The First Sex Of Love With Call Girls

First Sex At Love With Call Girls

Before starting the story, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Paras and I live with my aunt in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Uncle works outside, so aunty was alone at home, uncle called me to stay with him. I am a resident of Ramnagar, which is close to Nainital.

I am 24 years old now, this story is about Priya, who at that time had come to her maternal uncle’s house in the house next to her aunt’s in Nainital, I wooed her and turned her from a bud into a flower. This happened when I had gone to Ghaziabad for an interview. I had to return after three days due to some other work in Delhi. But I did not know that on my return I would find a new girl.

It so happened that I left for Nainital from Ghaziabad in the morning, because mornings are fun and even after coming back one feels fresh, I came home from there around four in the evening. At home were my aunt and her two year old baby, aunt had got the happiness of child late. Today there was a new face in aunt’s house, I was unfamiliar with that new face. I kept looking at her, that girl was playing with my aunt’s little baby.

I said namaste to aunty and took out a chocolate from my pocket and gave it to Baby, she became happy. I had another chocolate, which I gave to that girl, but she was not taking it. I said to her very lovingly- take it na. She looked at me and shyly took the chocolate, I liked looking at her like that.

When she took the chocolate from me, I asked aunty- who is she? Aunty said- she is your Tara aunty’s niece. I used to call Tara aunty who lives in the house next to aunty’s as aunty. I said- Tara aunty’s… I have never seen her, are you new here? To this she said- yes I have come from Kausani only yesterday, I said- good.

Then aunty asked me- Paras will you have water or tea. I said- Wait, aunty I have just returned from my trip… I will drink it now. Aunty said- okay I will come from outside. Saying this aunty went out with the baby. Then I took off my shoes and asked that girl- so what do you do? She said that I am in 12th. I had never thought that she would be in 12th, I said to her in shock- in 12th? It doesn’t seem so looking at you, then she said- no… I am in 12th only. I said- okay.

After this I went to wash my hands and feet. When I came back, she was making tea in the kitchen. I asked her- why are you making it? She said- no problem… I will make it. I laughed and said- ok make it… but make black tea. She said- why black? Then I joked and said- because I am black. She also laughed very loudly at this……..

I turned back and said- cute smile! She also winked her eyes and said- thank you. I said- you are welcome. Then I asked- tell me your name? Then she told me her name- my name is Priya. I said- it is good. She said- what? what is good? I thought I should say that it is said for your blooming youth that you have a good beauty… but I said straight- your name and you too.

Then with a small smile I went to my room from there, after a few minutes I came back after changing my clothes and started playing with the baby. By now aunty had also come, my tea was kept, I looked at her while drinking tea and with a hand gesture told her that the tea was well made. She looked at me smiling and said to aunty- Now I am leaving aunty. Aunty said- Yes go… and keep coming… yes! She said- Yes aunty it is okay… I will come again.

She said this while looking at me, I also passed a smile and thought why did she say this while looking at me? Many questions came to my mind suddenly that is this girl giving me hints… if it is so then what is the harm in trying to impress her. Now I decided that I will definitely woo her,

This is how I started talking to her, when I used to go to the market, I used to say hi to her, whenever she used to come to my house, I used to try my best to set things up, she started talking to me a lot and now I had her phone number as well, we started chatting as well. After a lot of my efforts, I did not get a single chance, but one day when the baby fell ill and aunty took her to the doctor in Haldwani… then I thought of this as an opportunity.

That day I was alone at home, I thought that today is the chance, I will propose her and see what happens. Thinking like this I decided to message her that I have some work… can you come to my house. I thought for a while and messaged her…. After about two minutes I got her message- what happened? I again messaged- I had some work… can you come home? Then the reply came from there- yes… wait I will come right away. I said- okay… I am waiting.

Then she came to my house after few minutes. Priya- How are you… What all work do you have from me today? I said- Sit down, Maharani. She laughed loudly at my style- Hahaha… I am Maharani… Yes, now tell me servant… What work do you have? Seeing her open attitude, I felt good and my courage also increased. I said- I was thinking from many days whether I should tell you or ask you something… Do you have permission? Then she said in a royal style- Yes, ask. I said to her seriously- Priya, your… I stopped after saying this. Maybe she was understanding what I was saying. After a moment, she said looking at me- Yes, what about me… Tell me further. Me- Do you have any boyfriend?

