How To The Housewife Became Call Girl In Nainital!

Hello friends, so how are you all, I hope you all are safe, my name is Pratima and I am a resident of Haldwani, and I am a housewife, and I am 26 years old, and work as a call girl in part time. My work is done in Nainital and I live in Haldwani, today’s story is about how I became a call girl, my story today I am sharing with you all on the website of call girl Nainital I am going to tell you, so let’s start the story.
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Story in 3 years old call girl

3 years ago when I was in college, my last year of college studies was going on, in those days I had a boyfriend who loved me very much and I also loved him immensely, we both had a relationship during college time. We had sex many times, we both would book a room at a hotel and we would start having sex right there in the room. Whenever my boyfriend had sex with me, he used to give me complete satisfaction, due to which I started getting used to it. I had sex with many other people too, but no one could satisfy me like my boyfriend, I I had told my family about marrying my boyfriend, but my family did not agree to it, due to which the relationship between us broke down in the middle. (Call girl nainital

And after that, as I finished my college studies, my family started looking for a relationship for me, soon my family found a boy for me, with whom I got married.

Now that I got married, there was no shortage in my life but I was sad about one thing that my husband was not able to give me sexual satisfaction. Due to which the memory of my boyfriend started troubling me, but now I had no idea about where he had gone and where he is now. (Call girl nainital

Then one year has passed since my marriage, but I was still unhappy with my husband because he was not giving me sexual satisfaction.
Once upon a time, a friend of mine from college, her name was Seema, she came to meet me at my house, so while talking, I told her that my husband is not able to satisfy me, and then she When I told her my condition, I came to know that the problem she and I were facing was the same; her husband was also not able to satisfy her sexually.
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But I came to know from her words that she is still happy with her husband, so when I asked the reason for this, my friend Seema told me that she works as a part-time call girl, due to which she is new. She sleeps with men and fulfills her sexual satisfaction and also earns some money, then Seema asked me that will you do this work, you will also get your sexual satisfaction and also earn some money. At first I said no to him, then I thought that my husband will never be able to make me happy, so why not try it once. (Call girl Rudrapur

How call girls met pooja oberoi

So then I said yes to Seema that I will do this work, after that Seema called me to her house to meet me tomorrow afternoon. After that, yesterday afternoon I went to meet Seema at her house. There were two men sitting in her house. I met Seema and started asking Seema who these two men were. Then Seema told me that the call girl agency in which I worked. I do this, these are his men, they have come to take your photo so that the customer will book you and you will be sent to him. (Call girl Sitarganj

Then Seema told me that you will have to get photographed naked, so I agreed to it but this was the first time for me that I was going to take off my clothes in front of two unknown men, then as soon as I took off my clothes, I saw both of them. When I came in front of the men, both of them went crazy after seeing me because my body was as if it was that of a fairy who had come straight from heaven to earth, the body was absolutely fair, big breasts and very attractive buttocks and It seemed as if my pussy was pink.
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As soon as both of them clicked my photo, they started leaving and told me that we will call you, you will have to come, then both of them left, after that I asked my friend Seema to tell me one thing, which will help in all this. Will anyone come to know about what I do?

Then Seema said to me, what are you talking about, see, I am not doing it from today, I have been doing it for a long time, see till date no one has come to know about me. Then I said, ok, I followed his advice and went to my home. (Call girl Bajpur

Now the next day I got a call from the call girl sex agency that your booking has been done, now you have to go to your customer,
I became a little happy after hearing this that after a long time I have found someone new who might be able to satisfy me, then I got ready and left my house for the customer. A driver from the call girl agency introduced me to his customer. Left with.

Friends, that’s all for today, I will tell you the story in the second part 2 on which is being created to know whether the person who was my customer was able to satisfy me.

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