The Call Girl Story By Anjali

The Call Girl Story By Anjali

Hi my friends, I am your Anjali… I love telling you all my stories on

Today’s sex story is about a policewoman, how she got her pussy fucked and I got into a relationship. A family came to live in a house where I live. It was a Yadav family, there were 3 people living in that family. Yadav ji, his wife and daughter, Yadav ji’s daughter was 23 years old. Yadav ji was a constable in the police.

But suddenly Yadav ji died due to a heart attack, now his daughter and wife were left alone, Yadav ji’s wife was already very ill. Therefore, the responsibility of running the house fell on Yadav ji’s daughter Aliza. Aliza had given the exam to join the police, but when the result came, she was disappointed. But due to the death of her father, her application for compassionate appointment was accepted and she also got the post of a constable.

Aliza was not satisfied with this post, she dreamt of a big post in the police department. Before giving shape to this sex story, let me tell you about Aliza. Aliza was 23 years old. Her figure was 34-28-36, anyone would get horny after seeing her, she was such a hot beauty that anyone would feel like fucking her after seeing her.

When Aliza used to come out of the house in police uniform, she used to look very hot, her ass used to wiggle from behind as if a girl is shaking her ass in the desire to get fucked. Now you people must have understood the beautiful youth of Aliza, how sexy and hot she must have looked. Aliza was a constable, but she used to show so much authority as if she was a police inspector. You know that my parlor gives training to girls for massage, I also get business under the cover of that. One day Aliza fought with me regarding this matter, then I decided that I will teach her a lesson.

I met an MLA of our area, that MLA’s name was Roshan Lal. He also had a lot of influence, I met Roshan Lal and told him about Aliza, I had supplied items to Roshan Lal many times, so he used to listen to me. Roshan Lal said- Hey Anjali darling, your work will be done, you go and sleep, elections are coming now. Your work will be done after the elections.

I gave some money to Roshan Lal, but he kept it despite refusing. You all know that everyone likes money and everything is done with money. After some time, the elections were over, so I called Roshan Lal and told him- Roshan Lal, the elections are over… when will you take revenge from Aliza? Roshan Lal said- I am going to Delhi now… by then the election results will come. Then that day also came, Roshan Lal won the election this time too and came back from Delhi. He took care of Aliza and got her transferred from the police station where she was posted. This time Roshan Lal got Aliza posted at his farmhouse, here he used to hold meetings and give parties to everyone.

The next day Roshan Lal said to me- Come to the farmhouse, I have got Aliza posted there from tomorrow. I said- You did the right thing by getting her removed from here. Roshan Lal laughed and said- Now I will fuck Aliza’s pussy! I said in surprise- How? Roshan Lal said- You come and see it yourself… You stay inside the room, there is a CCTV camera installed in the room. You will be able to see her getting fucked properly from here.

I said- Okay, I am coming.

Then I reached Roshan Lal’s farmhouse and sat inside where there was a CCTV room in his office, I was watching the TV to see when Roshan Lal would come and take revenge from Aliza. Meanwhile Aliza also came to the farm, Aliza was in uniform. Because of her tight uniform, her breasts were protruding and her ass was very tight. Roshan Lal came after about two hours, after some time Roshan Lal called Aliza inside. I was watching everything on the CCTV, I could also hear her voice, this voice was being heard from Roshan Lal’s room.

Roshan Lal- So tell me how is Aliza? Aliza- Yes sir… I am fine. Roshan Lal- I have heard that you want a posting above constable. Aliza- Yes sir, this is my dream… I wish it comes true. Roshan Lal- Hey, how big is your dream… this can happen very easily, I can get it done but… Roshan Lal said all this while massaging his penis. Aliza- Yes sir… please get it done… I can do anything. Roshan Lal- You understand the meaning of anything… Aliza think what you are saying? Roshan Lal said this and again moved his hand on his penis. Aliza said laughingly- Yes sir I understand.

Saying this she sat on Roshan Lal’s lap, Aliza touched her ass with Roshan Lal’s penis and said- Now tell me sir? Roshan Lal put his hand from behind and started pressing her beautiful boobs. Aliza was moaning ‘see… aa… see… uff..’ Then Roshan Lal removed Aliza’s cap and opened Aliza’s hair, Roshan Lal started smelling Aliza’s hair, there was fragrance in her hair. Roshan Lal took a deep breath and enjoying the fragrance said- Ah what lovely hair you have Aliza Jaan,

I was watching all this on CCTV, I also started feeling sensation, in front of me a man was playing with a beauty like Aliza. After a few moments Roshan Lal took off Aliza’s shirt, Aliza was wearing a black coloured bra inside, she was still wearing pants, Roshan Lal lifted Aliza and turning her forward he started pressing Aliza’s breasts, along with that he started moving one of his hands on Aliza’s pussy.

Aliza said in fun, ‘Ssss… aah… ssss… oohh… Roshan Lal ji… enjoy yourself today… but I want the posting at any cost.

On hearing this, Roshan Lal tore Aliza’s bra and then removed her pants too. Along with her pants, Aliza’s panties too had come off. Now Aliza was completely naked. Roshan Lal lifted the naked Aliza in his lap and laid her down on the sofa and opened both her legs. Aliza’s pussy was lying open in front of him.

Now Roshan Lal removed his clothes and sat on Aliza’s chest. Roshan Lal growled and said- come on, shake my penis. Aliza started shaking Roshan Lal’s penis. Roshan Lal’s penis had become erect in a few moments. I was watching from the CCTV. After this, Roshan Lal placed his penis on Aliza’s lips and started rubbing its tip on Aliza’s lips. Aliza had her lips clenched, perhaps she did not want to suck the penis. But Roshan Lal pressed both her cheeks and inserted his penis into Aliza’s mouth.

