How To The Nepali Chori Becomes Call Girl In Haldwani

Nepali girl came to the call girl in haldwani

call girl in haldwani

Hello friends!
I am your dear Pooja friends, today I am going to tell you the journey of my life, how I became a call girl from a college girl, and how I reached this city like Haldwani of Uttarakhand from Nepal.

So friends, let’s move towards the story of my transformation from a college girl to a call girl. I am telling this story from of Call Girl in Haldwani.

Friends, this story is from 1 year ago when I went from Nepal to Haldwani city of Uttarakhand to pursue my college studies.
There I lived in a hostel with my friend Yasmin. I stayed there for a few days and later we took a flat on rent.
You will know later why we did this.

Friends, before going there, I had a friend in college with whom I had sex. So the game of sex was not new to me.She was good looking, fair complexion, 34B size breasts, full body and thick ass, I had everything that could make anyone’s penis erect.I belong to an ordinary family, so with great difficulty I was allowed to go to another city, Haldwani, to study.
3 to 4 months had passed since going there, studies were also going well. The name of the girl who was living with me was Yasmin. She was living there since a year ago. We both became good friends and were working together and living comfortably. Both of us used to talk about all kinds of things. She had also got fucked, so both of them used to talk about this matter often.

In the same hostel where we were staying, there was another girl in another room who lived very luxuriously. Seeing her, both of us would talk about where this girl would get so much money from.But after a few days, a viral news came that she also works as a call girl.
But we don’t know how right we were about this.
Time continued like this. But both of us started facing some problems. Every month a limited amount of money came from home and somehow just the two of us were living.

Gradually the need for both of us started increasing, we used to go out for walks, eat outside, watch movies. A lot of our money was being wasted due to this. Both of us were facing shortage of money. We started getting worried. Both of us felt the air of Haldwani city. We used to talk about ways to deal with it.

Decided To Live A Happy Life With Call Girl

Then one night both of us took a decision by which both of us could live a happy life.

One night we were watching a blue film on the phone, in which a girl was getting fucked for money and fulfilling her luxuries.
Then Yasmin whispered something in my ear – Surekha, why don’t we also do something like this without telling anyone. We both can live a happy life.

I kept refusing but it seemed as if he had made up his mind.
After some time I said- Okay. But we will not do all this every day and will do it only as much money is required.
Both of us agreed. But how will we do all this… I was not able to understand anything on this. Then Yasmin said- We will use the phone.

And he created an ID on the friend book in which neither of our names were mentioned. And there was everything told about how to get fucked.From that day onwards both of us started waiting for someone’s message. But there was no benefit.

What Happened Sometime Bad Call Girl Story

A month passed like this.
And one day when we came back from college and switched on the phone there was a message on it.
We read that it contained someone’s phone number and was written to talk.

Yasmin started asking me – what to do?
So I said – Not like this, we both should talk from a different SIM card.

And in the evening itself we took a SIM card in someone else’s name.
Came home and Yasmin called on that number.
Some man from the front said hello.

We talked and within some time we understood that he was an agent who catered to rich men’s needs of girls and took some money in return.

He called both of us to meet the next day and we said yes and disconnected the call.

We both talked about it the whole night and came to the conclusion that there would be no problem in meeting him once.

The next day we did not go to college and called him in the afternoon and agreed to meet after an hour.
We got ready and went to the place told by him.

It was a coffee house and we started waiting there.
After some time his call came and we called him inside. He came and sat at our table.

I dated a hot guy for the first time

He was a 25-26 year old boy and very handsome in appearance.
We talked there for 2 hours and the agent showed us his website Call Girls in Haldwani, he works to send girls to high profile men in this high profile city like Haldwani.

He said- Both of you are good looking, both of you can earn good money. I always deal with high profile people, there the money is good and it is also safe. If both of you stay connected with me, we will earn good money. Just wear some more modern clothes and pay more attention to your body.

But both of us told him about our conditions that we will not do this work every day and no one should know about it.
He assured us of complete security and confidentiality. He also showed photos of many other girls from our college who were doing this work.

And after that I started working on the website of Call Girls in Haldwani, I earned a lot of money by having sex with many high profile men.

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