How To The Nainital Call Girl Made Me Happy

A Nainital Call Girl Made Me Happy

My name is Rohan, I am a resident of Haldwani, I am working as a manager in my company. I am 34 years old, I have been married for 4 years, I am happy with my married life and my wife understands me very well. She always supports me a lot and takes good care of my child, that is why I am completely free from problems at home. (Call girl nainital

It was just two months ago, my company sent me to Nainital for work, our company wanted to promote its product in Nainital, so I was sent to Nainital, our office branch was also opened there. Our company’s office is in Haldwani and I have a very good relationship with my boss, he told me that I trust you completely so I am sending you to Nainital so that you can get good work done for the company and you can work in Nainital. You can also sell your product well.(Call girl nainital

I told him that sir, don’t worry at all, just trust me completely, my sir had said that I am sending you on the same trust and I have full hope on you that you will be able to promote the company well. I had got a house to live from the company itself and I was living there, for me this was the first time that I had gone out of the house because I used to travel only within Haldwani to Rudrapur. I had never gone out of it but when I went to Nainital, I got to know about many things and I also started meeting some people from there. (Call girl nainital

When I was free from my office work, I used to go for a walk in the evening. Even in the colony where I lived, my conversation started getting better and everyone started recognizing me, I had become a very good friend in the colony itself, his name was Rocky.

My friendship with Rocky became so deep that he used to come to meet me often and would always ask me whether I was lacking anything, I used to tell him that my company provides me with all the things, so I do not need anything. There is no problem of any kind. (Call girl nainital

I liked his nature very much and he also does his own work, he has his own business and I also visit his house often but we also had to promote the company, that is why I also visit small towns of Nainital. Started going. I had the entire team with me, we set up our setup there too, gradually our company started getting good response, when I called my boss, he said that the report I have received is very positive. , things are not going well,(call girl nainital

I am very happy with the work, and you work there like this for some time, after that we will also appoint our staff there. I told him, ok sir, rest assured that day I talked to him for a long time and as soon as I disconnected his call, soon after that my wife called, my wife started telling me that you are so busy. It has happened that you don’t even have time to talk to me, I told her there is no such thing, I was about to call you but I am so busy with work that I am not able to get time. (Call girl nainital

She said, I am understanding everything, it seems that you have wooed some other girl there, I told her how can you even think like this, I love only you and you do not trust me at all, she insisted. -She started laughing loudly and said that I was troubling you, I was missing you so I thought of calling you. (Call girl nainital

I asked her if everyone is fine at home and she said yes, everyone is fine at home. I told her that I will go home and call you, she said okay, you must go home and call me, I reached home and was sitting on the sofa and for some time I switched on the TV, I was watching the news, then I It occurred to me that I have to call my wife also.(Call girl nainital

I was about to call my wife, at the same time Rocky also came, he said that I am meeting you after a long time, I told him that I had gone out for a while and that is why I could not meet you. We were sitting together, so I called my wife at that very moment, I told her to sit for 10 minutes, I will call my wife. I talked to my wife that day and Rocky was sitting next to me, he was watching TV, after some time when I hung up the phone he asked me that it seems that you love your wife very much. I told him that yes, I love my wife very much, I had not called her for a long time, so I thought I would talk to her today. (Call girl nainital

Now Rocky and I started talking to each other and he started asking how is your work going, I told him that the work of our company is going well and the company will keep its entire staff here after some time. During our conversation, he asked me whether the sexual relationship between you and your wife is good. I told him yes, we both have a good sex life.(Call girl nainital

That day he asked me are you interested in having sex today. I thought for some time but then I also agreed. He called a person and asked him to send the hot item to us. We waited for her for an hour and after an hour a beautiful beauty came to us. (Call girl nainital

When she came and sat near us, both of us were caressing her thighs and Rocky was also in full mood. He removed all her clothes and fucked her very well, when his semen spilled out he told me to go and enjoy the beauty. As soon as I went near the girl, I forgot about my wife after seeing her body. (Call girl nainital

I put my penis in her mouth and she kept sucking my penis for a long time. When I was completely in the mood, I put a condom on my penis. As soon as I inserted my penis inside her soft and smooth pussy, she started screaming very loudly. She started saying that your penis is very thick. I told her that you have thought me like that, darling.

I was seeing my wife’s face in that girl’s face and I started fucking her very fast while spreading both her legs. I was pushing her at such a fast pace that water was falling from her vagina at a very fast rate. She told me that I will come on top of you, we both have good sex. (Call girl nainital

She came over me and her breasts went inside my mouth. As soon as she took my penis inside her vagina, I felt very good. She was shaking her buttocks so fast and I was also enjoying completely. She moved her buttocks up and down very fast, water was coming out from her vagina. (Call girl nainital

I gave her very fast jerks and in the midst of those jerks, when I was about to ejaculate, I removed the condom, I put my penis inside her mouth, she sucked my penis so well that my semen came out in her mouth. I fell down. When I came out after fucking her, Rocky started asking how he felt. I said, Sir, you made me enjoy today, I liked it very much. Rocky said, I too am fond of these things, today I was very fond of them.
(Call girl nainital

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