Sex With High Profile Call Girl in Nainital

How to the Sex With High Profile Call Girl in Nainital

My name is Kishore, I live in Almora, this story is about 3 months ago, I had gone to Nainital for my business, after finishing all the work of the day, I thought of having some fun in life, I am from a middle class family, but I had heard a lot about high profile girls or women in Nainital, I thought why not enjoy it today.

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I searched on the internet of my mobile for call girl in Nainital. I got some mobile numbers and called her. The rate was fixed at 20 thousand for the whole night and 12 thousand for 2 hours. I said ok. I asked her for 2 hours. She sent me photos of about 5 girls on WhatsApp. I liked one of them. She had already asked me for the address. I was staying in a famous hotel in Nainital. Since I had to have fun, I would have had fun to the fullest.

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After about 30 minutes I got a call saying Sir you please come down, there is a white colour Swift car, when I reached downstairs, that girl was in the Swift car with the driver, I opened the back door and sat down, the driver switched on the lights, I saw that girl, she was looking very beautiful, she said hello to me, I also said hello and we both went downstairs.

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Then we both came inside the hotel, I was scared too because I was doing all this for the first time, I quickly went to the lift and went inside and pressed the button of my floor, at that time we both were in the lift, I looked at her and she gave a naive smile, I replied in her style.

After reaching the room I locked the room, I sat on the chair and she sat on the bed, then she asked me if you have come on a business trip, what do you do but I did not tell the correct thing about my work, she was looking very cheerful, she turned on the TV, a song was playing, she started dancing on it, then she asked do you like dancing, I said no, I asked are you from Nainital, she said no I am from Dehradun, I am a student, I live in a hostel, I said do you do this work in Dehradun also, she said no, I go out, I am called.

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Then she came and sat on the bed, I put my hand on her back, then kissed her lips, she was also cooperating fully, then she opened the button of my shirt, I also removed her top, she was a very beautiful and sexy girl, her breast size would be around 34, she had a very fair body, then her mobile rang, she switched off the mobile and said no disturb.

I liked it, then she removed her jeans and lay down on the bed, she had a very full body, I kissed her and started pressing her breasts with my hands, she was saying press a little slowly please, I was very excited, she also took me in her arms and started kissing and caressing my back, started moving fingers in my hair, I kissed her from her lips to her toe with my tongue, she was intoxicated, then I pressed both her breasts with my hands and bit her nipples with my teeth, she was also enjoying a lot.

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Then she sat down and asked me to lie down. She took off my underwear and started sucking my penis by taking it in her mouth. She had also brought protection with her. Then she put protection on my penis and started licking my chest with her tongue. I also started caressing her vagina. She started getting impatient to have sex. My penis had become quite big. I separated her round thighs and looked at her vagina. My body was on fire. I placed my penis on her vaginal hole and pushed it and it went in completely. She put both her hands on the pillow due to which she was looking very sexy. Her breasts were shaking with every stroke of mine. Then she had sex in doggy style. Then she climbed on me and had sex sitting on me. When both of us started ejaculating, she held me tightly. I was thrusting and she was making sexy sounds.

Then both of us ejaculated together. That night was a lot of fun. For the first time, I had sex with a girl who was more high profile than me. Then she wore her clothes and got ready to leave, while leaving she kissed me on my lips and said thank you very much for this beautiful evening, after that she left.

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