How to the did I save the call girl?

What happened when I saved a call girl?

Hello friends, my name is Suraj. This call girl sex story is absolutely true and this is my personal experience. Read in the story of call girls that while returning from office in the dark of night, some sounds were heard from a big car. What was going on in the car? What did I do?

It was on 25th May 2024. I used to live alone in a rented room in Haldwani.

My room was a part of an abandoned bungalow. That bungalow was about 2 km away from the main road. It was rainy season. Like everyday, after finishing my work, having dinner, tiffin and drinking half an Old Monk, I got down at the bus stop on the main road.

It must have been around 11:30 at night. I started walking towards my room. After walking some distance, the road became deserted. Now the house was also not far away. I was walking when a Scorpio car stopped on the side of the road ahead.

I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly some sounds started coming from inside that car, I could not understand anything. The glass of the car was black so nothing was visible inside. I went near the car and was checking.

A girl’s voice came from inside – Leave me… no… absolutely not… leave me, you bastard…  Just then the door on the other side of the road opened from which a boy got down and started urinating while smoking a cigarette.

Both of them were trying to take off the clothes of the girl and she was resisting them loudly, all the boys were drunk and kept abusing the girl.

As soon as the girl heard the sound outside, she started screaming louder – please save me… leave me… please!

Then one of the boys said – keep quiet madam. If she does business then why is she creating a drama?

Saying this, he slapped the girl.

Now I have come into action. I told the boy standing outside- Look, let her go, otherwise I will create a ruckus.

Boy- Come here you bastard…she is a call girl and who are you? Do she have a husband?

Me- If you don’t leave the girl, I will create a ruckus and will also call the police.

Boy- Do whatever you want! You don’t know who we are.

Saying this, he pushed me and got into the car and closed the door. I quickly ran in front of the car and picked up a stone from the side and hit the front glass of the car. The glass did not break, but it got many cracks.

All three boys got scared by my attack. While getting down, one of them said to me- Hey, what are you doing?

Me- If you don’t leave the girl, I will break the whole car and create a ruckus and call people.

Then another boy from inside the car said- Let it go friend… don’t fight unnecessarily.

The rest of the people probably understood what he said. While abusing, they pushed the girl out of the car and she fell down. Seeing this the vagabond boys ran away with the car.

Will This Call Girl Come With Me

Now, on the way, it had rained with me and that girl. I helped the fallen girl to get up by giving her a hand. Her jeans were open till below the waist, she pulled the jeans and buttoned the top. Girl- Thank you very much… you helped me.

I- It’s okay. But are you okay? Girl- Yes… you saved me… thank you. Please drop me at the bus stop. I- You are wet and your clothes are also spoiled. You do one thing, come with me, on top of that the weather has also become bad. She said- Do you live alone?

I said yes. But you don’t worry. You are absolutely safe. She did not say anything and came with me. When we reached the room, the rain became heavy with wind. There was no electricity, so I put on the emergency lamp.

For the first time I saw her properly. She was about 24 years old, had a wheatish complexion and a slim body. Her eyes were amazing.

I said – look at some of my clothes in the cupboard, wear whatever suits you.

I had only one room so I went to my table and sat on the chair with my back towards her. After some time she changed her clothes.

I took out the tiffin while giving her food. My friend also took out the old Old Monk rum from the bag and kept it aside.

She looked at me and said to me – if you want, you can have your drink. I have no objection.

Before I could say anything, she said- You are a very clean-minded man. Otherwise who helps whom here. Feel free to have your drink. I have full faith in you.
I had already shrunk due to the cold. I got up myself and made a big peg and drank it in one go. Now I lit a cigarette without asking her.
I- What is your name? And who were those boys?
She- My name is Shahnaz. I have come here from the village to study. The condition of the house is not good. Father does farming on barren land. I have three sisters and a brother.

Explaining further, she said- I came here thinking that I will become something. But fate had written something else. I fell in love with a boy in college. Taking advantage of me, he made a video of my sex. Due to which he blackmailed me and forced me to have relations with his friends. I got trapped in this trap and within a year I became a call girl.

Today at nine in the evening, a boy booked me in the same car. He had said that he was alone but later two of his friends who were very drunk entered the car. On top of that, he had asked to call some more of his friends. I objected to this and asked me to leave. On this, they started beating me and forcibly took me on this road.

You reached there on time and I was saved. Thank you again for this. If you have any problem here because of me, then I will leave now. Me- Oh no. There is no problem here. The only problem is that this is only one room and only one bed. You eat food and sleep upstairs, I will adjust downstairs.

Shehnaaz- You are a very good person! A call girl is alone with you in your room and you will not take advantage of her? I did not understand her hint. Me- You are right but you are a woman before being a call girl and I have never taken advantage of any woman till date. Otherwise what will be the difference between those people and me?

