The Most Beautiful Hostel Call Girl In Nainital

Hostel Call Girl In Nainital

It was 10 o’clock at night. There was silence everywhere. But in this silence of the night, a girl comes out of the girls’ hostel. The sound of her sandals breaking the silence. A man is waiting for her outside in his big and long car. She goes to his car and knocks on his door. He opens the window, the girl asks the person sitting inside, is Diwakar Mitra sitting inside, the man nods his head in agreement. Then the girl whose name was Shobha sits on the seat next to him in his car.

Diwakar Mittal looks at her face with a smile and says, you are just as I had heard. You are like a very hot red chilli. Diwakar Mittal’s feet go on the accelerator of the car and in a moment the car starts talking to the air. After a while the car enters the city’s biggest five star hotel. Diwakar parks his car in the best parking and goes to the hotel reception and tells about his pre-booking. Diwakar takes the key of his room and goes to that room with Shobha. Diwakar closes the door and asks Shobha, do you want something to drink or eat, whatever you want, order it. Diwakar calls the reception from the phone in the hotel room and gives his order. After a while the waiter comes with the order. Both of them drink a little along with eating. And then Diwakar and Shobha get lost in each other. In the morning when Shobha wakes up, Diwakar is not there. There is a bundle of notes under her pillow.
She picks up the bundle and comes out of the hotel.
She books a gap and sits in it and goes towards the girls hostel.
The man in the cap keeps staring at her from time to time and Shobha gets angry.
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

Drive by looking back and forward again and again, otherwise I will call your company right now, then all the staring will stop. The cap man got scared by Shobha’s words. Shobha kept looking out of the cap window and was talking to herself in her mind. Everything is so fake, new, everything. Who is this person? What face is he wearing, no one knows. I too have been wearing a fake face for the last several months. Truth is disgusted, I feel suffocated by that face. But now I cannot live without this face. This is the story of Shobha, who lives in Jamalpur. Shobha lives in a hostel in the city and is studying engineering. She has come to the city only 8 months ago. Shobha’s father Deen Dayal loves her a lot. She still remembers when she was coming to the city sitting in the train, then Baba, if you cry like a child, how will I go to the city?

What can I say Shobha, when your mother left us forever holding you in her lap, I have lived by seeing you since then. I know Baba, I had thought that I will send you off only once when you get married. But saying this before the wedding, Din Dayal hugged Shubh and started crying again. It’s okay Baba, I don’t know the city, I live here with you, but you also always insist that I have to study a lot, I have to become a great man. Now further studies cannot be done in the village. That is why I am going to the city, okay I will get off the train. At the same time the train whistle blew, Din Dayal quickly got off the train. The train picked up speed in no time. Shubha went ahead of the train and Din Dayal was left behind in the city.

Shubha started living in a girls hostel and started studying. She had a room partner named Rekha. Rekha’s background was similar to Shobha’s. She had no father and her mother worked in other people’s fields. They had to make ends meet with great difficulty. One day, when Shobha was cleaning her room, she found a bundle of notes under Rekha’s bed. How did so much money come here?

Rekha was taking a bath at that time. When she came out after taking a bath, Shobha asked her about the money. But Rekha did not give any proper answer to her question. So what happened? They both were good friends. There is something that Rekha is hiding from me. But did Shobha notice one more thing that 34 days a week Rekha used to go somewhere at night and return in the morning. She asked Rekha about this too. So you also keep spying without any reason. You should mind your own business, where do I go, why do I go, it is necessary to give an account of everything. Is this not necessary? But what will happen if tomorrow the hostel warden comes to know that you stay out all night?

You know how strict he is, so don’t worry about him, I will take care of him. Slowly Shobha saw a lot of changes in Rekha’s lifestyle. She would buy the most expensive clothes and shoes. She would have a mobile phone. She would do whatever she wanted. Shobha was very impressed by her lifestyle. Shobha had seen poverty since her childhood, so she also felt like buying new clothes, keeping an expensive mobile and doing whatever she wanted. Look at Rekha. I am not going to ask you how you live such a rich lifestyle. But I also want to live like you, I am fed up. Yearning for 11 paise, Rekha kept on evading at first but then she told the truth that she works as a call girl. Hearing her words, Shobha was shocked and she said that if the warden comes to know about this, then you are very innocent. Shobha, the hostel warden knows everything, she is the one who pressurizes us and sends us to people after knowing the whole truth about the wardens. Shobha was shocked once again. Rekha also told her that other girls in the hostel also do this work.

Shobha felt strange to hear all this but she was ready to trade her dignity for a better lifestyle. I am stuck in this dirty swamp. Although this swamp has given me many things for which I longed but I have lost my innocence, I have lost my peace, I have lost my purity. Baba had so many expectations from me and what did I start doing? Shobha’s eyes were wet, she did not want to do this work right now but the hostel warden was pressurizing her again and again. Look Shobha, do not make an enemy of the crocodile while living in the water and yes, stop pretending to be a sati sabitri and do what I say. Shobha refused the warden again. The warden angrily told her, look Shobha, your refusal will close all the doors of your future, on my one complaint you will be expelled from the college and I will defame you so much that not only in this city, you will not be able to show your face to anyone anywhere.

Shobha did leave the hostel that night but she had made up her mind. She left the hostel and went straight to the police station and told Inspector Nazneen the truth about the hostel and the warden. Hearing Shobha’s words, Nazneen was shocked and said, “I have attacked you and all those girls who take shortcuts for a good lifestyle and trade their dignity and people like you and our warden take advantage of innocent people like you.”

I have made a big mistake Inspector Nani. I am glad that you have realized your mistake but to ensure that no one else makes this mistake and your warden does not take advantage of someone else, this entire racket will have to be broken. Inspector Nazneen arrested the warden and sent him to jail.

The whole city was shocked to hear that the warden who was responsible for the safety of the girls had started trading them. Today Shobha is in the last year of engineering and she is studying very hard, after all she has to fulfill her father’s dream.

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