What Happened When The Wife Call Girl Closed The Front

Why Did To The Wife Become A Call Girl

Hello Poojaoberoi.in  Welcome to this. Sometimes husband and wife come face to face in such circumstances that both of them can’t do anything. One such incident has come to light. From Kashipur in Uttarakhand where a husband abused a call girl and when the call girl reached in front of him, he found out that she was his wife. Since this case came to light, this story is on everyone’s lips.

It happened that the husband contacted a female broker through WhatsApp. Then he asked for a call girl. When the call girl came to that person, she turned out to be his wife. After this, there was a fierce scuffle between the two. Both have filed a case against each other in the police station. A few years ago, a young man living in Dineshpur got married to a girl living in ITI area of ​​Kashipur, but since marriage, UP did not live with her husband. She used to live in her maternal home. She spent less time at her in-laws’ house.

Then one day the woman’s friend told her husband that your wife works as a call girl. The friend told this to the husband because due to her trick, there was a fight over something. After this, the husband contacted a female broker living in Shyam Puram on WhatsApp. The young man told the broker that I want a call girl. After this, the female broker sent some pictures to that person. The woman messaged. Choose one of these. The husband searched for his wife among the pictures and chose her. The friend of the young man’s wife did not give the number of the female broker.

After this, both of them complained against each other in the police station. The wife alleged that her husband has an affair with her friend, while the husband told about this act of the wife. Now the police is investigating this matter thoroughly. That’s all the updates in this news for now, stay tuned with OneIndia Hindi.

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