How To The Call Girl Told Her Painful Story

The call girl caught in the sex racket told her story to the female police officer… Recently the police have arrested 5 girls from Delhi-Kolkata..

Gwalior. When a call girl caught in a sex racket in Gwalior narrated her ordeal to the police, the police was also shocked to hear her painful story. In fact, recently the police exposed a sex racket running behind the Collectorate in the city center area and arrested 5 women from Delhi and Kolkata. When the police interrogated these women, one of the women told the police that she supports her old mother and younger sister through prostitution.

When the woman police officer asked the Delhi call girl caught in the sex racket the reason for joining this business, she told that her father had already passed away. After the death of her father, her mother was responsible for the upbringing of her and her younger sister. But for the past few years, her mother also started falling ill due to which the condition of the house deteriorated.

Sometimes they would feed the family by asking from neighbors and sometimes by begging from someone else. On top of that, Corona worsened the condition of the family even more, so she was forced to sell her body. The call girl told the woman officer that she had to become a part of this sex racket for the sake of the family even though she did not want to. Now at least the family is not starving as some money is coming in. The police officers are also surprised to hear the call girl‘s story. Along with advising the girl to do other work with honesty and hard work, the police is verifying her statement.

This is the whole matter

Recently, the police had received information that a sex racket was being run behind the Collectorate in the city. When the police raided the place based on this information, five girls from Delhi and Kolkata were caught from there. The girls caught by the police have told the police about the young men named Anuj Shivhare and Gaurav Jain who run the sex racket, who are currently out of police custody and the police is searching for them.

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