How to the call girls protect society?

How to do call girls protect the society?

On hearing the name call girl, many bad things are said in the society like she is a stigma on the society, a black spot and many other things are said about a call girl. But this society should also know how a call girl or a prostitute protects their society, call girls or prostitutes have been protecting this society since a long time.

How Did To The Practice Of Prostitute Become Prevalent In Society?

Can you imagine what would happen to society if there were no call girls or prostitutes in it. Let us know about it, how this practice started in India, about 150 years ago in 1880 when India was completely under the British rule, at that time when British officers came to India from England, they used to come alone, they did not bring their families along, then they started torturing Indian women to satisfy their lust, they used to make any girl or woman a victim of their lust.

Due to which the British government of that time made a law that the women who became victims of sexual lust by British officers were given a good place to live, food and water and for this those women and girls would have to satisfy the lust of the British officers. And those women agreed to this because after becoming victims of the British officer, the society was refusing to accept them and their family members also threw them out of their house, due to which those women were left with no other option.
And in this way, in the year 1880, the first brothel and red light area was built, which came to be known as Kamathipura.

When do men need a call girl?

• Less sexual attraction to your partner

There are times when you are not happy with your partner, or you do not feel sexually attracted, then you would want to go for call girl services. First of all you should check how to trust yourself and understand that these feelings will not affect your relationship. If you are dissatisfied with the level of physical attraction or intimacy in your current relationship, you may look for additional or different experiences to satisfy your sexual desires. Even if you are in a committed relationship, you may experience less sexual attraction to your partner over time. This may be due to changes in physical or emotional intimacy, stress, health problems, or other relationship dynamics.

• Unhappy relationship

If you are in an unhappy or unsatisfying relationship, you will turn to call girl services as a form of escapism or as a way to seek companionship or intimacy outside your current relationship. But before you proceed to call girl services, you must learn to trust yourself and be confident that even if your relationship is emotionally unfulfilling, you will work to find a middle ground.

If you have been single for a very long time, you may be thinking of having unprotected sex, but this is not the right way to approach a call girl. You may seek call girl services for companionship or sexual experiences. You may also desire an intimate relationship or physical intimacy, and this is the only reason why you would want to seek call girl services to fulfill all your needs.

•Not being sexually comfortable with your partner

Many times you may not be comfortable or compatible with your partner because of some differences like differences in sexual preferences or communication issues. For example, you may want to have sex without protection while your partner may not want to do so. Looking for call girl services can be seen as a great option to explore your sexual desires or fantasies in this way.

How Do Call Girls Or Prostitutes Protect The Society?

No one respects a call girl or a prostitute in the society, but the people of the society do not know how they protect the society. If there are no prostitutes or call girls in the society, then the lustful and lustful people of the society will pounce on the girls and women of the society like hungry wolves because when they do not get any way to satisfy their lust, then the lustful people of the society will make innocent girls and women the victims of their lust. And when a man is not happy with the virginity of his wife, then he takes help of a call girl and remains happy. And in this way the call girl or the prostitute protects the society.

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