My friend,s sister turned out to the call girl

When the seal of the call girl was broken for the first time

For the first time, she went to her customer as a call girl. An ordinary girl who had never touched anyone. And one day she went to the hotel posing as a call girl to have sex with a man. Maybe you might have never thought. When a girl becomes a call girl, that is, if I say it directly, when a girl becomes a prostitute. So what is the first day like for him? You might have never thought about what she feels, how she feels, so today I am going to tell you my complete story of call girl Nainital That’s what a call girl’s first day is like

call girl

My name is Urvashi, I am 23 years old, I live in Haldwani and I study in college. My parents sent me to Delhi to study. Because I was very fast in studying. The family felt that there is only one girl, if we educate her well then not only her life will improve but the life of the family will also improve. I am the only child of my parents. When I completed my intermediate studies from the village school, my parents sent me to Nainital to study because I had got admission in Nainital University. There is a place near Nainital University, Manu Maharani Regency Villa, I used to live there. My father used to send money every month and I concentrated on studies. I never stayed in bad company, I used to concentrate only on my studies.

Forced to become a call girl tomorrow in Corona

It is about 2020, my father is no more due to Corona disease. Mother is a housewife, neither do we have any family money, nor any such business, nor much land. Papa used to earn money by doing contracting, so we were well maintained. But when he was no more, I started crying for food. Friends, I somehow managed to manage for two-three months because I had some money. But when all my money was exhausted, when I started asking my friends for how long would someone give me the money, they clearly refused me. Everyone came to know that if I took money from someone, I would probably not return it.

I have a friend who is from Nepal, her name is Seema, she also lives in the room next to me. One day he called me and asked how will I manage my expenses and what will I do if I don’t have money. Even father is no more. Whatever your situation is, my situation is also the same. It’s been 4 months since I have not received money from home because I too have the same problem. So I asked him, then how will you meet the expenses, what will you do?

She said, now nothing, I am selling my body. On Sundays, I work as a call girl on Nainital’s website and study for the remaining 6 days.

I thought that if I had made a boyfriend, I might have to sleep with him, instead of sleeping with him, I would sleep with a stranger, who neither knows me nor will ever know me and in return will also give me money, so that I can My pain and suffering will end, my studies will also go well, I will also be able to send money to my mother who lives in the village. Thinking all this, I told my Nepali friend Seema that I will also work as a call girl in Nainital‘s website

How an ordinary girl reached the call girls owner

As soon as I said yes to becoming a call girl, she said – Okay, the owner is my sister, she is the owner, she has other people who find customers and then we send call girls. We do not go to small hotels, we do business only in five star hotels. Because it is safe to do business there, there is no problem of any kind. When my friend talked to his sister and told her everything about me, his sister said okay you go to work with me one day a week and in return I will give you good money.

Then my booking was done, I sent my photo, a sexy photo, which my client liked and I was called.

I will not reveal the name of the hotel here. I reached the hotel at 8:30 pm and was told the room number. But that customer had come down to pick me up in his car because he had to pay money and the car driver took away all that money. I just wanted to accompany the customer.

Then brother said that once the work is done then you call me, this is my number and I will come to pick you up. Then I went with him to his hotel room.

How to groom yourself before meeting a customer

Didi had explained to me that whenever you meet a customer, first wash your private parts thoroughly and also wash the private parts of your customer thoroughly. I did the same, we both got naked, went to the bathroom, I washed her thoroughly, washed myself and my breasts too. And then both of us came to the bed. My client drank alcohol but was a very rich man, about 45 years old. He was behaving respectfully only. He also offered me a drink but I kept refusing. The man understood that perhaps I was new in this work.

My client immediately asked me how long have you been working. But I did not want to tell the truth to my client, so I told him that I have been doing it for 1 year. My client first took two-three pegs and then started touching my body. Friends, I started feeling ticklish because this had not happened to me before, I had had sex once or twice before but I had not had such sex in which the next person was completely unknown. Then he touched my lips and started kissing me again. My breasts are of medium size. He touched them with his hand and said, “Your breasts were very big and very sexy.” You are very sexy, very beautiful.

First time sex with a call girls by a customer

The client was feeling happy, seeing her sexy figure. Within 15 minutes he called me closer to him. And while caressing my breasts, he touched my cheek and started kissing my neck and then started sucking my lips.

When he was teasing, I was feeling tickled and I was also starting to get horny. I was also starting to like it, he took out his penis and gave it to me to suck. Without saying anything, I held his penis and started sucking it. His penis was very thick and long.

I took his penis in my mouth and started licking and sucking it, my client became very happy. He said you are a very good girl. Then he made me lie down and put a pillow under my ass. Placed his thick cock on my pussy hole. And inserted it harder. The entire penis got inside the pussy. He said, your pussy is also quite tight, you are a young girl. You are not very fucked. I have fucked so many girls, I fucked her yesterday, spent the night with her, you are very tight.

And he started pushing his penis into the vagina with force. I also got excited. I too left no stone unturned to extinguish the fire of my lust. I also fucked my client in different poses. For 1 hour he kept fucking me in every way from back to front, top to bottom. Kept playing with my breasts, kept sucking my lips, kept pounding my ass. After 1 hour he became exhausted. He lay down next to me and I lay down next to him. After that he asked me where you are from and where you have come from. I told him that I have come from Haldwani, I could not lie.

He said, I am also a resident of Haldwani. And I live in Ashok Vihar. Friends, I thought he was a good person, so I also told him that I live in Manu Maharani Regency Villa. The man gave me his phone number and said that he will book the hotel for you and will give you a good amount of money. But friends, I had already decided that I will not make this a profession, nor will I talk to anyone, nor will I give my number to anyone. I will do this work once a week and never do it again.

Charge for spending the night with a beautiful call girls

I got a total of ₹ 25,000 for that one night, out of which ₹ 5,000 was for traveling expenses and accommodation. ₹10,000 went to my sister’s account and I got ₹10,000. After working for a whole month, you earn between ₹ 50 to ₹ 100,000 and there is no problem, I live well.

This is the story of me i.e. Urvashi becoming a call girl, now if you also want to have sex and fun from me then book soon from the website of call girl nainital because it is easiest to book a call girl from here. .

Let's see you tomorrow bye.

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