How to the mother and daughter become call girls

Call Girls Mother and Daughter

I have just turned 18. For all these years I have been seeing my mother in the house. I have a younger brother who is only 10 years old. My mother is about 36 years old. She looks attractive, but probably she is tired due to excessive work. It has been 6 years since my father passed away. Since then, my mother has been managing the house.

I knew that my mother worked as a call girl. Mostly she used to wear jeans and t-shirt. And she used to call herself a young girl. But now people’s eyes had started falling on me too. The fragrance of emerging youth had started spreading. I was also beautiful like my mother and my features and cuts were also good. I had started going to college now. I already had knowledge of sex. Now I also used to get to hear stories of getting fucked and ass fucked by friends. After getting fucked, girls also used i-pills a lot. Sometimes the feeling of sex used to awaken in my heart too. But I was also afraid of what the boys might be doing.

Once my mother did not come home at night and I got worried. I tried to contact her on her mobile many times but the phone was switched off. Since my mother was a call girl, I did not take help from anyone around me out of fear. I kept asking everyone around me, but I was disappointed.

Then one day a policeman came home and I had to identify a dead body at the police station. I recognized a dead body kept in ice in the mortuary of the hospital. It was my mother, she had been murdered. I did not know what to do but out of fear I refused saying that I did not recognize him. But after coming home I cried a lot.

Days went by like this, one year passed since this incident. My younger brother also started falling ill. Now I started facing financial problems. Sometimes we got food and sometimes we had to stay hungry.

I did not have my mother’s death certificate, so her money was of no use to me. Poverty had fallen on me, I started working as a maid in a house and sweeping and mopping. During this time, I met a boy named Sandeep in college. During our conversation, I blurted out that this time I will study somehow and give the exams, but from now on, only God is the master. That boy was the son of a businessman, perhaps he liked me, he told his father and got me a job in his factory.

Now my problems had reduced a bit. Her father Suresh Chand’s evil eye had fallen on me.

One day he called me to his office and said that if you want to earn more money then you should take up your mother’s profession, you will become rich. I got scared that how does he know all this. But soon I came to know that he was fond of call-girls. Perhaps my mother used to go to him. Other girls also used to come to him with whom he used to have fun.

Once he offered me Rs 10,000 for one night. I kept quiet. But due to financial constraints and studies, I decided that if my mother could do this work then why can’t I. One day I gathered courage and said yes to him.

He got me new jeans and tops. He got me many kinds of perfumes and cosmetics and invited me to the night. This was not the house where he lived, he called it a farm house. It was completely empty, only an elderly woman worked there. I had eaten such expensive and delicious food for the first time in my life.

He kept talking to me for a long time, then showed me his farm house and finally showed me his bedroom where I had to play with him.

A beautiful bedroom, soft mattresses, air conditioning, wonderful fragrance in the room, which was enough to make the mind happy. Seeing this, I started feeling very small.

He told me to rest now, he had some work to do.

When I lay down on the bed, I felt like I was in heaven. The soft mattress caressing my body and the mild fragrance put me to sleep. I did not know when, at night, his hand started crawling inside my body. I felt like I was in a dream while sleeping. My breasts started getting filled with sweetness. It was such a lovely feeling that I kept my eyes closed and started enjoying.

My top got lifted, my breasts were bare. He started sucking my nipples by pressing them with his lips. A cry came out of my mouth. I slowly opened my eyes and it was Suresh. His naked body was in front of me.

Suresh was an experienced person in terms of sex. He aroused me slowly and when I was filled with lust, he removed my clothes one by one. I started finding his penis very cute. I used to hold it again and again and pull it towards me.

He started rubbing my nipples slowly with his fingers. I started feeling a spicy pleasure. He started caressing and kneading my breasts. Moans came out of my mouth, my pussy became wet, slowly it started releasing slippery juice.

His strong body was rubbing against my body and giving me a sweet pink pleasure. He was making me feel good by kneading every part of my body.

I was completely ready to get fucked. Now I was feeling that he should insert his penis in my pussy and fuck me now. Without knowing that this would be my first fuck and my hymen would tear. A lustful sweetness started filling my pussy. I was enjoying such a unique pleasure for the first time. I thought why do people call it bad? Why should one avoid the work which makes a person happy, which gives immense pleasure?

Then he brought his penis near my mouth and touched my lips. This was my new experience.

‘What are you doing?’ Suddenly I felt disgusted.

