How to the girl become a stranger to her parents?

How to the girl become a stranger to her parents?

After marriage, good sex with husband ends half the problems of life, but only if it is done out of love and not out of force. If there is anything that can make living in an unknown house easier for a girl then it is the company of her husband because he is the one who understands me the most at this time and for the rest I am just a newly married and responsible daughter-in-law. I was the only daughter of my parents, I had only 2 brothers, who were elder to me. Mother always wanted that I get married in such a house where there is no lack of comforts and luxuries. I was beautiful in looks, father and brothers had good jobs, so all of them wanted that I get married in a good house.

Many proposals were made for me. I talked to many boys. I liked them all, but my parents and brother felt that something was missing. My father and mother wanted the boy to have a government job and a good post. My brother wanted the boy to have good property. My mother wanted the boy to be an only child or have a sister. Anyway, everyone’s wish was fulfilled when Sumit’s proposal came for my marriage. A good post in the secretariat. Father also had a government job. He had a flat in Delhi and Lucknow and several acres of land in the village. His family liked me a lot. I talked to him and I liked him on the first day. But as the conversation progressed, he started pressuring me for everything. I told my mother. Mother said that when someone comes into our life, we should adjust according to him. I got married and everything was fine for a month. But when I left my home with him and went to Kerala from Delhi, I came to know that he was not my real brother. Humans also drink alcohol,
When I said that you don’t drink alcohol, he said smilingly, did you ever ask me?
I immediately said yes, I asked my father, he said there is nothing like that.
I talked to my mother about this, mother said son, the relationship was good, the status was good, he had a government job, that’s why the matter of drinking was hidden and there is nothing wrong in it.
I was shocked, I called elder brother after 2 days.
When I told him, he said,
And what era are you living in, nowadays everyone drinks.
Adjust a little, I controlled my mind and refused him.
But after some time I saw that my husband called. I get messages from other girls
When I gathered courage and talked to him, he got angry at me and warned me not to touch his phone from today onwards
But after some time when he slept, I opened his phone and saw that I was shocked
He was having affair with 2-3 girls at the same time, I could not sleep the whole night
When it was time to go to office in the morning, I said that if you had to do all this then why did you get married and why did you ruin my life
Angry at this, he slapped me hard and said when I refused then why did you touch the phone
And beware, if you do not tell anyone, I will kill you and bury you here in Kerala
I got scared and called my father and mother and told them everything
He still felt that it was my mistake, I should not look at the phone of such a government employee
Actually he liked that boy’s government job more than me
But here my father made a mistake
Instead of making a good plan and believing his daughter’s words, he He called my husband directly

and said son in law please leave all this girlish work, this is not right

My husband said yes, you must have some misunderstanding with your daughter and after talking nicely hung up the phone

He came home in the evening and had dinner. When I was going to sleep on the bed, he slapped me twice and said what was the need to tell me,

In reply I said you have no right to spoil my life, at this he got angry and beat me with a steel rod kept nearby

and beat me so much that deep marks were left on my waist, hands and chest

After some time when I calmed down crying

then he forcefully sexually exploited me

I was crying in pain but he was enjoying it and then everything. Something went out of my control, so I pushed the door and ran out of the room, opened the gate and kept running on the road, people were watching me.

Just then another couple from Delhi lived in the next quarter, I knocked on the door, by the time they opened the door, there was a crowd of people.

They immediately pulled me inside and then I noticed that I had nothing on my body except Mangalsutra and bangles in my hands,

because they had taken off everything.

I was hurt from inside and they dressed me, gave me water, I was not in a position to speak,

and I took sleeping pills and slept.

When I woke up in the morning, they called home,

after which my father and brother came,

and took me back. My marriage lasted only for 1 month, even after that my family was trying to make peace between us,

because good relationships with government jobs and good property are not found easily,

but I did not agree and we got divorced.

But after that when I started talking about marriage with other boys, People do not accept me because I have the tag of divorcee on me.

I am being punished even without my fault.

And at home also my mother and brother blame me for this situation. They say that if I had compromised with time, I would not have to see this day.

I will request all girls that a government job is more important than a good property. You should know the character of the person you are marrying.

Because property and government job will only give you external happiness.

But if you want to live a good life and want to be happy from within, then marry a boy and family with good character.

Otherwise, once you get married in this world, even your parents and brothers do not support you in times of sorrow.

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