Priya understood and said, winking her eyes and looking up and down, “Boyfriend… I am… I don’t have anyone like that, why, what happened?” I said, “So have you thought of making one in future?” Looking into my eyes, she said, “First let me find someone.” I said, “If I ask you to become my girlfriend… what will you say then?” She immediately lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, “Yes, become one.” I said, “Really… you are not joking, right?” She raised her head and said, “No.” Then I held her by her top and pulled her forward and kissed her lips directly, while kissing her, I said I love you, and she also said I love you too to me.

Then aunty asked me- Paras will you have water or tea. I said- Wait, aunty I have just returned from my trip… I will drink it now. Aunty said- okay I will come from outside. Saying this aunty went out with the baby. Then I took off my shoes and asked that girl- so what do you do? She said that I am in 12th. I had never thought that she would be in 12th, I said to her in shock- in 12th? It doesn’t seem so looking at you, then she said- no… I am in 12th only. I said- okay.

She herself started kissing me. This small but first kiss shook my nerves, I swear I enjoyed sucking her lips. Then I was no less, I picked her up by the hand and put her in my lap and made her lean against the wall and started kissing her lips. She also came close to me and she also started kissing me.

Sometimes I would suck her tongue, and sometimes I would suck her lips. I was getting great relief in kissing her. Both of us were breathing heavily. Now I started coming down kissing Priya’s neck comfortably, she was also pulling my hair in excitement. I swear I was not feeling even a little pain from this act of her, I just kept kissing her and coming down, I took off her top and started pressing her 30 size orange like boobs.

Her nipples had become hard, she herself was enjoying pressing me on her breasts. Then what… I removed her bra and pressed one of her nipples in my mouth, she moaned sensually, I sucked her nipple so much that it became red. Her panty had also become wet, which I came to know after removing her lower. Maybe she wished that I remove her panty myself.

Friends, I had heard her wish without her saying anything. I very lovingly made her lie down on the bed and spread her legs. Then I sat down on the bed and kissed her panty, she said ‘ummmm..’ in a very sensual way… with this she held the bedsheet with her hands. Then I very lovingly removed her panty from her legs.

I swear friends, I kept looking at her tender vagina. The small light pink vagina was fluttering in front of me like an innocent bud. I kept looking at her vagina for a minute as if I was cheated, then I came to my senses when she spoke. Priya- What happened to you? I said- Friend… your vagina has made me crazy. She closed her eyes saying ‘dhat’ after hearing the word pussy from my mouth. When I kissed her vagina, when love juice fell from her vagina, she said while giggling- Ah… I am gone… you have taken my life.

I had never expected that she would get charged so soon. But she opened her legs with great passion and love. Priya said, running her palm over her pussy, “Come please.” When she invited me for love sex, I could not stop myself and I climbed on top of her and kissing her lips, I very lovingly set my penis in her pussy, she gave me a signal by kissing me.

I applied pressure, I knew that this was her first time. Then I very comfortably inserted my penis inside slowly. She was bearing the pain by clenching her teeth, my penis had just gone a little inside when it stopped. I understood that it was stuck at the barrier. It would not let me go inside without making a lot of blood.

I left her lips and started sucking and pressing her breasts, which gave her some relief. I again started sucking her lips and suddenly thrust my penis into her vagina. Priya could not scream due to her lips being closed but tears came in her eyes, I could not see her pain but what could be done. God had not yet made a scheme to give pleasure without pain.

I said sorry to her and started caressing her. She said, “Fool, these are my tears of joy… I have given my whole heart and body to the person I love.” Her words touched my heart, I kissed her on the forehead with great love and looking into her eyes said, “I love you so much.” Then I started having sex with her with great love, with every thrust her nails dug into my back, which was not giving me pain… but was giving me a sign of her love.

I swear friends, I had sex with her with great love… I kissed every part of her body and had sex with her with love. After twenty minutes, we both had reached the climax, she suddenly started twisting her body and I also started having sex in the heat of that. We both started enjoying each other’s juices together. A long sound of “aah…” echoed in the room… in which her and my love was clearly visible.

After that, she and I lay there for half an hour. When we got up, she quickly wore her clothes and kissing me on the lips, said – Aunty must be coming, I am leaving, I will come later. I said – leave me some memento before you leave. She left after giving me her panty, which I still have. Then she left.

Friends, sometimes sex happens without love too, but my experience is that the sex that happens in love has no comparison. Now please allow me, please mail me and tell me how you liked Priya’s love sex story.
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