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Call Girls Nainital

Call Girls Nainital Read in the story that I was studying in Nainital. I didn’t have any girlfriend there so I wanted pussy. I had a pimp who called a girl to the hotel.

Hello friends, I am Nikhil Kumar present with the story of my call girl Nainital!

This call girl story is from those days when I was studying in Nainital and could not meet my girlfriend living in Rudrapur. I also had sex with her due to which I started feeling desire for sex.
Due to the desire for sex, I started looking for a way to get pussy fucked. Although getting pussy in Nainital is not a big deal but I did not want to take any risk.
So I searched for call girls Nainital on the internet and found phone numbers of many brokers. But most of them were fake, who were asking for money in advance.

call girl nainital
Note: Call girls of Nainital never ask for money in advance

Then I met a guy who was local, he told me about call girls website ‘Nainital‘, I messaged there, they were not asking for money upfront, then they sent me pictures of some girls .
Among them I liked a girl with big breasts because I like girls and sisters-in-law with big breasts. After that I did complete planning and booked a hotel there and went there. I went to a room and the girl came there. Seeing her, I could not believe that a prostitute could look so good.

Seeing such a full and beautiful body, even an old man’s penis would be ready to bring a tsunami. What a killer beauty she was! Her breasts were 36, waist was 30 and ass was 34 and she was as white as butter, so white that I just kept looking at her! Then I controlled myself a little and thought that I have come to take it. I asked him to sit and started talking to him.

Friends, whenever you go to fuck a prostitute or call girl, first show some love to her. Otherwise, she will not be able to be fucked properly, she will sit straight with her legs wide, due to which you will not get any pleasure. I had fucked my GF before so I knew all this. I talked to him about normal things like where are you from…this and that! After he told me, I came to know that he was a resident of Dehradun. She was 20 years old but got married early and had a small child.

Then I started taking off her clothes while talking. After taking off her clothes, I looked at her and felt that God had carved her body with great effort. Perfectly milky white, thorny breasts… I can’t explain in words… Such an erotic sight was in front of me! Now she started taking off my clothes and my snake hissed and hit her face. When I asked her to suck my penis, she started throwing tantrums.

Then I lured her that I would give her a tip, so she went and started sucking my penis. What an amazing cock she was sucking… I got lost in the heights of heaven. Due to her sucking my penis became hard like a road. Then I started pressing her breasts slowly and then took them in my mouth and started sucking them. As soon as I pressed her breasts hard, milk started coming out because her son was still drinking milk.

Then she said to me- If you want to drink my milk then drink it… but do not press too hard! Then where was I to believe… I pressed her breasts with my hands and drank a lot of milk, also her lips had pink lipstick on them, sucked them clean. Now she became hot and sex started dominating her. So she said- do it now! So I said- suck my penis first. After some reluctance she agreed and started sucking my penis.

Friends, although many girls had sucked my penis, there was a different pleasure in her sucking because her lower lip was a little bigger than the upper one, due to which when she sucked the penis, the pressure of her lower lip applied a little on the penis. Was. , Had there been so little pressure, I would have been in a different world of joy.
I cannot describe that fun in words. Although I love licking pussy but she was a call girl so I did not lick her pussy.

Then she applied a mutual climax flavored condom on my penis, which I had brought myself. After that I made her lie down and started rubbing my penis on her pussy, due to which the heat in her body increased even more. By doing this for a long time, she herself started holding my penis and inserting it into her vagina.

I was enjoying doing this but I was not able to control it. Then I inserted my penis into her pussy, only half of the penis had gone inside and she started having some problem, because the length of my penis is normal. But its thickness is very high, so due to this he felt pain. She said- Do it slowly, yours is fat.
I stopped for a while and kept sucking her lips. After that I gave another blow and the entire penis went inside tearing the walls of her pussy.

Due to pleasure or pain, her eyes closed and her voice came – Aah ummmh… Her sensual moans were exciting me even more. I started pushing and got fucked hard. She kept making intoxicating sounds which made the atmosphere seem even more exciting. After having sex in this position for a long time, I asked her to come on top of me and she quickly came up.


Due to pleasure or pain, her eyes closed and her voice came – Aah ummmh… Her sensual moans were exciting me even more. I started pushing and got fucked hard. She kept making intoxicating sounds which made the atmosphere seem even more exciting. After having sex in this position for a long time, I asked her to come on top of me and she quickly came up.
I made her sit on my penis and asked her to put some weight on her legs so that there would be no problem in pushing.
Friends, in this pose the penis goes to the full depth of the pussy. If the girl puts her entire weight on your penis then it takes time to push and is not much fun. But I was a complete player, I knew about all these things, so I used my knowledge properly and started pushing.
Now both of us were enjoying every moment of our sex as if there was nothing better than this in the world!
Then she grumbled and said to me – Would you like to fuck me like a bitch?
There was no limit to my happiness because I wanted to fuck her like a bitch and was thinking that this call girl might be watching porn videos. I held her waist and made her lie on the bed and turned her upside down.
Now I started caressing her buttocks, due to which she started getting more hot. I bent her over her breasts so that her pussy opened completely to receive the shock of my penis.
And I put my penis in her pussy and started pushing.

This started making more noise because her buttocks were big, so when I inserted my entire penis, my body was hitting her buttocks.
Due to which the bed also started shaking, then she said to me – Do you want to tell everyone around that sex is happening here? Control your voice a little.


Then I moved towards soft sex and started pushing. Meanwhile she got orgasm and said to me – When will you come? So I started shooting quickly. It was becoming more sticky because she had ejaculated.

Then after some time I also ejaculated and took out my penis from her pussy. We both lay down naked Then she took out the condom from my penis and cleaned it.

We both started talking Then he said- You also completed my sex,
He meant that you satisfied me It makes me so happy to hear that I satisfied a call girl! And while talking like this, I started pressing her breasts, which made both of us hot and she started sucking my penis again.

Then we had sex again And this time it was as if she was my girlfriend,
Because she was happy with me. We took each other’s contact numbers,Then I tipped her and kissed her and said bye.

Friends, this was the story of my sex with a call girl!
I hope you all liked this call girl story.

Friends, if you also want to have sex with such a hot and sexy girl, then book a call girl from Nainital from soon and enjoy having sex to the fullest.

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