How To The Girl From One Such Family Became Call Girl In Nainital.

An amazing story of call girl Nainital

Hello friends, my name is Pinky. I am a resident of Nainital. I am 24 years old and currently pursuing B.A. I am a third year student of.

I have mother, father and elder brother in my house. Father’s name is Kishore and he is a teacher in a private school. Mother’s name is Revathi and she is a housewife.

My elder brother Rohan works at a grocery shop. Papa doesn’t have much salary. That’s why brother left his studies and father is somehow able to teach me too.

(This call girl sex story is mine, how I sold my youth after being blinded by the glamor of the rich world)

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After I completed my 12th standard, my father got me admitted in a big college. One to two months after starting college passed like this.


But now the lifestyle of rich girls in college was beginning to affect me.

I also started feeling that I should also use expensive clothes, mobile etc. like other girls, but my family members did not have the capacity to give me money to fulfill my hobbies. Just because of this I started living in despair.

Days started passing like this.


Meanwhile, I became a very good friend. her name was priya

She also used very expensive clothes, mobile phone and other items.

From this I understood that she must be from a very rich family.


One day she took me to her home.

After going there I was completely shocked.

Priya and her parents lived in a rented room. His father worked as a peon in the Municipal Corporation and his mother used to wash utensils and clothes in other people’s houses.

I started thinking in my mind that if Priya’s family is so poor. So how does Priya use such expensive things?

Then after spending some time at her house, we both came out.
We came to a Bhelpuri seller and Priya ordered 2 Bhels.

Then I couldn’t control myself and asked Priya. Priya, let me ask you one thing, please don’t get angry.
Priya, yes, don’t ask friend, what’s the matter?

I am friend Priya, I have just seen the condition of your house, and the condition of my house is like yours, but from where do you get the money to buy these expensive clothes and mobile!

Priya thought for a while and started looking at me.
Then she said, look Pinky, you are my best friend, that’s why I am telling you, but you promise me that you will not tell this to anyone.

I won’t tell anyone about the promise


Then Priya took me a little to her side

We both pulled chairs around a table and sat down


Priya took out her mobile and showed me an ad of call girl Nainital

What am I, Priya, you are a call girl.
Pinky, yes, but you have promised that you will not tell anything to anyone.

I am yes I know and why would I tell anyone, people are fucking me just a little.

I was feeling a little strange and due to heavy hesitation I asked Priya, Priya, how much money do you get at one time?

Priya is smiling at me and asking why? Will you also go from tomorrow?
I am not Baba, I don’t want to come, I am just asking how much do you get for one shot?

Pinky is available for Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per shot.

I so many!


I started thinking that Rs 5000 was really too much.

Priya, get a shot

I am sorry, if anyone comes to know!


Priya, no one will know, tell me what will you do today

Not me baba, not today

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Priya it means we will go tomorrow

I laughed and looked down.

Priya understood that I said yes.


Priya, I have never had sex with anyone before.

What is Pinky talking about? This means your pussy is completely sealed.

Hearing the word pussy from Priya’s mouth felt like a wave ran through my body.


I nodded yes


Pinky then madam you will get not Rs 5000 but Rs 50000 for the first night.

I wonder what 50000 rupees!

I was completely shocked and then said softly, but friend, I will not be able to come at night.


Priya idiot, who told you to come to get fucked at night?

You are the one who said that on the first night


Priya, I have to go during the day only.

I am scared man

Pinky, don’t be afraid, it’s me!

I am leaving now, it is late, mother must be watching the way.

Priya come a little early tomorrow


Why should I!

pinky you have to show it to someone

I left there smiling and came home


After coming home, I was remembering Priya’s words and I was feeling tickled.

I stopped thinking about my pussy and started thinking only about my hobbies.


Then I came to the bathroom to freshen up. Today for the first time in the bathroom I looked at my body from a different perspective.


Right now my youth was at its peak, my boobs were such that there was not even the slightest crack in the middle, they were completely stuck together.

The ass at the back was such that any old man’s penis could become erect.


While thinking all this, I didn’t realize when my hand went to my pussy.

my pussy started flowing like a waterfall


Today, for the first time, water came out of my pussy. Suddenly my body started stiffening due to the name of my penis and with a jerk, a lot of water came on my panty.

I became very light due to ejaculation


I removed my panty and wore a palazzo without panty.

Came out wearing a T-shirt on top


By then father and brother had also arrived and I started helping mother in the work.


When it’s night, everyone has dinner, mother and father sleep together in one room and brothers sleep in another room.


Mom and Dad still have sex with full enthusiasm. I have seen them having sex many times through the crack of the door.


As soon as I fell on the bed, I started thinking about what I would do after getting the money and I didn’t realize when I fell asleep.


Then when I woke up in the morning, I had to leave early today, so I completed all the work quickly, took a bath, became smooth and came to college.

Priya had not come yet, I started waiting for Priya at the college gate, within a short while Priya came.

Priya oh dear you came very quickly

I waited so long for you, I have been waiting for you for so long

Priya ok now let’s go quickly

I am taking you out to college somewhere.

Pinky not going to college today

Then Priya stopped an auto, we both sat in the auto and came near a lodge.

We came inside the lodge and sat in a room.

Priya told me that a broker is coming to see you, who is the owner of site of call girls Nainital and he is very good. When he comes here, don’t be afraid and it’s okay to do as he says, I nodded yes.

then the doorbell rang

When Priya opened the door, a smart man was standing outside.

He must be between 25 and 30 years old

Priya said to that man, come Sharma ji.

I understood that his name was Sharma ji

Sharma ji came inside

Then Priya closed the door

I was sitting on the bed, I was feeling a little nervous, then Sharma ji’s phone rang.