Now Aliza also caught the penis and started sucking it in her mouth. After 5 to 7 minutes Roshan Lal started fucking Aliza’s mouth with great pleasure, he started taking his penis in and out completely. Roshan Lal started fucking Aliza’s whore’s mouth vigorously. After a few minutes Roshan Lal’s penis ejaculated and he left all of it in Aliza’s mouth, Aliza was also excited, she drank all of Roshan Lal’s penis’ semen. Now Roshan Lal asked her- Have you fucked before or not? Aliza smiled and said- When I went for training, the training officer there… he used to fuck all the girls, he fucked me too.

Roshan Lal made a hmm sound and asked Aliza to make his penis erect again. Aliza again started stroking Roshan Lal’s penis, in about 5 minutes Roshan Lal’s penis was erect again. Now Roshan Lal made Aliza lie straight on the sofa and set his penis on her vagina and gave a push, his whole penis slid inside the vagina.

Aliza screamed loudly with the entry of the penis, hearing this Roshan Lal took out his penis again and without any delay put it inside again, ignoring Aliza’s screams he started putting his penis in and out of her pussy. After some time Aliza also raised her ass and started getting fucked by the penis, seeing this Roshan Lal also started fucking her vigorously. After about 20 to 25 minutes Roshan Lal took out his penis from the pussy and sat on the sofa, I saw that his penis was still erect.

Roshan Lal said to Aliza- Come on whore… sit on the dick and give me pleasure by bouncing, today I will make you a police inspector and then leave you. Hearing this Aliza got up shaking her ass and sat down facing Roshan Lal’s chest, then she set the dick in her pussy and took the whole dick in her pussy. As soon as she took the dick inside, she moaned once and the very next moment she started giving pleasure to Roshan Lal by bouncing her ass.

Roshan Lal was holding Aliza’s ass and was thrusting his cock into her pussy. Roshan Lal was enjoying the sex while sucking Aliza’s breasts, and at the same time he was also fingering Aliza’s ass. He kept fucking Aliza in this pose for ten minutes, Aliza was now tired and she was not jumping at all from her side. Then Roshan Lal again laid Aliza straight on the sofa and started banging her hard.

Aliza understood that Roshan Lal was about to release his semen, on understanding this Aliza said to Roshan Lal- Roshan Lal, release your semen outside, not inside the pussy. But Roshan Lal was not going to listen, he just kept fucking her hard, he had increased his speed even more. Then Roshan Lal suddenly gave a hard blow and started throwing all the semen of his penis in Aliza’s pussy, he had laid on top of Aliza so that the semen does not come out,

After two minutes Roshan Lal took out his penis, by then the semen had entered Aliza’s pussy. Aliza got a little angry and said- why did you put the semen inside? Roshan Lal said- you have to get the posting done, right… then don’t fuck too much, Aliza became quiet. Roshan Lal started controlling his breath for some time, Aliza was also recovering her panting. After some time Roshan Lal said- now lie down on your stomach… now it is your ass’s turn,

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I was shocked to hear this from Roshan Lal. Meanwhile, Aliza also lay down on her stomach without kissing. Roshan Lal caressed his erect penis and prepared it for anal sex and started inserting it in Aliza’s ass. Aliza screamed as soon as she took the penis in her ass – Ah, I am dead… Roshan Lal ji, is your penis or an iron rod? Roshan Lal did not care about her and started fucking her velvety ass. Roshan Lal’s penis was making a loud noise while going into Aliza’s ass. The sound of ‘Ghappa Ghappa… Ghappa Ghappa…’ was coming from the room.

After some time, Roshan Lal ejaculated again and he released all the semen in Aliza’s ass. Aliza had also ejaculated. Roshan Lal fucked Aliza twice and then sat down to smoke a cigarette, while Aliza was writhing like a dead bitch, just then Roshan Lal got a call from someone, so he wore his clothes and left, as soon as he left, Aliza went to the bathroom and after taking a bath, she wore her uniform. When she came out of the room, she saw me.

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Aliza was shocked to see me and said- Anjali you are here? I said- why did you show off so much… you fought with me… even at that time I had told you that I will not leave you… I saw everything how Roshan Lal had fucked you. I told her about the CCTV and said- look… I know everything how Roshan Lal was fucking you. Aliza held my feet and said- Anjali ji… please forgive me, don’t tell this to anyone, whatever you say… I will do.

I said- okay… I can forgive you… and can also get you a big post. But only if you listen to me! Aliza said- what work! I said- you know Mukesh ji… who is DSP, just make him happy, he can get you a high post and for this Roshan Lal will also recommend you to him. Hearing this Aliza first got angry and said that I am not any ordinary whore… I am a policewoman.

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I said- Hey that Mukesh ji is also a DSP, anyway you have fucked with Roshan Lal… why be shy now, if you say yes then your work will be done. Alizeh said- are you taking revenge from me or helping me? I said- I am helping you so that you do not become a headache in my business but help me. Alizeh agreed to my point after hearing this. I called Mukesh ji- Hello DSP are you talking to Mukesh ji?

Mukesh- Yes ji… Anjali ji tell me. Did you have any work with me or did you set up some new stuff? I- DSP sahab, I have called for the stuff only… she is very hot… how much will you give? Mukesh- You send her to the same hotel in half an hour… then I will see.

Friends, I will tell you all the further story in the next part 2, so finishing the story of part 1, I want to bid you all goodbye. Call girl nainital

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