The Call Girl Murder In Canada

How This Killer Murdered 39 Call Girl

A prisoner in Jai, Canada, whose age is around seventy four years. On May 19, 2024, when he was being attacked and he tried to bite someone used to shut his mouth so that his voice could not reach far and he was beaten till his condition was almost dying. Caste means that he should not reach the point where the beaters could do it easily. It happens so much that they get happy after beating him.

Then they release him. Now this matter reaches the police administration. When the people of the police administration reach the spot, seeing his condition serious, there is a hospital nearby in Tubet. He is admitted in that hospital and his treatment continues for many days. But he dies on 31st May 2024. As soon as the prisoner dies during treatment. 

Now there was a buzz about this incident. It spreads all over the world through newspapers and social media as well as electronic media. And at the same time the police started searching for those people who attacked him but no one was ready to tell his name. Actually, the name is not told because the prisoner who died was a very dangerous type of prisoner. He himself had talked about killing not a few but 40 women. Not only did he kill them but he also forced people to eat the meat of those women by mixing it with pork meat. He used to feed the remaining remains to the pigs so that the pigs could eat his remains. Therefore, the prisoners who attacked, as well as other prisoners of the jail, also knew about those prisoners. But all of them were happy with the death of that prisoner. That is why no one told the name of the attacker. Through today’s story, we will try to understand who that prisoner was? Why did he commit so many murders? What was the reason after all?

Canada. call girls

I am going to tell you about a true incident of today. This is a true incident. Port Coquitlam is a city of this country, Canada. In fact, a person from this country is born on 24th October in the year 1904. His family consists of his mother, father and two brothers. He has a sister.
Because they had a pig farm at home, a pig farm where pigs were raised and they were raised by Mittal. When some of the children were growing up, the mother and father sent the daughter to her grandmother’s place so that she could be brought up there and the parents used to keep the other two children with them so that they could also work comfortably in the pig farm. As time went on, the children were also growing up gradually.

There was a son whose name was Hanj. But his condition was very bad, the condition of his clothes, his attire, etc., his hair, because he was not able to pay much attention to cleanliness, so due to not paying attention to himself, whatever his condition was, he used to be like that in help.

He used to go to school and in school the children used to tease him, used to call him by strange names and in the meantime the children named him Diyabudar. They used to call him by this name. He was very angry but as time passed he did not get interested in anyone. Neither did he talk to anyone at home nor in school and used to remain alone and quiet. When he turned twelve he reared a calf and he kept it with him all the time. He used to pamper it a lot so that it would get attached to it. Now whatever he used to share about his joys and sorrows he used to share it with the calf only but one day something happened that when he went to school to study, his calf left his house,

He was missing from the farm and when he came back, he searched for his calf all over the farm. He also went to all the nearby places and areas but couldn’t find his calf. Then he saw with his own eyes that some people were skinning his calf after killing it and when he protested that it was his calf, the boy, whose name is Takleef Huit, also protested against this but they were big people and he couldn’t protest in front of them, so he comes home to Rota, it is a relief.

Then later on, after a few days, he left school. After leaving school, he started working in a piggy farm with his father and mother. He used to work in the pig farm in Pug. He was very attached to his mother. He did not like his father because in his childhood he paid less attention to studies and more attention to this work and he was very greedy to earn money. After some time, his father also did not live there. So as he grew up, around the year 1963, he became a little older. Then he started working as a butcher in a professional way, just like a butcher.

He slaughters an animal and then cuts it into pieces, butchers it. In the same way, he started working as a butcher in a professional way, there is relief in this farm house. And he used to rear pigs and whenever he needed to sell them, he used to sell them to him.

Time was passing by like this.

In the year 1991, he had a fight with someone and for one or two years and about three or more such fights were reported which reached the Ganj Thane and these were minor fights. But on 23rd March 1997, he had another fight with a woman named Robert. The woman went to the nearest police station and complained that there is a person named Robert. Robert comes to her because she used to work as a sex worker in the red light area and he befriends her. After befriending her, he said that now I will not come to meet you here but you will have to meet. You will have to come to my farm for befriending. The girl reaches his farm on 23rd March 1997 and after tying her hands, he ties her hands and after tying them.

