How to give your partner orgasm with just two fingers

How can a woman be given the pleasure of orgasm by using her fingers? If your wife is angry with you in bed, then you too can give her so much pleasure with your two fingers that she will never be angry with you. Do you want to know?  If you want to know how to give pleasure to a woman only with fingers, then listen to this video carefully. Friends, be it a man or a woman, everyone needs to have a relationship to fulfill their physical needs. Many times when a woman is dissatisfied then she starts having sex with her fingers. You have to please a woman through sex, but 90% of men do not know how to use their fingers, so further we are going to tell you five such ways by which you can please a woman by using your fingers. First of all, wash your hands. Be sure to wash your hands before touching your partner’s genitalia to avoid coming into contact with any bacteria that may have accumulated on your hands throughout the day.

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 Second, use lube. Lube can make almost any activity including fingering more pleasurable. Women’s genitals also contain self-cleaning fluids that can be used as lubricants, but yours may not be completely greased immediately. Apply the lubricant gently to all parts of women’s genitals. Use your hands. Keep things moving by applying more lube as needed. Learn from part three. There is a pimple-like shape on the genitals of women, which is very aroused by caressing it with fingers. After this, gently rub the genital area. Rub using an up and down motion, then snap your index and middle fingers to the clitoris, then move them together in a circular or side-to-side motion, touching the G area, also known as the G spot, the inner wall of the navel. This area becomes dry when you are aroused. Wait for the spot stimulation to begin. Do not fixate. Then with your palm facing up, slowly insert your finger into the vagina for about 1″ Insert 2 inches deep. Curl your index finger to stimulate any raised or wrinkled areas. Then, with your palm facing up, slowly insert your finger into the vagina about 1 to 2 inches deep. Move your finger around looking for a hot spot. Once you find one that works for you, you can use your other hand, a sex toy like a bullet vibrator, or your mouth to increase the stimulation. Fifth, see your partner regularly. Everyone finds different things pleasurable and different fingering techniques will work best for different partners. Good for them.

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