I met my beautiful girlfriend at Nainital Lake

My beautiful Girlfriend In Nainital

My name is Ayush and I am from Nainital (Uttarakhand). I am 25 years old and I am still single. This incident happened about 6 months ago. At that time I used to work in an office in Nainital. A girl named Mahi also used to work in my office. She was a pahadi girl. Friends, no matter how a pahadi girl looks, she is very sexy. Her complexion and figure are amazing. Mahi was also like that.

Mahi’s figure was 34-28-32. If anyone sees her once, he can’t stop himself from going mad. I did not even realize when I fell in love with her. I thought of telling her this, I gathered courage and told her my feelings. She did not get angry but she did not consider our relationship to be more than friendship.

I told her many times that I love her like a boyfriend-girlfriend but every time she used to avoid the topic by saying that we are just good friends. I felt that she also loved me but she did not want to openly express her love, so she used to make an excuse of friendship. She was a little shy, maybe she was afraid that this thing might reach her family.

Days were passing like this, then one day something happened that I could never forget. That day was 31st December, I was supposed to have a holiday from office, she was staying in a room with a friend of hers. Mahi’s friend had gone to her home a day before, Mahi was going to stay alone in the room, I was worried about her, though to be honest I wanted to have her, that’s why I was repeatedly feeling like staying with her.

I even told Mahi that your friend has gone home and you will stay alone in the room, she said that she will stay. I expressed my concern to her and said that if she feels right then I can come to her room for one night. Mahi refused, hearing this I was disheartened, she too was thinking seeing my sad face, actually I did not feel bad about anything she said. I was just pretending to be angry in front of her. Seeing my sad face she agreed, later she gave me permission to come to her room.

I became happy, I went with her to her room.

After reaching the room, she cooked food for both of us, we had dinner together and then she arranged two beds for both of us, seeing two beds, I became suspicious, I was planning to have sex with her and she was preparing a separate bed for me.

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Then I made some excuse and lay down beside her, when she asked me I said that I am not used to sleeping alone at night, she did not say anything to me and I also said that till we do not feel sleepy we will lie down on the same bed and after that I will go to my bed and sleep, she was a little relieved by my words.

For some time we both kept talking about office, she also told me about her friend’s boyfriends, hearing all this my penis also started rising in my pants, but I did not let Mahi feel it. While talking she fell asleep. When she stopped talking I saw that she was asleep. Seeing her bulging breasts in her night dress my mind started wandering, I touched her breasts lightly. She did not react.

Then I pressed her breasts gently. Even then she did not react, now my courage increased and I put one hand on each of her breasts. Slowly I started enjoying pressing her boobs and my penis got erect, now I was not able to stop myself, I put my hand inside her night top, started pressing her boobs, my hands were pressing her boobs over her bra.

Suddenly she took a deep breath and started turning to the other side, my heart started pounding. I thought that maybe she has woken up, I pulled my hand out before she could turn. After that I waited for a while, when there was no reaction for a minute or two, I thought of trying again, you know friends, how difficult it becomes to control when a young girl is sleeping in front of you.

After waiting for two minutes, when I felt everything was right, I started pressing her boobs again, now I was caressing and kneading her boobs more forcefully than before, I even forgot that she was my friend. When I pressed her boobs hard she woke up, as soon as she saw that I was touching her boobs she sat up, she looked at her top and pulled it down on her stomach again.

Knowing that I was teasing her, she looked at me angrily, but then she started crying, I was scared that now she will shout and tell everyone, I was scared. Then I handled the situation and said- Sorry Mahi, all this happened by mistake, I could not stop myself, I love you very much. I do not want to take wrong advantage of you, she felt a little relieved after hearing my words.

With great difficulty I made her understand and made her quiet, then she looked at me and I looked at her, our lips met for once, but I don’t know what happened to her suddenly that she pushed me back. But now I had gone out of control, I caught her again and holding her neck, started sucking her lips with my lips strongly, at first she struggled but in a few seconds she started enjoying it, now she started supporting me.