Sharma ji picked up the phone and said – Hey brother, have some patience, I have just come to see the goods, I will call you after seeing it.

He hung up the phone and said to Priya – Take off her clothes!

Priya said ok.

Priya told me pinky to take off her clothes

I was very shy, it was the first time I was taking off my clothes in front of a man.

I took off all my clothes I had only one panty on my body

Sharma ji took out 5 to 6 photos of me in his mobile.

Then a person called and said that he has sent the photo of the goods, see it, if you like it, I can send it now, it is completely sealed, it will cost Rs 70,000.

Sharma ji disconnected the call and said Priya, the girl is new, explain everything to her.

Priya said ok Sharma ji

Then Sharma ji got a call.

Sharma ji said “Okay, I will send it

Sharma ji said to Priya, come on Priya, it’s done in Rs 50000, here’s the address, go on it and yes, it’s my 10 taka, explain it to her.

Sharma ji wrote the address on a paper and gave it to Priya and he left.


I was still wearing only my panties


Priya said, come madam, I have to go, wear clothes.

I got dressed and we both came out of the lodge


Priya told me the address and told me to go and be careful not to do anything wrong.


I agreed and stopped an auto and reached that address.


This was a very luxurious bungalow, I just kept looking at it.


I reached near the gate of that bungalow. As soon as I went there, the guard asked me, Pinky ji!

I nodded yes


The guard opened the door and asked me to come inside

I came inside


The bungalow looked like a palace from inside.

I came inside and stood up


Then a very bodybuilder type man came out from the room opposite.

he was over 40


He came to me and asked me to sit on the sofa

I sat on the sofa


The man sat on the sofa next to me


I was still looking at his house


Then he asked me to drink water but I didn’t listen

After asking two-three times, he called a little louder and I was completely shocked.


It came out of my mouth, uncle

She said uncle!


I said sorry sir

She said no problem, you seem to be from a good home, it is your first time!


I said yes uncle sorry sorry

She said no problem you can call me uncle


This gave me more courage

The man became very happy and the fear went out of my mind.


I asked uncle your name

She said Sharad and your name


I said Jaya


He said what study are you studying?

I said B.A. I am uncle!


She said ok let’s go then I have to go out somewhere

I said yes uncle


He pointed me to a room and told me to go there


I went inside, the room was very modern, had a round shaped bed.

I went and sat on it like a bride.

After some time uncle came wrapped in a towel and closed the door as soon as he came.


Uncle came to the bed and sat next to me and started kissing my neck.

Within a short while he held my shoulders and made me lie down and started kissing me.


I also started supporting him, caressing his back.

Along with kissing, he was also pressing my breasts with one hand.


Now he started coming down while kissing.

Uncle lifted my top a little and caressed my smooth stomach.

I shuddered.

Uncle started kissing my navel

By now my pussy had started flowing, I was writhing like a fish without water.


Uncle went further down and now he came on my pussy. Uncle took off my pants.


I was wearing black panties inside, they had not taken off my panties yet

Uncle was smelling the fragrance of my pussy from above the panty, I could feel his hot breath on my smooth pussy.


Then uncle took off my panty. Uncle kept looking at my pussy. A very white smooth sealed pussy was in front of him.


As soon as uncle saw the pussy, he filled it in his mouth and I screamed and got up.


Now uncle was fucking me with his tongue, I too was pressing his head into my pussy while sighing sensually.


After licking my pussy for five minutes, uncle came on top of me.

They took off my top and bra

Now I was completely naked on the bed


Uncle caught hold of both my breasts together and started pressing them hard.

Within some time my white breasts turned completely red.


Now uncle took off his towel


I was a little scared after seeing his penis because uncle’s penis was 8 inches long and 2.5 inches thick.

Uncle signaled me to take his penis in my mouth. When I lay down, uncle sat on my breasts with his legs on either side of me and put his penis in my mouth.


Only the tip of his penis was going into my mouth. Its tip itself was like a big potato. When the penis entered my mouth, my breathing would stop.

So I kept sucking the penis a little and then took the penis out of my mouth and started breathing.


I got my penis sucked like this for about ten minutes.


Uncle took out his penis from my mouth and looked at me and said – Now it is your turn to break the seal.


I was a little scared in my mind. After that uncle put a condom on his penis. Then uncle put a pillow under my hips and placed his penis on my pussy. Then increasing the pressure, slowly half of the penis entered my pussy.

I was feeling a lot of pain at that time.


Then uncle gave a light blow and I groaned and his entire penis entered my pussy. Then I lifted my legs and placed them on uncle’s waist. Now uncle started fucking me lovingly.


I was also fully supporting uncle. Then uncle gradually increased the speed and my moans started echoing in the room. Actually, I was also enjoying sex a lot.


My moans coming out of uncle’s fucking were so loud and sensual that they could be heard even outside the room. Then uncle took my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me vigorously. Till now I was enjoying sex with love.


Then as uncle’s speed increased, my moans became louder with the sound of ‘fuch…fuch…’ in the room and my yearning started increasing. I understood that I was about to ejaculate. Now uncle started fucking me faster. After about a minute, I caught hold of uncle and with a long sigh I became exhausted.


I had orgasmed. Uncle was still pushing his cock into my pussy at the same speed. After 15-20 thrusts, uncle’s penis also spewed its contents. Uncle lay down on me panting. Uncle remained lying on me like this for 2 minutes. Then we both parted with a long lip kiss.


True friends, I felt a different pleasure after having my first sex. This was my first experience of fucking Nainital’s first jobber call girl, which was quite enjoyable.

Then both of us wore clothes and uncle also took my number from me. We lip kissed again and I went to my home.


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I am your pinky call girl nainital I will wait for you all. Goodbye see you tomorrow.

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