Call girl told how to earn money

How to do call girl earn money?

Friends, I had already told you that I was not earning that much from my private job, and I was getting worried due to this, so I told this to Pooja also, so she gave me time and after a day she gave me a She told me about the work, the work which gave me goosebumps, actually she was telling me about the work of call girl service

Then she gave me courage and said, I am with you, there is nothing to be afraid of, first of all we rented a website and started doing call girl service from it, but whatever income we were getting from it was mostly from the website. Had to pay. Then after that I created a website named Call Girls Nainital, and brought girls Pooja for call girls because before this she was also a call girl and being a call girl, Pooja was with other call girls. \

There was a connection due to which we did not face any problem in getting the call girls. And our call girl service work started and we started earning well.
Then we created websites for many places and people started coming in from everywhere. (Call girl nainital

What happens when a call girl falls in love?

Hello friends, how are you all, friends, my name is Rohan and I am a resident of Nainital, Uttarakhand and I live in a rented house here. I am 25 years old. And I work in a private company, from which I was not able to earn that much, and because of this I was getting frustrated, I wanted to earn a lot of money in minimum time, but I was not able to. But I have a habit, I like to meet new girls and have sex with them. And at this age everyone would like to taste the juice of youth. (Call girl nainital

And I was also like this, meeting new girls and getting my work done and while doing this, one day I met a girl ‘Pooja’, first I made friends with her and then we started talking, and gradually we became very close. Went.
Pooja told me everything about herself. Actually the thing was that she was from Nepal, and how she left her husband and came here from Nepal to Nainital city of Uttarakhand. She told that her husband used to harass her a lot. And he also used to beat her; she also had a son who was also very young. (Call girl nainital
But even though she had a child, no one was impressed by her beauty, and looking at her no one here would guess that she had a son too, and she had told in conversation that she was a call girl. To feed my child and myself, I used to have fun nights with others and earn money, but whatever Pooja was, I enjoyed being with her a lot, and I also had sex with her many times. Pooja told me that she loves me very much and wants to live with me. So I agreed with her and she started living with me. Actually she started loving me very much.(Call girl nainital

When she met Rohan for the first time in Ramnagar.

Friends, I forgot to tell you how Pooja met me in a big city like Ramnagar. Once I had gone to Kaladhungi, a little away from Ramnagar, I saw Pooja at a coffee shop there, then I came to know. Pooja was looking for a house on rent to live in, which she was not able to find as she was from Nepal and did not have any Indian ID card. I thought of taking Pooja with me, so I extended my hand of friendship towards Pooja, and she also accepted my friendship, then we both started living together.(Call girl nainital

For the first time someone proposed a call girl.

Friends, you people would have never even thought that someone has ever proposed a call girl, when I started living with Pooja, she told me everything about herself, how she reached here from Nepal, and gradually she She became closer to me, so close that we even had sex once or twice, one day Pooja came straight to me and said to me that there is something that I want to tell you, so I said tell me what is it. , she told me that she is a call girl, and she loves me very much, and that is why she is telling me all this, then I also thought that no one tells all these things so openly to anyone, and I thought that Really she loves me very much. So I also proposed her and I took a promise from her that she would never work as a call girl again. (Call girl nainital

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