My friend,s sister turned out to the call girls

My neighbor sister-in-law turned out to be a call girls

My greetings to dear friends and sexy girls. My name is Amit and I live in Ramnagar. Although I am a resident of Rudrapur but I live in Ramnagar for work. I am an engineer there and I support myself by working there. My height is 5 feet 9 inches and complexion is fair. My friends say that I look smart but I don’t believe it because girls don’t talk to me properly. But I am also scared of girls and my ass gets fucked by girls too. I have two friends, Akash and Sumit and both of them have girlfriends and both of them look amazing and my confidant’s mother gets fucked after seeing them.

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Now let me tell you all my sex story when I fucked a college girls.

As I said, I work to support myself. I used to work in an office which was a startup IT. The company is A family had come to live on rent in the house opposite my office, which included a girl. That girl studied in college and was a very beautiful girl. Her name was Khushi and I felt very happy seeing her. She was very beautiful and her figure was very nice and the size of her breasts was normal. Her ass was big and she was very fair. She used to leave for college early in the morning, so I did not see her in the morning and when she came in the afternoon, she used to cover her face with a cloth. That’s why I rarely saw him, but the balcony of his house was clearly visible from my office. So whenever she came to the balcony, I used to palm her. This continued for several days and I kept watching him from my office.

Once she was standing in the balcony and I was looking at her and she saw me palming her. She made eye contact for a moment and then turned away and went inside. I thought that my luck is bad, no girl likes me and then I started doing my work. Then after two days she again came to the balcony, so I started looking at her, she then looked at me and went inside. I told myself, Amit Bhai, your luck is yours, concentrate on your work and start doing your work.

With the call girls mentioned in the office

Then once a friend from my office came to me and said that there is an uncle who has some work on the internet, can you do it? I was sitting free at that time so I agreed. So he called uncle and said that uncle, this is my friend Amit, he will do the work for you. Then I asked uncle for work and started doing his work. His work was finished within about an hour. So uncle said, son, this was a very difficult task, it was a great favor to you to do it. So I said, no uncle, this is my work. Then after some time that girl came inside, seeing her my ass started bursting and she was coming towards me. Then she came to me and said to uncle, Papa, let’s go home, someone has come to meet me. Then uncle introduced me to that girl and said that daughter, this is Amit and if there is any work, get it done by him. Then he told me that this is my daughter, Khushi and then he left. I was having a hard time thinking about the possibility that he might tell his father that he keeps teasing me every day, but luckily nothing like that happened. Now I started getting scared of that girl that she might get beaten by her father, so I stopped even seeing her.

Friends, I seduced a girl for the first time.

Then one day I was working in the office and then I turned my gaze towards her and saw that she was looking at me. So I turned my eyes away and started working. Then after some time in the evening again I saw her that she was looking at me so I also saw her and then she showed yes so I also showed it. Then we were initially talking about what is going on and what are you doing? We were just talking when one of my friends saw us making the form and asked what was going on? So I said, nothing, it’s just acquaintance, that’s why the conversation is going on. So he told me that she is a very active girl and is hanging out with many boys. So I said really? She looks very beautiful and innocent. So she said that she also takes money and gets fucked, and this call girl is a call girl in of uneducated people. I was absolutely surprised and thought this was amazing.

For the first time in my life I called a girl on rent.

Then our conversations continued like this and we took each other’s phone numbers and started talking. Then once I drank alcohol and called her and said, Khushi, you like me very much and I want to fuck you, if you want, take money. She said what nonsense are you saying? So I said, I know everything about you, so what do you say? So she agreed and said that I will take Rs 5000. I said, ok, let’s meet tomorrow at 10 o’clock, a little ahead of the office. Then the next day I made her sit in my car from there and took her to my room. As soon as I entered the room, she asked what now? So I caught hold of her and kissed her passionately and started pressing her breasts. We kissed for 5 minutes. Then I took off her pink colored top and saw that she was not wearing a bra. So I said that you have come fully prepared, then she started laughing. Then I pressed her breasts and started sucking vigorously and biting her nipples. She started sobbing and then I started rubbing her pussy over her leggings.

Now she started getting hot and started rubbing my penis over my pants. Then I took off her leggings and saw that there were flowers on the panty she was wearing and her panty was getting wet with pussy water. So I asked, are you watering the flower?

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