He gives her some intoxicating substance and in the meantime he had sexual relations with her and after having sexual relations he stabbed her with a knife one after the other and by some trick the woman escapes from there. She saves her life by talking. She directly goes to the police. She goes to the police and files a complaint. The police registers a complaint in this matter, files an FIR and investigates the case and almost two years are spent in the investigation. On 27th January one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight the police closes the case saying that because this woman was very addicted to drugs, so they said that there is no sufficient evidence against her that whether this person attacked her or someone else attacked her.

Therefore, it is ended. Robert was busy in his work. He used to have a habit. He used to go to some red light area and after going to the red light area, he used to sit there and make physical relations with any woman. In this way, when time started passing, then on 6 February 2002, the police issued a notice to investigate his farm. They said that we will investigate your farm which was a pig farm and the reason for this investigation was that there used to be women working in all the red light areas in the area.

Twenty women were continuously going missing in a year. When they were going missing, the police administration got into some trouble because of this. So the police took the old complaint of 1907 seriously and said that there was an attack on us once near the place, so let’s investigate that place as well. Now the police administration first comes after pasting the notice and after pasting the notice when the investigation is done, surprising things are found out. Along with this, the DAA cell finds about thirty-three different women that these women had come here. Along with this, the DNA samples of six such women confirm this because some of their body structures, some bones were found.

Those bones.
The bones of these were lying in the food of the pig farm. Now seeing this, the police administration goes to the police station, the robot is arrested and after arresting it is sent to the lockup. Now after this, the case is heard from here.
When the police started some investigation, it was found that this robot was responsible for the disappearance of many women who were continuously disappearing because some remains of those women, some DNA samples which confirmed that they were found in his pig farm house. Now when the police started investigating him, the allegations against the six women were proved. It was proved that the police had not killed the six women, but after killing them, after cutting their bodies into different pieces, the robot used to put the meat of those women in the meat. Along with that, the remains of the women were also there.
There was some fodder in the food of the pigs, he used to mix the remains of these women in that food and give it to them and they used to eat it. That is, it was not possible to find any other body part except the bones because some parts had been eaten by humans and some parts had been eaten by pigs because they had been given to them as food. Now if the charge of murdering six women is proved, then he will be sentenced to life imprisonment. It is also said that he cannot get bail for the next twenty-five years. The police was investigating the case. This sentence is from the year 2012. When a journalist appealed for an interview, during the video interview he said that I regret that I wanted to commit one more murder, that is, I have committed forty-four murders and if I had committed one more murder, then the total would have been fifty murders. Therefore, I will always regret one murder. During this time, he wrote a book while in jail and he narrated the entire story in the book, the entire matter, and as soon as the administration came to know about this, he was immediately arrested so that no one could get a clue about how many murders he had committed. When the police administration released a list.

The list shows that Soren Monali, Andrea Bandera, Jorge Georgina Ma, Marni Marnila, Jacqueline Dye, Heather Jennifer Hale. Maid Halmark, Patrol or Heather Grable, Grable, Tania Hollick.

Shahri Le Inanga, Tiffany Saar, and many more such women were there whose case was being investigated but it could not be proved that they were also involved in the murder. Yesterday, when he had admitted during an interview that if he had killed one more woman, then the total number of murders would have been fifty, but he could not do it. But in the meantime, this is the matter. On the twenty-fourth of November, when he was locked behind the bars, someone attacked him. We are told that the attack was done by a group. When he was trying to scream and shout, his mouth was shut because there was a lot of anger among the other prisoners of the Jai administration regarding him. This is the way he committed murders. After committing the murder, they were killed.

The meat of the women was fed to humans and the remains of the women were fed to pigs and anger was growing over this. He was attacked in 1922 and beaten badly and no one even got a clue of this. When the administration reached there, the administration sent him to the hospital for treatment and he died in the hospital in 1931 and 1924 and this story has again come in front of the world that how dangerous a person was. He is counted among the world’s most dangerous serial killers.

Friends, the purpose of sharing this entire incident is not to trouble anyone or to hurt anyone but to make you aware and alert you. Take care of yourself wherever you are, stay safe. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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