The beautiful night spent with Ramnagar call girls

The Beautiful Ramnagar Call Girls

Hello friends, how are you all?

My name is Karan! The story I am going to tell you today is about a call girl whose seal I broke.

So let’s start the story.

I am a resident of Kaladhungi city of Uttarakhand, and I work in a small company in Ramnagar. Since my work is in Ramnagar, I live here by renting a room.

One day I made a plan that I will book a call girl from with this salary and have fun the whole night, because I had never had sex.

Then the day came when I was going to call a call girl, I booked a new call girl from Ramnagar on the side of who had not had sex till now, and I took the call girl to my friend. Asked to come to Ki’s apartment,

ramnagar call girls

Then after some time, a brother brought a car and along with that call girl, there were two more call girls. I asked that I had booked one call girl, then who are these two for?

Then he told that if you do not like the first call girl then you can like any of these others, I thought what an amazing service the call girls Ramnagar provide.

After that I took the call girl to the room, I asked her name, she told her name was Manisha, she was looking very beautiful, fair and sensual, she was telling that this was her first night, before that she had never had sex. .

And the surprising thing is that I too had never had sex, I started kissing her pink lips, and started pressing her breasts, her breasts were big, I slowly started taking off her clothes and she also started taking off her clothes. She was wearing a yellow top and blue jeans pants, I was pressing her breasts under my control and sucking them and she was moaning, I was feeling as if I had come to heaven.

This is how I started sex with Ramnagar call girls

Then I kissed her cheeks. After that he locked his lips with hers. What beautiful thin lips she had. Manisha was also supporting me equally. I had never enjoyed lip-lock so much even with my girlfriend. And I could not believe that the call girls of Ramnagar give so much fun.

After that I removed her top and then took off her shorts also. Now she was in bra and panty. She was looking doom in her white bra and yellow panty. Like a Barbie doll wearing only panties and bra.

My penis was hurting badly. I held her hand and placed it on my hot penis and she took my penis in her hand, after which she started caressing it while hitting it up and down.

I bent her neck down so that she could get the signal to suck the penis. As soon as she lowered her neck, she opened her mouth and took my penis inside and started sucking the entire penis in her mouth. It seemed as if I had gone mad.

While getting my dick sucked in her hot mouth, I felt as if I would ejaculate within three-four minutes. Firstly, her body was so smooth and sexy and on top of that, she was sucking so well that I was going crazy about her.

While masturbating my penis in her hand, she was running her tongue on my glans with such enjoyment that my eyes started closing.

Ramnagar girl with feeling

I moaned and started caressing her hair – Ahhh… you are sucking so well, friend…

Hearing this, she started smiling but kept the penis in her mouth and continued sucking it.


Now I was not able to bear her sucking anymore. I thought that if I sucked more, the work would be completed. So I held her neck and lifted her up and said – Now let me taste your pussy.

Now slowly I started licking her pussy and her hands which were earlier on her boobs, were now pressing my head down on her pussy. I too was getting excited seeing her getting hot. My 8 inch penis was now desperate to fuck her.


Now I was about to insert my penis into her pussy, as soon as I placed my penis on her pussy and inserted it lightly, she started moaning loudly, I slowly started inserting my penis into her pussy, within some time my penis I got completely inside her pussy, now tears started flowing from her eyes and her pussy started building, I told her that building happens after having sex for the first time.

Then I gave a light blow and she moaned and my entire penis got inside her vagina. She raised her legs and put them on my waist. Now I started fucking her lovingly.

Fucked fiercely with Ramnagar call girl

She was also supporting me fully. Then I gradually increased the speed and her moans started echoing in the room. Actually, she was also enjoying the sex a lot.

There are many people who have their first sex with a prostitute.

Her moans coming out of my fucking were so loud and sensual that they could be heard even outside the room. Then I took her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her hard. Till now I was fucking with love and getting the juice of sex. But now that manly enthusiasm was not allowing me to be patient.

As the speed increased, Manisha’s moans became louder with the sound of ‘fuch…fuch…’ in the room and her writhing started increasing. I understood that she was about to cum. I started fucking faster. After about a minute, she held me and with a long sigh… she became exhausted.

She had orgasmed. I was still pushing my penis into her pussy with the same speed. After 15-20 strokes, my penis also released its contents. I lay down on her panting. I remained lying on her like this for 2 minutes. Then we both parted with a long lip kiss.

Really friends, I felt a different pleasure after fucking Manisha. This was my first experience of fucking Manisha, who works in Ramnagar call girl, which was quite pleasurable. I used to wonder what fun it would be to fuck a whore, but my guess was wrong.

This was my first experience, I broke my virginity and had a lot of fun, and now it’s your turn. If you also want to have fun like me, then soon book a call girl from Ramnagar from and enjoy the fun of youth, poojaoberoi. in gives the fun of youth at a low

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