How to the I fucked a call girl

How I fucked that call girl

Ass fucked by call girl from of Nainital.

Hello friends, I am Akash once again my story
“Part time sex business”
I have brought the next story for you, as I promised you that I will tell you the story of cock in sexy ass in the next story. (Call girl nainital

So you must know how I fucked that call girl, if you have not read the story then read that story, for new readers I will tell the gist of the first part of the story.

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I had shifted to Nainital for job and was living in a rented house with a friend. After a few days, I started missing pussy, then I came to know that my friend has been enjoying fucking the girls living in the same building for a year. (Call girl nainital

When I also asked him to get pussy for me, he took me to the top floor where there were four girls. One of them was a call girl named Mickey who is a call girl on website of call girl Nainital. I found her very beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed having sex with her.

So friends, I enjoyed fucking Mickey that day and I also took his number. After that day we both started talking and messaging each other. I also started talking to Bengali brother.(Call girl nainital

I thought of meeting Mickey at night. I went upstairs but the landlord uncle from the next door neighborhood was seen roaming on the terrace only. So I thought that something might go wrong. So I started waiting for Saturday.

But Mickey had fixed outside booking for the next Saturday and Sunday. I felt sad but he also has to earn money, so I was left thinking this.
(Call girl nainital

While I was strolling on the terrace, I met Reshma there and I talked to her.

Reshma was 23 years old, her breasts were also very nice, her complexion was a little dark but the shape of her breasts was sexier than Mickey. Her breasts were absolutely round and bulging, her body was completely full.

Although she was also ready to get fucked by me, but the ghost of Mickey was on my mind. So I told her that after fucking Mickey, I would do it with someone else.

Meanwhile, Sanu went to her home for a month and the other girl also started living with her boyfriend. Now only Mickey and Reshma were left in the room. There was a wedding of my friend Amit’s relatives, so he also went there.
(Call girl nainital
He was going to come after three days, so now I was going to stay alone in the room for three days. I was planning to take full advantage of this opportunity because only 15-20 minutes of sex was available on the upper floor.

I was thinking that if Mickey comes to my room, I can sleep naked with him the whole night and fuck him as much and as I want. Friends, you can understand that when a room partner leaves, the only thing that comes to mind is to enjoy sex in the room alone.

I was thinking that if Mickey comes to my room, I can sleep naked with him the whole night and fuck him as much and as I want. Friends, you can understand that when a room partner leaves, the only thing that comes to mind is to enjoy sex in the room alone.

I told Mickey that she would stay with me this Saturday and would not fix any outside meeting. I told her that if she wants money, I am ready to give it but this Saturday night she will be mine only.
(Call girl nainital

She agreed. Now Saturday has also come, I was sitting outside talking with my Bengali brother after dinner and also waiting for the uncle next door to go down.

call girl

I noticed one more thing during these days that Bengali Bhai Saheb (Gopal Ghosh) used to stay fit by drinking alcohol every day. Often he drank so much that I had to carry him to his bed.

Around 11 o’clock the uncle on the other side went down and I sent Ghosh Bhai Saheb inside, after that I went to the girls’ room. Reshma was also inside but she was on her periods at that time.

Then I took Mickey with me and came to my room, we sat and talked for some time, he was wearing capri and t-shirt. Then I closed the door of my room. I was in such a hurry that I did not even consider it necessary to lock it, so I turned back and pressed Mickey against the wall.
(Call girl nainital

I clung to her body and started kissing her lips hard, it felt as if I had been thirsty for many days.
As soon as I saw Mickey, a storm of lust would arise inside me.

I was holding her face and sucking her lips vigorously and she was supporting me while trying to control my excitement.

Both of our tongues started moving in each other’s mouth, along with this I placed my right hand on her boobs and started pressing them hard. This sucking game continued for ten minutes.

Below in my lower, my penis had also become completely hard and was jumping to enter her pussy. Then I started taking off her clothes and she started taking off mine.
(Call girl nainital

I told her – Mickey darling… today I want to make you drink the semen of my penis and drink the juice of your vagina,
She said- I can suck the penis but cannot drink the semen. Whatever you do with me, I will not refuse, but I cannot drink the goods.

On this I said- Will you do anything else?
She said- Yes, anything,
I said- think about it?
She said- I am speaking only after thinking,

I said- Okay, then take it in your mouth and start working.
She took my penis in her soft hands and started caressing it. I started playing with her breasts and pressing her ass.

Sometimes my hand was caressing her pussy and sometimes I was squeezing her ass. With one hand I was squeezing her breasts and pressing her nipples between my fingers.

Then she sat down on her knees and took my penis in her mouth. She started sucking my penis like a lollipop in fun, I was getting a different pleasure from the touch of her tongue, then I held her head and started fucking her mouth.
(Call girl nainital

Her face started turning red, she was having trouble breathing but my excitement was so much that I just wanted to fuck her mouth. My penis had become so tight that if I wanted to make a hole in the wall, I could do that too.

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I was fucking her mouth fast, now while pushing I was about to cum. In the last moments, I inserted my penis completely in her mouth and pressed her head so hard that the penis got stuck in her throat.

Then a jet of semen was released from my penis, the semen of my penis stuck in her throat started going inside her. She started pushing me back, due to the penis being stuck in her mouth, only the sound of ‘Gun…Gun…’ was able to come out.

I felt a little pity on her and I loosened my grip and released her, by then half of my semen had gone into her throat, she had drank it inside. Even though she did not want to drink, she had no option but to swallow my semen.
(Call girl nainital

As soon as I left, she ran to the bathroom and spit out my semen and started cleaning her mouth with water.

