That girl of the blue Diary story [नीली डायरी की वह लड़की]

Today starts with a beautiful morning, waking up from the darkness with the chirping of birds! As soon as she felt something heavy in her chest, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Aarohi’s mysterious face floated in front of him, the darkness suddenly wanted to kiss Aarohi’s forehead. So without suppressing the desire he planted a kiss on the rider’s forehead!

This morning started off dark, she is feeling very happy! This is the man’s wife whom he likes to sleep with on his chest.

  The rider lies down on pillows and goes to the toilet to freshen up in the dark. He did not want to disturb the rider’s beautiful sleep by wondering why he or she had not called. He spread his prayers and prayed.

After finishing the prayers, Adhar was surprised to see the rider praying next to him, but he went out without saying anything.

After some time he entered the dark room with 2 mugs of coffee, he saw the rider performing Jainmaaz and went to the balcony with the coffee.

Aarohi gets a little surprised to see Andhar going to the balcony like this, she is not able to understand whether to go up or down.

After finishing the prayers, Adhar was surprised to see the rider praying next to him, but he went out without saying anything.

After some time he entered the dark room with 2 mugs of coffee, saw the rider performing Jainamaz and went to the balcony with the coffee.

Aarohi gets a little surprised to see Andhar going to the balcony like this, she is not able to understand whether to go up or down.

Seeing the rider standing still from Belkonit, the darkness said,


In the midst of his thoughts, the rider is startled when he hears a voice from the darkness.


–‘What are you doing standing there, come here!’

As the darkness said, the rider went and stood in front of him.

–‘This morning is very beautiful, isn’t it!’

Adhar said while taking a cup of coffee. The rider smiles and takes the coffee and says,

–‘Hmm, thanks for the coffee! ,

Hearing what the rider said, darkness started barking at him, as if the rider was fed up.

–‘I didn’t give you coffee to say thank you.’

Hearing the words of the darkness, the rider looks at him from the corner of his eyes, but does not say anything, then the darkness itself says,

–‘Today I will ask you some questions, think how you will answer!’

The rider nods, meaning okay.

–‘Okay, Aru, what is your relationship with me?’ I mean, what am I to you?


The darkness could not be satisfied with the rider’s brief reply and he blackened his face. Still asked myself,

–‘Do you accept me as your husband!’

The rider stops at the question of darkness, he had never thought like this.

  Seeing the rider silent, darkness said,

–‘Tell me what happened, otherwise you won’t know yourself!’


Little North Rider brings a lot of peace to a dark mind, which means a lot as a husband.

How long have you known me well? ,

At the Darkness’s question, the rider raised his eyes and looked at the Darkness, looking at him it was clear that the Darkness would ask a question that he had not even dreamed of.

–‘Tell me What happened?’

–‘2/3 days before the wedding.’

Darkness laughs at the rider.

–‘Really, you mean you’ve only known me for 34/33 days?’

–‘Why would this happen mom, I have known you since I was 11 years old, but I had never seen you face to face, I saw you once when you came to our house 2/3 days before the wedding. Had come. had come.

The rider again bowed his head at the question of darkness.

The darkness laughs a little and says,

— ‘And how long have I known you?’

The rider shakes his head left and right, which means he is unaware.

–‘I have known you for a year, a month, two days.’

The rider looked towards the darkness. There is a glimpse of surprise in his eyes which forces the darkness to smile.

–‘If you’re wondering what happened, it’s going to happen! ‘Then you were in the middle of second year Inter, you looked very young in college dress.

That is why darkness laughs.

As much as Aarohi is surprised to hear Darkness’s words, she is even more angry at her calling him a child.

Seeing the condition of the rider’s face, he controlled his deep smile and said,

–‘I don’t call you cool cool anymore, okay, I tease you so much all day long, do you mind that you have to be embarrassed because of me?’

Hearing Andhar’s words, Aarohi looks at him with filled eyes, Andhar also looks at Aarohi, but seeing Aarohi silent, he becomes very sad, so he says without thinking anything else.

–‘Do you want a divorce?’ ,

Hearing the words of darkness, the rider’s chest started beating, as if the words were hitting his chest, the rider repeated the words twice in his mind. Whenever he spoke these words, his heart would tremble.

A small burning line can be seen in the corner of his eyes, the rider feels unbearable in the dark! The rider himself doesn’t know why.

–‘Tell me what happened, should I file for divorce?’

As soon as the darkness finished speaking, a few drops of water came out from the rider’s eyes, before falling down the water found its existence in someone’s palm.

Darkness carefully takes the water in his hand and stares at the rider. Seeing the rider with his head bowed, he said,

–‘Do not make the sparkle of the eye so cheap that it will fall for anyone, the sparkle of the eye cannot fail for everyone, if it understands too many obvious things.’

The rider wipes his tears after hearing the words of darkness. But then a few drops of water fell down.

–‘Why are you crying Arupakhi, you don’t want this relationship, that’s why I talked about divorce.’ What does it mean that you want a relationship, you want to be with me!

Aarohi feels very ashamed after hearing about the darkness of how a husband talks about divorce from his wife. Aru will not stay with him! Thinking things in his mind, he turned back and started leaving, holding Dark’s hand tightly.

