The Yun Played Pinky Of In All Village Girl

How to the a boy's tot grew up for girl

This boy went to the river bank to drink water but within a few seconds the river overflows completely. Because as soon as he looked in front, all the fish were jumping without water. After which he quickly started checking his luggage. Then he could not believe that it was his stuff. 

That boy’s name is also Yoon. Now here came a man who was emptying his water tank after looking at the fire in the distance. But she did not know that now she was going to have momos, because at that very moment she also got pressured. That’s why he also went and stood next to that man. Then the man was a little shocked to see his system. Then Byon hits his blade, which was so dangerous that the man stopped his blade after seeing it. 

Now its stream directly started extinguishing the fire in the village, due to which all the villagers started thanking God. But its edge hit a big stone, due to which the stone started coming towards the villagers. Then all the people get scared once again but he removes the stone before it can reach them. Now he aims directly at the sun with his phone, due to which the living sun begins to extinguish. But it was good that his tank got exhausted before that.

Youn stuff is discussed in the whole village

Everyone was stunned to see his miracle. Now all the women of the village started talking about him. Actually there was a village where girls used to do hard labour, farming and all the outside work. And the men’s job was only to clean the house, cook food, take care of the children and serve their wives at night. 

The men had to serve him the whole night, due to which all the men in that village became very weak. His brother Ken was well respected in that village because his luggage was very big and he could handle four girls at once. Because of this, the girls of that village were also crazy in love with him. That’s why they all used to secretly watch him taking bath and even here no girl would even show them any respect. But he liked a girl named Team but her brother killed her. 

One day when Keem was taking bath, some villagers were secretly watching her because she was an amazing person. But then instead of driving those girls away, the women of that village started abusing the team. Then Ken comes there and proposes marriage to the team and takes her with him to his house. Now they had been burnt to ashes. The wife was simple in appearance, that is why some bully boys used to harass her. But this time also his patience broke.

 That’s why he washes those bids. Seeing his bravery, all the girls started falling in love with him. But then an old lady stops those girls from falling in love with him and says that once when he was returning home after selling his sweets, he stopped at a house on the way after seeing a girl taking bath. The girl had also seen him peeping. That girl was also thirsty, that is why he caught hold of her and started romancing her. After the game was over, when Byon saw the girl’s face, he was shocked because she was not a girl but the same old woman. Then the old woman realized that her peanuts were of no use. Hearing this, all the girls started laughing at him and insulting him.

How to make your stuff look like steel

He was very upset and sad because his luggage was as small as a matchstick. Then one day he got worried and went deep into the dense forest, where he found a quack who was trapped in a pig net. Byon helps and saves his life. Now that Baba is happy and says to him, what do you want to ask for? If I can fulfill one of your wishes, you will get whatever you ask for. 

Even then he told that sad story to that Baba about how worried he was about his peanuts. Hearing this, the quack Baba closes his eyes and tells him a solution, saying that under a burgundy tree in a nearby village, he will find a bottle, inside which there is magical water, drinking which will turn his peanuts into gourds. On hearing this, Byon ran away like a dog to drink that water. 

Then Baba opens his eyes and says that he has to drink only two drops of water, but by then he had already left. Baba had understood that now the village girls were going to marry. Then he goes there and takes out the bottle and due to excitement he drinks the entire water. Then his peanuts started growing and his stuff got magical power.

The Yun Played Pinky Of In All Village Girl

Now in the present time, Byon was happily checking the power of his system in the village. He did not know that the village girls were watching him doing this because all of them were crazy about him. But then he uses his full power and the toy reaches the heights of the sky. Then when the wife turned around, those girls saw her system, seeing which she went crazy for once. After this he went straight into his crush’s house. 

There, when he saw the slim body of his crush, he started melting completely and due to this action, his system started booming. After which he ran straight from there to his home. The next day he went out to sell sweets in the village, but he did not know that today he was going to get many offers. As he went a little further, he found three more girls who wanted him to beat their pinkies, but once again he ignored them and moved ahead. 

This time he meets another girl who asks him the rate of sweets. Then, under the pretext of testing sweets, she started doing some other tests. Today he was famous in the entire village because wherever he was going he was getting many offers. Even the old lady Ewen was not far behind. The butterfly of every girl in this village was fluttering. 

That’s why she was also giving him feelings. But was ignoring them all. Then an old lady covered her with a blanket. After which the girls pounced on him from behind. But they did not know that Byon was very powerful. He picked up all of them and threw them, due to which the old lady’s face got smeared with hot cow dung. But still those girls were not ready to stop and this time one of them entered his house and there too, after making him drink a whole pot of liquor, she started showing him two different pots of liquor. But it is not going to melt so easily. But that girl was also very stubborn. 

Now at last his patience broke and he overpowered the girl and started playing her pinky. The sound was so loud that all the girls in the village got wind of it. After which all the girls of the village reached outside his house and started waiting for him to come out. When the girl came out, she started telling them the whole story inside and meanwhile her nose started bleeding. Meaning the matter was very dangerous. After which it seemed as if there was a queue to take them.

What happened when the king of the country came to know about the goods?

But the news of this had spread everywhere. Due to which the king also came to know that such a boy also exists in his city. Now the king’s daughter also started insisting because she still had to get her cave dug by him. But the king said that if his pony really has that much power then it will be decided in the field and if Yun wins that competition then he will get his daughter married to him. Even after this the king’s army brought him to the field. In that field, Byon and a huge Firangi had to show the power of their Nunu in which the more power they have, the princess will be theirs. 

The firangi in front of him was the first to place two 10 kg stones on his forehead, which he easily lifted. Then two more stones were placed and in doing so a total weight of 60 kg was placed on it. Now it was his turn. His legs started trembling as soon as two stones were placed on him. But after this two more stones were placed. Now people started feeling that he would not be able to carry on further. But the princess wanted to get her pinkies beaten by him, that is why the princess started helping him.

As soon as his wife saw him licking the banana, she gained some strength. After which the princess tears the clothes of the maid standing nearby. In this way he handled the entire 200 kg weight one by one. When everyone saw this, they went completely crazy. Due to which it seemed as if a flood surged inside him. Then he threw all those stones into the heights of the sky, due to which the king quickly declared him as his son-in-law and all the people became very happy seeing this. 

But now a very bad doom had come in the entire village because now anyone who tried to play the pinky of those girls would be killed mysteriously. New deaths were occurring in the village every day. Everyone was deeply troubled by this thing. But it was no less that later it came to light that all the women of the village became pregnant. The old lady was also not behind. BU had left his share in everyone’s pinky. Then the same Jhola Chaap Baba tells the solution to this thing that if Beau gives pleasure by playing with the mysterious wolf present outside the village, then no one will die. Now the entire village together sends them inside the mysterious wolf’s cave. 

Where was he going to stay behind there too? He gets scared for once but then he grabs hold of the wolf’s pussy and gives it complete orgasm and because of this the curse of the girls of the entire village is broken. Then we are shown the scene after a few years. Everyone in the entire village was happy and the most striking thing was that all the girls in the village had given birth to children of the same type. All those children also had all the qualities of their father. That’s why he also started watering the crops using his system and was moving away from them all. looking for a new pinky

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