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call girl After completing college, my father was looking for a relationship for me but I still wanted to study further. When I tried to talk to her at home, my father said that we are going to get married if you want to study further. You can study even after marriage but once you reach the age you will not find good boys.

Anish’s relation came to my house, he was very handsome in appearance, his family was also very prosperous, when my father showed me the photo of Anish, I did not find him special but when I talked to him in person, my attitude towards Anish changed.

Many people had come from Anish’s house and only my family was there from my house. During this time we saw each other and liked each other only after seeing us. We did not even get a chance to talk to each other.

After some time, I gathered courage and told my sister-in-law that before marriage I wanted to talk to Anil about something.

When sister-in-law put this matter in front of brother, brother immediately told her, did I ever talk to you before marriage, which I was in a hurry to do. My sister-in-law explained to her that today the times have changed, so if she wants to talk, then she can. There is nothing bad in that, every girl wants to get a good husband who understands her.

Brother agrees with sister-in-law and puts this matter in front of father, but you can think that how can you be ready in a house where brother is not ready. Brother talked to father and said, Papa, your times were one thing, today’s times are different. When my father put this matter in front of Anish’s father, his attitude changed and he got angry and said Do you think we are irresponsible or do you think something is lacking in our values that you are saying such things? Here, boys and girls do not talk before marriage. If you think our thinking is bad then you can break the relationship from here My father got scared after hearing these words of his, he was afraid that the marriage has been fixed and if it breaks now then there will be a lot of disgrace in the society and community.

Because of which he explained to me that this thing is not possible right now

We get married and the wedding day always comes. Like every married couple, we too have everything that a girl desires. But on the second and third day of marriage, Anish told me that my younger brother also wants to have a relationship with you. Hearing this, I was left speechless and said, “Aren’t you ashamed of talking like this about your wife?”  On this Anish asked me, what is wrong in this, I have also had a relationship with my sister-in-law, after all we are all part of the same family.

After hearing this, the ground slipped from under my feet and I really wondered how I got married at home. My father-in-law touching me inappropriately after 10 days of marriage was no less than a shock for me. When I put this matter in front of Anish, Anish said that father also has the right on you. After listening to which I was shaken from within.

I said to Anil, what is this way of a girl in your house, mother and respect do not matter to you people, what do you want, I will sing with you too, I will sing with your brother and with your father, I told Anil. He said, what is this way, respect of a girl in your house, mother and respect do not matter anything to you people, you want me to have a relationship with you also, have a relationship with your brother and also have a relationship with your father. what kind of house is this of yours Shocked that I go to my mother-in-law and go to my sister-in-law, when I told him this, he said, do the same as your husband has done.

After this, sister-in-law told me that this family believes in family relationship in which anyone can have a relationship with anyone. After hearing this, I was shocked from within that how can such a thing happen in a family. When I talked to Anish about why you guys didn’t tell me earlier, he saidThis is also something to be mentioned, every house has its own customs and these are the customs of our house.And we didn’t even get a chance to tell this. If you had talked to me before getting married, maybe I could have told you about it, but there was no conversation between you and me. On this I said that my father had made an offer to you but your father had refused.

Anish said, whatever may be the reason, you will have to accept it because now you are the daughter-in-law of this house and our tradition, you will have to accept it as the daughter-in-law of the next house and our tradition.

After hearing this, I called my father and told him that I do not want to live in this house. My father says that it is not even a month since we got married and you are talking like this, it takes some time to adjust.

I told them that if I stay here any longer then I will have to give up my life. On this, my father gets scared and makes me talk to my brother. I knew that if I told anything to my brother and father, no one would believe me, so I told my father and my brother to tell it directly to my house, otherwise these people would be suspicious of me.

After this, my sister-in-law took command and called my in-laws house and told me to send Amit home for 2 to 3 hours because my mother-in-law is not well and she is missing Amit a lot. At first the family members refused but after talking two-three times they agreed but on the condition that Aneesh would also go with them. My sister-in-law said, there is no problem, you all can also come and see her health, after listening to which they probably believed that my mother’s health was really bad and they said that it is okay, you send your husband. Give it, that is, send it to my elder brother so that I can go to my home.

My brother comes to take me and I get ready with him and start leaving, along with that my mother-in-law and my father-in-law give me strict instructions that whatever happens, you have to come here in two to three hours and no one from our house You don’t have to share anything with anyone.

I said on his face, yes, okay, I will do the same, but when I go home, I will tell my father that that house is not suitable for us. He used to behave so disgustingly at home that he was even ashamed to tell me those things in front of his father. I did not tell anything to anyone and just kept crying because my life was ruined. I gathered courage and told everything to my sister-in-law.

That house is such a house where my husband asks me to have relations with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. He says that this is the tradition of their house and they believe in establishing family relations. After hearing this, my sister-in-law also became sad like me and she told all this to her brother. This was such a system that anyone who heard about it would never believe it. My brother also did not believe it. He said, there is no such system.

Then my sister-in-law told me that it really is like this and there are many people who follow such things. When my father-in-law calls me in the evening, I clearly refuse him that I do not want to live in a house where different men have relations with the same women. On this he threatens me with police and my brother threatens to take my phone and turn it upside down. 4 years have passed since what happened today, there was only one reason behind my life getting spoiled and that was not allowing me to talk before marriage.

Marriage is a situation in which you spend your entire life with an unknown person and now it is not like old times, hence it is very important that whoever is fixing your marriage does less work than before fixing the marriage. you guys talk for a month I don’t know about the case of boys but for a girl it is very important because she is leaving her house and going to a new house.

But if this girl talks about talking on the phone, then people consider her characterless.

My sister-in-law saved my life where it was not my fault but even today I am branded as a divorcee for which there is no fault of mine. It is the fault of this society which has created such a tradition that even talking on phone before marriage becomes a big deal for many people. In today’s time, whether it is a girl or a boy, I request everyone that if you are looking for a girl or a boy for marriage, whether you do something or not, whether it is Kundli Millia or not Millia, but you guys must talk on the phone.

And both the people should talk in such a way in which nothing is hidden. If the other person is ready to accommodate you according to your situation, then nothing can be a better and more pleasant experience for you than this.

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