Beautiful Erotic Story Of The Vikram And Call Girls Kavita

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you all are safe and sound. My name is Vikram, and this story is from my real life, so let’s start the story. I am going to tell my story on

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This is about the time when I was in the first year of college. I started living in a rented house in Haldwani, away from my village. After staying in college the whole day, when I came back, I could not pass my time. I was very good in studies and always remained at the top in my class.

When the students in the neighbourhood came to know about this, they expressed their desire to study with me. So I thought that this way I will also be able to pass my time. And then I started teaching them. All the children were from middle classes and were from poor families. So I decided not to take fees from them.


The children were very weak in studies, so I had to work very hard on them. Only then did their level improve a bit. I used to teach them only in the evenings, sometimes it would be night too. Some children were from nearby homes, they would easily go home.But some children would come from far-off homes, so sometimes I would go and drop them off.
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One day when I was teaching the children.
The door of the room was slightly open, hardly 2-3 inches of space was left.
Then I saw that an ordinary looking girl was standing at some distance from the door and trying to look inside.
And my eyes were also going there again and again.
I had a strong desire to know who she was.
Then after giving work to the children, I quickly moved towards the door and saw that a dark girl, whose age must be 19-20 years, was standing in front of me.
She was not that beautiful to look at.
But her body structure was no less than that of an Apsara.
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The hunger to devour her started rising inside me and I stood up impatiently to go towards her. I was feasting my eyes on her body and started dreaming about her while standing there. My dream suddenly broke when she said namaste to me. Then I composed myself and asked her- who are you and what do you want? After she answered, I came to know that among the children I was teaching, one boy was her brother. His name was Geetesh. I said to Geetesh- someone has come to meet you! Then Geetesh told me that since his house is far away, his sister comes to pick him up everyday.

I was happy to hear her saying that I will be able to see that Kamadevi every day. Now every day I started teaching the children for a while and in the end I used to let them solve the questions. And then I would open the door halfway and sit on a chair in front and wait for her to come. When she would come I would keep staring. Perhaps she had also understood this. That is why she would come some time earlier and keep looking at me. One day I got a call from my home and I was called to the village. I had to leave the next day morning.

After finishing the tuition that day when that girl was standing outside, I told all the children- I am going to my village for a few days. If anyone has any problem, you can call me. So all of you note down my number. All the children started leaving after writing down the number. Then I called Geetesh. Actually I had called this for his sister. Then looking at his sister I said- Geetesh, you took my number na… if you need, do call me. Geetesh said ‘yes sir’ and started leaving. Her sister probably understood the meaning of what I said.
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The next day I left for home. After reaching there I came to know that a good proposal had come for my elder sister and now I had to take care of all the work of her engagement. Two days had passed and in the evening I got a call from an unknown number. When I attended the call I came to know that she was Geetesh’s sister. Till now we had not talked to each other, so I did not even know her name. When I asked her name she told me her name was Kavita.

Before I could ask her anything, she said that she likes me and disconnected the call saying ‘I love you’ and left a message that she wants the answer to this face to face after I return. I was very happy that I did not have to do anything and my arrangement was done.

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The next day was my sister’s engagement. My sister’s engagement went off very well. After working the next day, I slept thinking about Kavita. The next day I left for Haldwani from the morning itself and was thinking about Kavita all the way. It was evening by the time I reached. I called Kavita after freshening up and she told me that after 2 days everyone in the family is going to uncle’s house, then I will meet you. Then I spent two days with great difficulty. Then finally that day came when I was going to have sex with Kavita.
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Kavita called at 9 o’clock and told me that everyone will be leaving for uncle’s house in a while and then she will come to meet me in my room. I cleaned my room a bit before she came and went to the bakery to buy some food items. I was waiting when suddenly Kavita came.

Then I immediately came out of my room and checked the surroundings to see if anyone suspected anything or if there was someone nearby! Then I came to my room and closed the door and pounced on Kavita. We both started kissing and licking each other as if we would eat each other. We did not even realize when our clothes got removed from our bodies. (Call girl Nainital

Kavita was playing with my whole body and I was playing with her body. She started playing with my penis and took it in her mouth and started sucking it and was sucking my penis like a child like a lollipop. I was in seventh heaven by her doing this and I also started caressing her. In a short while we both came in 69 position and for 20 minutes we both remained stuck to each other in this position. In a short while my penis got erected again. I again pounced on Kavita.

This time I made Kavita lie down and sat between her legs spreading her legs and set my penis in Kavita’s vagina and pushed it hard. My thick penis tore Kavita’s vagina and half of it entered her vagina. Kavita started writhing in pain and tried to take out the penis. Her attempt was not successful because my grip was strong.(Call girl Nainital

After a while I pushed again and this time my penis completely entered her vagina. Kavita’s condition had become serious, tears started flowing from her eyes. After 10-15 thrusts, Kavita also started enjoying. Along with that, I also increased the speed and started having vigorous sex with Kavita.

Then after about 10 minutes I ejaculated and after that she also ejaculated, then we both separated. Then after spending some time with me, she went to her home. So this was my story friends, you guys tell me how you liked the story.

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