me at first then I joined a company in Vasant Kunj(Place in Delhi), my employer was kind of showing special interest in me which I just ignored, one weekend when I was in office(I used to work on weekends to earn some extra money) he offered me a promotion and I was really happy until he said he wants something in return, He wanted sex and I was a virgin till then, I had an impression that sex was wrong for me and all (Smalltown mentality) but I desperately wanted that promotion so I said “yes”, I got laid it was painful and I was feeling awful after it but as time passed I started enjoying it, I mean I started loving my body, Sex was amazing with him, I was getting more salary, I started working fewer hours and I knew he would never fire me. So, I had a kind of power.

I made a boyfriend in college, he was a rich guy, yes we used to have sex, a lot of it, he used to buy me things, we used to do clubbing and I was kind of enjoying my life, the company had to shut down due to some problems and I was jobless but now I had made up my mind that I was not going to live an asshole life, job marriage, and kids (I mean yes at some point of time in future sure but till then I wanted to make a name) I decided to enter the territory of Prostitution, and that was one of the best decisions I ever took.

I was new so I got a higher payment and I was working with a good agency so there were no cheap people around. I got almost 10k per night and I used to work one night a week. So, my monthly income was around 40k, and mind you I was just in my 3rd year of college, and for that fact, I started meeting amazing people, my clients, I mean if a person pays 10k for a night he must be rich, most of my clients were businessmen, investors, showroom dealers, etc, and to my surprise, these people were not looking for sex, they wanted some kind of companionship, someone with whom they can talk about their feelings and most of them don’t have an understanding wife and that was the main reason that looked for escorts, I mean come on why is someone paying for a full night for a work of 10–15 mins? I understood this and started listening to them more and more and talking to them and in return, they became my regular clients they were ready to pay me higher and my income also increased, I was making better contacts and I also learned about premium escorts who get paid 50k–60k for a night, I thought about the kind of clients they would have had and the money, so I started investing in myself, regular gym, eating healthy, skin care, better cloths and you know when they say “You are not ugly, you are poor” yes, that’s true because in an year or so, I was literally looking a bombshell, really clear skin, perfect body, right cloths and what not, even I did not spend money on most of my things, my clients were super happy with me because I could satisfy them physically and mentally one of them even gifted me an iPhone, on some occasions they just used to stay and talk to me about their problems the whole night, I mean no sex at all, and when thay wanted fun I could litrally offer them the body of a bollywood actress, I was able to develop a really personal relationship with my clients and learned a lot about money, by now I was making 50k per night and around 4–4.5 lakh on monthly basis.

With the advice of one of my clients, I started investing money in stock markets, he gave me all the guidance(The power of a good relationship), and I opened an ice cream franchise which was also advised to me by one of my clients, I invested in some good real-estate in some parts of Delhi and Noida, one of my client who is a high-end photographer also helped me with my social media account, I posted really good pictures on Instagram and have gained an excellent following and started doing Influencer marketing and many other things. I learned a lot about different businesses. Till now I created a lot of assets for myself and, to be honest, with the amount of money I have made I am quite satisfied with it.

I am currently 27 years old and I have:

(1) 1 house in Delhi(Vasant Kunj) & 2 in Noida

(2) 3 luxury cars ( 1 AUDI for myself and 2 Mercedes I rent out)

(3) 9 ice-cream franchises of Bombay Kulfi in different cities.

(4) I earn a good amount of money from Influencer marketing

(5) I have a good amount invested in Stock Markets also

To put a figure, I have nearly 8.45 crore of assets, this is not for show-off but it is my 8 years of work and yes it’s down because of loss due to COVID-19.

And yes I do have further plans.

For people who judge me, I don’t give a fuck, I am self-made and I am proud of my choice and for those who think about prostitution being wrong and escorts being bad people, everyone has their circumstances and problems.

I also donate some part of my income to an orphanage because yes there are kids who need help, and this so-called society does not care about them.


Am I proud of my choice,

Yes, I am a young, sexy, and proud businesswoman.

Do I consider myself successful, Yes (although I have further plans)

Do I care about what people say, F*ck NO

People will only remember what I have achieved at the end of my life and not what I have done, and I am proud that I employ people at my franchises and drivers for cars, at least I am giving some jobs and taking care of some needy kids.

Do I have friends, YES, I have people who judge me as well as people who support and understand me. And you know, people are going to judge anyway.

What quality do I think has made me what I am, My Intelligence, and escorts were earning more than me and who just kept blowing it all away, being intelligent is super important.

Thank you

I am sorry for any mistakes in my grammar.

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