Tears came in her eyes- I used to hate every man till today but today I have really seen a man who knows how to respect a woman in the true sense. She got up and came to me. She picked up her second drink which was still going on and drank it. I was going to see her. At this time she was wearing a white shirt and my lower.

In the light of the lamp, her 32 inch nipples were visible inside her shirt, now she sat on my thigh. Before I could say anything… she said- I have slept with many such people till date who consider themselves men. But today for the first time I feel like falling in love with a man.

Will These Call Girls Love Me?

Saying this she put her lips on my lips. She was kissing me deeply and I was riding a wave of sweet pleasure. Then she held my hand and put it on her chest. When I became a little conscious I stopped.

She did not understand anything. I pointed towards the remaining bottle on the table. She understood. She made a big peg in the same glass and drank half and gave the other half to me.

Now we have come to the bed. She made me lie down on the bed. Now she took off her shirt and put it down. She had already taken off her bra and panties as they were wet. Now that call girl was completely naked. Her nipples had become prominent and pointed.

Due to the cold air, every part of her body had goosebumps, which were adding to her beauty. She took off my shirt and pulled my trousers too. I was lying completely naked on the bed. Both of us were getting drunk on rum.

She lay down on my body. At this time her whole body was on my body. I could feel her voluptuous breasts, her velvety stomach and her slightly hairy vagina touching my body. My penis was feeling the warmth of her vagina which was now very close to my penis, due to which my penis had become very erect.

Now she started rubbing her body on my body. Now I was feeling a current of 440 volts. That fucking call girl was an experienced player. Rubbing her body, she fell down. She started sucking my nipples lightly while moving her tongue.

This was my first experience that a girl was sucking my nipples. I kept lying like that with my eyes closed. It was as if current was running through my body due to sucking of nipples, after sucking nipples one by one she slid down. She started kissing both sides of my penis, she also took my penis in her fist and started shaking it slowly, she started sucking my balls by filling her mouth with water. Wow… what fun it was!

Now she got up and brought her mouth near my penis. She made a round of tongue around the glans of the penis and took the penis in her mouth, aaaahh… moans came out of my mouth. She took the penis in her mouth and started sucking it till the bottom, water was coming out of her mouth, which was flowing down wetting my penis.

Now my attention went towards her body which at this time seemed to be the most beautiful and sculpted piece of the world. I tried to caress her back but my hands could not reach there. Realizing this, she turned her buttocks towards my shoulder, now I was caressing both her back and buttocks.

Due to her being on her knees, I could see her vagina from behind. While caressing, I lightly fingered her vagina. She also replied to this with a long uh… sound. The petals of her vagina were open like a rose. I was caressing her vagina.

Now we have come to the 69 stage. I took her vagina’s clit in my mouth and started sucking it lightly, an electric current ran through her body. Taking my penis out of her mouth, she said – Ahhhh… I am enjoying it, please suck more… eat my pussy. I started sucking inside her pussy, showing the magic of my tongue.

Now she is murmuring- 

Thus, screaming in lust, she started rubbing her pussy hard on my face. Her rubbing was so fast that I was not able to breathe for a few seconds due to the friction. After rubbing, she got down from me, looked at me and started licking my lips. Her entire material was on my face.

After kissing for a long time, she got up and said- I have bathed like this after many years. All this is from the heart… love you darling. She got up and took out 2 condoms from her purse and put both of them on my penis. When I asked, she said- you should not be in a hurry to put two condoms.

Now she came over me and setting my penis, she sat on my penis, her intoxicating boobs were in front of my mouth, I started pressing them by holding both my hands and on the other hand she started moving her vagina up and down.

I- Ah… Mast Shahnaz… oh… I am enjoying a lot… ah… a little harder… ah you are amazing. She also increased the speed. The sound of phat… phat… phat… in the room was due to her buttocks hitting my thighs.

I was about to cum due to her speed. But I didn’t want the fun to end right now. So I stopped her in the middle and stood up. Before I could say anything, she became a mare on her knees. Shahnaz- Most men like doggy style. Come on, don’t stop, play my vagina. Without wasting time, I inserted my penis in her vagina from behind, now I started swinging. I held her waist tightly and started having sex.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Moans started coming out of her mouth. Then she took out my right hand and placed it on her nipple.

I had to bend a little. Now I was having sex in complete doggy style. When I increased the speed, the whole room was echoing with the sound of phat. Shahnaz was still getting very hot and was moaning continuously while fucking. Hearing her voice, my excitement increased further. Now she was tightening her vagina, maybe her water was about to break. I also released the fountain by holding both her nipples and pushing hard. Her water had also flowed down her thighs and reached the bed. We both fell on the bed tired and exhausted.

After some time we got up, freshened up and had food. That night I had sex with Shahnaz four times in different ways. She was really a very hot call girl! We remained friends for a few years. After that she got married and settled in Dehradun. After that till date I have not met her again nor tried. But even today when I remember her, my mind fills with freshness.

Friends, how did you like this true call girl sex story of mine, do tell me about it. I will wait for your mail.

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