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My name is Sahil, I am 24 years old and I live in Delhi. I am quite good looking and have a fit and healthy body. There were many girls in my school and college and I was also interested in them, but I did not want to do anything with any girl who was flirtatious. And I was not getting a girl of my type, so I just spent time having fun with friends. This is about my college when I was in the second year of college. We four friends Achint, Meetesh, Akshay and I were planning to travel. So we planned to visit Nainital and we left on 25th December.

You must be knowing how cold it is in Nainital in those days, our only solution to get rid of the cold was alcohol! We took all our stuff and left in a friend’s car. We reached Nainital from Delhi in about 8 hours, there we took 2 rooms and started freshening up. In the evening when we got hungry, we all went to a restaurant and started eating, there we saw 2 girls who were sitting on the table in front of us. Both the girls looked normal but their figures were such that they could make anyone’s penis erect.

Akshay and I are very good friends, so we were sitting on one seat and Achint and Meetesh were sitting in the front seat. Those two girls were sitting behind them but facing us. So Akshay and I started smiling at those girls. At first they completely ignored us, so we felt bad, then Akshay said- friend leave it… I will not try to flirt with you anymore.

Then all four of us started our chatter and diverted our attention from those girls, but my eyes kept going back to those girls. After a while I noticed that those girls were smiling at us. I also smiled at them, then both of them started laughing after talking to each other. Then after a while they left, then we also left from there.

We were roaming around on Mall Road at night, seeing the scene there, my body was on fire, friends, there were many girls there, although Delhi girls are also cool but the girls there were something else. Anyway, we kept roaming there till 1 o’clock in the night and kept having fun, then we came back to our hotel and slept.

The next day we were about to go out for sightseeing again, so while leaving the hotel I saw those two girls at the reception and I started showing them to Akshay. Meanwhile our two friends Achint and Meetesh went ahead. We both went and stood near those girls and pretending to be completely unaware started talking to the girl sitting at the reception. Then one of those girls saw us and started talking to the girl sitting with her.

Meanwhile I looked at them and said hello with a smile and extended my hand to shake hands, one of the girls shook hands and said hello too, I felt so happy touching that girl’s hand as if I was holding the hand of a cotton doll. Then I told her my name, she told me her name was Neelu, similarly the other girl’s name was Sarina. We talked like this for some time, both of them seemed very comfortable in talking, there was laughter and jokes going on.

Just then my phone rang and I saw it was Achint’s call. He asked- where are you both? So I made an excuse to him- I am not feeling well so Akshay and I have come back to the hotel. Achint said- go and take rest… we will go for a walk and meet in the evening. Saying this he disconnected the call and I also came back and started talking. I saw that Akshay and Sarina were getting along very well, they both were sitting together and talking and Neelu was getting bored alone.

As soon as I went there, a beautiful smile came on her face, she started talking to me smilingly. After some time of such nonsense, Neelu said- let’s go for a walk for four days. So we all left from there, we went to Naini lake, did boating there, Neelu and I were sitting together and Akshay and Sarina were sitting together. Suddenly Neelu put her hand in my hand, I looked at her, she smiled but did not say anything.

On the very first day, while talking, Neelu kept looking at me and she was so beautiful that I could not take my eyes off her. So she looked at me like this and said- what are you looking at? I said- I have seen real beauty for the first time, so I am capturing it in my eyes. She blushed at this, we again got busy roaming around. Then in the evening, we four had dinner together and came back to our hotel. We all had the same hotel, so I said good night and started leaving, then seeing the opportunity, Neelu hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and ran away.

Now let me tell you something about Neelu and Sarina, Neelu is a 22 year old girl whom everyone would want to bring to their bed, very fair long hair and pink lips and the most beautiful of all her blue eyes. And Sarina was 21 years old… she was also an extremely beautiful girl. Both of them were college friends and both were from Haldwani, they had come here to visit Nainital. Well, it had been 2 days since we had come and only 2 days were left, so now Akshay and I thought that whatever we have to do, we will have to do it in these two days.

But they say that no one can control fate, so we both did not get any chance. However, in the meantime, once the four of us were roaming around at night, I caught hold of Neelu and took her alone because I wanted to roam alone with Neelu. But Sarina was not leaving us alone. So now we were alone… we started roaming alone, both of us were having a lot of fun together. Then we reached a deserted place and sat there and started talking.

Then after a while Neelu said- Sahil, tell me one thing, are you really so innocent or are you not feeling comfortable with me? So I said- there is nothing like that. She said- we both are alone here and such a beautiful girl is sitting with you. Still you are not doing anything? Have you fallen in love with me? I did not say anything to her. Then suddenly she caught my face and started kissing me. Now I also started kissing her, then I slowly pressed her boobs too, then she pushed my hand away and started kissing.

Then there was a sound of someone coming there, so we left from there. That was all that had happened between us till now, then the day of going back had come, we started packing everything. But Akshay and I did not feel like going because we had a girl with whom we had not done anything. But with a sad mind we were packing the stuff, then I got a call from Neelu, she called me to a place, so I went to meet her.

As soon as I reached there, she hugged me tightly and said- don’t go! I told her- friend, the program was for 4 days only, now I have to leave. So she said- stay for 2 more days, come with us, we will also leave after 2 days. When she started insisting a lot, I called Akshay and called him there and Neelu called Sarina. Then the four of us started thinking how to stay, the only problem was what we would tell Achint and Meetesh.

Then Neelu said- tell them that because of ill health you have not been to Nainital so you and Akshay want to visit and will come after 2 days and ask them to go,

Everyone liked this idea and when we went there and told Achint and Meetesh, they agreed. Achint said- I will also stay with you. Hearing this we were scared again. Then Meetesh said- Achint friend, you come with me… it is necessary for me to go. Achint went away reluctantly.

Now all four of us were free, after they left Neelu and Sarina came to our room. As soon as they came in the room Neelu started kissing me, while Sarina and Akshay also got engrossed in kissing. After some time Sarina and Akshay left the room but Neelu was not ready to leave me. She sucked me completely, tore my shirt in one go and started kissing my chest.

My eyes fell on her boobs, because of the big neck of her top I could see the line of her breasts, seeing this my penis got erect. I also removed her top, now she was in front of me in bra. I started pressing her boobs from over the bra. So after some time she started moaning. I understood that she was getting hot, and now I started caressing her vagina from over the jeans. Then she undressed me and started caressing my penis with one hand.

I was kissing her and she started responding equally. While kissing I pressed her 34 size boobs and also touched her fair ass. She started pressing my penis hard. Without wasting much time I removed her clothes and she was completely naked in front of me. I felt like inserting my penis in her vagina quickly. But then I remembered that one should have sex with a girl only after warming her up properly.

So I started kissing her whole body first. She had a very soft body. After laying her on the bed and sucking her ears, breasts, navel, vagina, legs one by one, she started jumping and after some time she orgasmed.

Friends, this is all for now, I will tell you all the rest of the story in the next part.

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