Nainital, The City Of beautiful Sparkling Lakes

Like many hill stations in India, Nainital is also a city settled by the British. This Nainital is also considered to have mythological importance. Sati Maiya’s eyes fell here, so the temple of Naini Mata is established on the banks of the lake.

According to history, Nainital was settled by the British to enjoy heaven here during the summer season, then this city of Nainital came into the notice of all the Indians. Gandhiji also gave Nainital the status of heaven. The British built a fort here to spend their summer time. The British captured Kumaon and Garhwal in 1815. There is an English businessman named Bi Pairan, who has been given the credit of establishing Nainital on the website of Uttarakhand.

In fact, now there is a lot of tourists here. And there is a club house where many people come to work. Many writers have also given a beautiful description of Nainital in their stories. On the occasion of Independence Day, Indians also made this place a place to visit to get rid of their heat. Nainital district of Uttarakhand has many tourist places in which many districts have been made tourist places to give detail of temples and natural scenes.

Actually Nainital is one of the highest hills of India, but it is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Its height from the sea level is approximately 938 meters and 6358 feet. Nainital lake is in the shape of a peach, which is known as Naini lake. There are very high hills around this lake, its total size is approximately 2 kilometers. To the north of the hills situated on four sides of this lake is their highest peak Nainipi whose height is 2615 meters and 850079 while to the west is Dev path hill whose height is 2438 meters and if counted in feet, it is 799 feet in the south. It is situated on Irpat whose height is 2278 meters and 7447 feet. The combination of all these peaks forms a beautiful sight which people from all over the country and abroad come to see. The temperature here is maximum 15 degrees and minimum 3 degrees. There are many small districts within Nainital whose names are main Nainital, tallital, mallital, Sukha Taal, Saras Taal, Kutiya Taal, 7 Taal, Bhemtal, Khurpa Taal etc.

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