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While enjoying sucking her lips slowly, I started pressing her breasts again, she was getting hot now, she started moaning lightly and I was squeezing her breasts. After that I removed her night dress by raising her hands, I started pressing her breasts over her bra, on one side I was pressing her breasts and on the other side I was sucking her lips, while sucking her lips I also removed her bra.

I stripped Mahi’s breasts, took one breast in my hand and the other in my mouth, ahh… when I put my mouth on her breast, it felt good, I started sucking her breasts in fun, in a short while I made her breasts red by sucking them. Now her breasts had become very hard, she was enjoying it, she was also feeling some pain because I was pressing and squeezing her boobs very hard, her nipples had become very tight.

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Like this, I slowly started kissing her whole body, sometimes on her stomach, sometimes on her navel, sometimes on her shoulders, sometimes on her cheeks, I felt like eating her. While sucking her neck, my penis was right above her vagina, I sucked and caressed her body a lot, my penis was repeatedly groping the hole of her vagina, rubbing on her panties.

Now I could not stop myself and I removed her panty, her vagina had started releasing water, her vagina was visible wet till outside, she held me tight in her arms. I took off my pant in the meanwhile and I made her hand touch my penis. She tried to remove her hand at first but then later she caught my penis. Now her hand started caressing my penis. I put my finger in her pussy and started fingering it with speed, loud moans started coming out of Mahi’s mouth, the whole room had become hot. Both of our bodies started sweating. When she could not control anymore, she got up and pulled me on top of her, she kissed my lips and I rubbed my penis on her vagina. Then we came in 69 position. She started sucking my penis, soon it went out of control, I also felt like having sex with her.

Hearing this from her, I felt relieved. The girl who was refusing me earlier was now desperate to take my penis in her vagina. Placing my penis on her vagina, I asked- Have you taken it before, Jaanu? She said- No, I used to just caress it with my finger. I said- Okay, then today I am going to inaugurate your virgin vagina, get ready. She said- Yes, put it in, I am ready. I said- But there is no protection. She said- Put it in like this. I said- Okay Jaanu.

I placed my penis on her virgin vagina and pushed it, the vagina was tight, so the head of the penis did not go in the first time and slipped from the vagina. I pushed again with force, the penis entered her vagina, she screamed with pain, but I closed her lips with my lips, now I stopped, it was her vagina’s first sex, so it was not right to give her so much pain.

After waiting for some time, I again started to push my penis inside her vagina. I was sucking her lips and also sliding my penis inside her vagina from below. Slowly I inserted half of my penis inside her vagina. Then I gave a jerk and put the whole penis inside her vagina. She jumped once again and I pressed her lips. After waiting for some time, I again started to push my penis inside her vagina. It took two-three minutes for her pain to reduce. Now I slowly started having sex with her vagina.

Both of our bodies were completely naked. I was pressing her breasts and pushing my penis inside her vagina and she was sucking my lips. Soon her buttocks started coming upwards. She was now enjoying sex. Now I increased my thrusts and started having sex with her with speed, she too started having sex with enjoyment, in three-four minutes her vagina released water, due to the release of water from the vagina, when the penis was going inside the vagina a squelching sound started coming in the room, now my penis was going in and out of her vagina like cream.

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She continued to lift her buttocks while sucking my lips, I was also enjoying having sex with her. After ten minutes she ejaculated once again, now I was also about to ejaculate, I gave two-four fast thrusts in her vagina and when I was about to ejaculate, I quickly took out my penis and put it in her breasts.

Sperm started oozing out of my penis. My whole body started getting stiff, I dropped all my semen in her breasts by giving jerks. Then both of us remained naked, after a while she herself caught my penis and started caressing it. Once again I had sex with her, this time I had sex with her in doggy style, she enjoyed this position a lot.

That night I had sex with her three times, this is how I celebrated my new year, when she woke up in the morning, there were red marks on her whole body, I had sucked her body to my heart’s content, Mahi became crazy about me after that night. That day on the first of January, while having fun in Nainital, I had sex with her again.

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