Friends, should I tell you something that is on my mind?
When a girl refuses to do something, it becomes more fun to do the same thing with her.

If Mickey had not refused to let me drink my semen, I would not have made her suck my dick so brutally, nor would I have emptied my semen in her throat, nor would I have enjoyed releasing the semen in her mouth so much.

She came after washing both her pussy and mouth with water, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and sat down myself and started sucking her vagina, within some time she started moaning,

I was licking her pussy vigorously. She was rubbing her breasts while moaning. The leakage of semen had started again from her soft smooth pussy.

After about 5-7 minutes, a lot of salty juice came out from her vagina.

Then we both came into 69 position

Now my penis had become tight again, I put the condom on the penis and I made her lie down, then spread her legs and inserted the penis directly into her vagina in one stroke.(Call girl nainital

She screamed and while moaning she said – I am not running away anywhere! We have to stay together the whole night, take it easy, don’t spoil the fun.

Actually, Mickey also wanted to enjoy the full pleasure of getting fucked by my penis, which I was feeling from her words, then I also exercised some patience. Till now I was thinking only about my fun.

Then I started fucking slowly, I was fucking her in such a way that she enjoyed it and I too, she was enjoying it completely and such words were coming out of her mouth in the form of moans – Ahhh… Jaanu… Fuck me. …harder…more faster…ahhh…do it darling.

I also got excited, I made her a mare and inserted my entire penis into her smooth pussy from behind and started fucking her rapidly. This time soon her vagina released water which I could feel on the penis.

Then my attention went to her ass, she had a very red hole, I started caressing her ass with one of my hands and started pressing her ass with my thumb, she immediately jumped.
(Call girl nainital

The contraction of her ass started loosening and slowly I inserted my entire thumb into her ass. Now I was pushing her vagina with my penis and her ass with my thumb. She started moaning loudly.

After this erotic massage of five-seven minutes, her vagina once again released water and by now her ass had also become loose while taking my thumb. I thought it would be better to put my cum in the ass than ejaculate in the vagina.

Thinking this, I took out my penis so that the time of sex could increase, because right now she was completely hot and I was also in the mood. But later it was possible that she might refuse to get ass fucked.

Then she said- What is your intention? I said- The same thing you are thinking. She said- Second hole?

Me: A hint is enough for the wise.

On this she said- Understand, I go to everything, but to get it done there, I take Rs 5000.

I said – A little while ago you were saying that you should do anything other than giving food? Are you scared now?

She said- I am not afraid but I will not get it done for free.
I said- Okay, I will give it.

Then she took out a cream from her purse and asked to apply it on her ass hole. She used to carry all the luggage with her because that was her profession.
(Call girl nainital

I applied cream on her sexy ass and set the penis, I applied a lot of cream on her anus, then holding her waist with both hands, placed the penis on her sexy ass hole and slowly applied pressure. -Slowly the top of the penis entered her anus.

I stopped and then gave a strong push, more than half of my penis entered her anus. She started writhing and ‘Oh Mom’ came out of her mouth. There were no tears in her eyes but the pain was clearly visible on her face.

Then I slowly inserted my entire penis into her sexy ass and now she started supporting me. Within some time, she started getting her ass fucked while moaning aahhh..aahh.

After fucking for 5 minutes I asked her to come on top.

I lay down and she slowly sat on my penis and the entire penis again entered her sexy ass. She started moving up and down on the penis and I started pressing her breasts with both hands and giving light pushes from below.

There was a great feeling while fucking her ass. Her moans were intoxicating me and now I also started pushing her hard from below.

After fucking her sexy ass for 4-5 minutes, my semen came out and she lay down on me, exhausted. After staying like this for about 10 minutes, she got up and we both separated, her anus had become somewhat swollen and swollen.
(Call girl nainital

Then both of them went to the bathroom and cleaned their bodies.
Mickey said- I am tired, I should rest for a while.

After that, both of us remained lying naked like this, I lay down with my feet on her smooth thighs and my penis touched her thigh.

Initially, I also felt a little sleep and she probably also fell asleep. After half an hour, my eyes opened and I again started teasing her breasts and caressing her pussy.

After two minutes, she also became fully conscious and she held my penis, then we kept kissing and licking for half an hour. I sucked her pussy and she sucked my penis.

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After that I fucked her once again, after that we slept again.

Then at 5 in the morning I opened my eyes, I was thirsty. The second room had a kitchen attached. I opened the door and went to the other room and came back with a water bottle.

I drank water and lay down, then my attention went to Mickey. She was looking very happy while sleeping. Seeing her sleeping naked like this, my penis became erect again, I went closer and moved my penis on her breasts and thighs.
(Call girl nainital

My penis was about to explode, then I quickly put on a condom and I slowly started rubbing my penis on her vagina. Then I straightened her, spread her legs and inserted my penis straight inside lovingly.

Due to this sudden attack, ‘Oui Maa…’ came out of his mouth. But then I lay down on her and started kissing and licking her. Started squeezing her breasts and started inserting the penis into her pussy from below.

In the morning I once again fucked her vagina. She ejaculated twice and I also ejaculated, I had not closed the door and I don’t know for how long Reshma was standing watching our sex. (Call girl nainital

So this was today’s story, how did you like the ass fucking story of a call girl from Nainital, if you want to have a meeting with call girl Mickey then book it soon (Call girl nainital from

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