–‘Why are you leaving, I was calling to talk to you. ,

–‘What can I say? Yes, what can I say to a person who wants to end the relationship before it even starts! ‘I would say yes, I don’t want to live with you, divorce me. If you divorce me, then why did you get married that day, tell me, answer?

Aarohi started panting while saying these words in a voice mixed with anger, Adhar was surprised but also happy to hear Aarohi’s words. But he wants to test the rider a little more, he says.

–‘You don’t want to normalize the relationship, you feel bad when I touch you.’

–‘Look Mr. Tashrif Andar Choudhary, I do not want divorce, I want to live with you, I want to take this relationship forward.’ Why do you have to say all the words, you don’t understand! I respond to all your actions when I say I feel bad, I can’t stand it.

–‘So you mean you like it when I come close to you, when I touch you?’

Darkness says with a devilish smile. The rider approaches the crowd, wanting to die of shame thinking about what he said from his reclining seat.

Seeing the rider doing the same, a wicked smile appeared on Andhra’s face and she started moving towards the rider one step at a time. The rider stepped back in fear, but as there was no space to go onto the balcony, his back hit the wall. The rider stood near the wall and started looking around.

When Andhra saw this, he moved forward a little and stood at a distance from the rider, but held him tightly with both hands.

–‘So sorry, Mrs. Chaudhary, then what did he say, did I once say that I feel bad.’ Oops, that means…

And the rest do not speak, leaning towards the rider with a devilish smile. The rider laughed at the condition of the dark rider, closed his eyes and mouth and pressed his lips to the rider’s forehead for several minutes.

The rider shivered at the touch of something cold on his forehead, black breath covering his eyes and face. The rider stood a little stiffer.

But the darkness surprised him and embraced him with both arms. The rider’s eyes and face are now normal.

Andhra held the rider close to him and sat in a circle, without knowing what he was thinking, the rider stood straight, suddenly pulled him into his lap and hugged him from behind.

The Rider begins to giggle, to which Dark laughs but no longer messes with the Rider.

–‘Know that the relationship between husband and wife is very strong, no one can break it easily even if they want to.’ If you want, but this is the devil’s effort. And sometimes no one can adapt as easily as your sister Alisha. It is doing it of its own free will, what you do now is up to you!   Whenever I want to be normal, you talk about Alisha and make me angry, you think to yourself, do you fix this? The stronger the relationship between husband and wife, the more it can withstand thousands of storms and complement each other, but it is also very fragile. Restraint can be broken with a light shock.

Andhri’s words touched Aarohi’s heart, he felt very lucky.

Seeing the rider silent, the darkness said,

-‘What’s wrong with what I said, did you feel bad?’

–‘No, actually you can explain everything very well!’

Saying with a shy smile,

–‘So I have to give you a sweet?’

–‘Hmm, I am bringing it to the fridge, wait! ,

The darkness held the rider a little tighter and whispered,

–‘Madam, now you have the sweets I got yesterday at the university!’ Tell me one thing, why did you kiss me like that in front of everyone yesterday? No, you are not that kind of girl.

Even if the first words were spoken in vain, the last words are said with wonder and darkness.

Seeing the rider silent, the darkness asked again. Unable to find a way out, the rider reveals everything to the darkness from the beginning. In a moment the black eyes turned red and the veins on the forehead swelled. When the rider stood up, the darkness started getting surrounded with anger, the rider got scared and started thinking in his mind that why should I have told everything.

But darkness was already thundering.

–‘This girl, they told you that if there was someone else in my place, would you agree?’ You don’t know I’m in that university, why didn’t you call me?

The rider, frightened by the darkness, shouted loudly. This time let the darkness get even more angry,,,,

“Now don’t cry, tell me, if it wasn’t me, if it was someone else, what would you have done?” ‘I have such great courage that I am making arrangements today.

Darkness angrily kicked the tub of flowers in front of him, then did not stand there anymore, walked into the room. He finds a phone and gives it to someone.

–‘Hello Sohail, now all of you meet me and go right in front of the university.’

So he cut him off, seeing the rider the darkness tried to reduce his anger, he did this without finding any way out.

— ‘Why are you crying? ‘Don’t cry at all, and listen, I’m going out for a bit, you have breakfast!

Darkness wipes the tears from the rider’s eyes.

The rider now shouts loudly.

Unable to help Darkness, she hugs him and strokes his head, but there is no way to stop Ryder from crying, so Darkness tells Ryder to calm down.

–‘Okay, tell me why I called you Aru bird?’ What is the reason? And how did you know in the first place?

Now the rider’s crying stops on its own, he does not move his head to understand that he does not know what it means.

The darkness laughs, laughs and says,

–‘Because my first meeting with you…’

Before I could say anything the phone rang, I held the rider with one hand and answered the phone with the other hand.

–‘Say yes?’

‘Have you all arrived?’

–‘Okay, I am coming.’

‘Yes, it will take 15 minutes to go.’


Hang up and tell the rider,,,

–‘I have to go now, how about I read and talk to you!’

–‘Where to go?’

–‘There is some work.’

Without letting the rider say anything else, Adhar took the car keys and quickly drove away.

Aarohi understands very well that maybe he is going to tighten the screws on Hemad, they need to tighten a little, but I saw how angry Andhar would get if he did more. The rider is thinking in his mind!

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