‘Kiss it!’ Suresh said.

I kissed him helplessly.

‘Not like this, take it in your mouth and suck it!’ He again touched his thick penis to my lips.

‘Move aside, I will not do this.’ I turned my face away in disgust.

He was a little disappointed.

I had never done this before, so I was feeling even more disgusted by this act. I was thinking, who can take a place to pee in the mouth?

He didn’t say anything but his face was now bent on my pussy and he spread my legs and put his mouth on my pussy.

‘What are you doing,… this is the place to pee, yuck, move, what are you doing?’ I found his actions very strange and disgusting that why is he putting his mouth on the place to pee. If you want to insert your penis then do it, both are the places to pee…

‘Now will you let me do something or not…!!’ He looked a little angry.

‘Then do it, start it, don’t put your mouth on dirty places here and there.’ I said hesitating a little.

Suresh smiled and climbed on top of me.

‘Is this your first time?’ Suresh sat between my legs, his cock was erect.

I was also going to enjoy sex for the first time. He rubbed his cock up and down in the crevices of my pussy. My clitoris started throbbing, a sweet pain arose.

‘Yes, this is the first time, but hurry up, insert it…!’

‘Are you enjoying it?’

‘Yes, I am enjoying it a lot!’ I nodded my head in yes.

He had also given me one thousand rupees for fucking, and I was getting heavenly pleasure too, so I raised my legs and opened my pussy.

‘Aren’t you scared like this?’ he said kissing my lips.

‘Why should I be scared, you are my friend’s father, I am very safe with you.’ I said innocently. ‘Your virginity will be gone, then how will you be safe from what I am going to do?’

‘I beg here and there for money, I will have to leave college, now I will be able to pay the fees and give the exam, I don’t have my mother now… I have a younger brother at home, he is sick due to hunger. I will have to do all this, right? My mother also used to do the same thing, right?’

Suresh looked at me deeply, there was embarrassment on his face. His swollen penis seemed to shrink. I put pressure of my pussy on his penis, but perhaps it had withered and hung down. I thought that perhaps he would not be able to do it. But it was not so.

‘I don’t understand how you are safe with me…!’ Suresh looked a little confused.

‘Sandeep says, you are very nice, I know you will give me money after doing all this.’ I told him my needs.

‘Yes, I will definitely give that!’ He was getting surprised.

‘That’s it, I will be able to pay my college fees, I will also educate my brother further.’ I said casually.

He got up from the bed, got dressed and said, ‘Get up and wear your clothes…! I have had enough fun!’

I got scared and held his feet – no no, what is this… let me suck it, you can do whatever you want… but please don’t go!’

‘This is not everything in the world, not anymore… you are not fit for this work!’

I felt my 10,000 rupees going away. The same hunger and helplessness started appearing in front of my eyes. The same darkness started scaring me again. I thought in my mind, oh what have I done… what will happen now. Why did I say so much… I started crying.

Suresh called me near him and made me wear my top, picked up my jeans and said – come on, wear this!

My face turned sad, as if my life had gone away. I wore jeans and started crying bitterly, ‘Now I will not be able to take the exam…’ I started sobbing while crying.

Suresh hugged me. He was realizing his mistake. Maybe he was ashamed of himself.

‘Forgive me… I don’t know what I have been doing at this age, you have opened my eyes… Was I going to make you a call girl?’ The lust had disappeared from Suresh’s face. Yes, there was definitely a glow on his face. I kept looking at him.

Keeping my head on his chest, I requested- If you give me enough money to pay the fees, then deduct it from my salary, please… otherwise we will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

‘Forgive me, keep this secret in your heart that I did something like this to you, and I don’t know what my relationship with you will be, but you stay as my friend, or as my daughter, or whatever relationship you make, but from now on you will stay with me, you will handle all the office work in my factory… again, keep this thing in your heart!’

‘Yes… but you… you will not do anything with me now… but I feel like doing something!’

‘Now shut up, this is the age, after marriage you do it every day… I don’t want to do this anymore!’

‘Uncle… I don’t know all this… but what should I say…’

‘Don’t say anything, I don’t want to take advantage of my helplessness and innocence…!’ saying this he went to another room.

My mind was not working. How did all this happen, how did he suddenly become so kind to me. Did his heart melt after knowing my helplessness and truth? Were my good days really about to come?

I slowly came to his room, he was standing at the window, I touched his back, it was as if he got a shock. Immediately he turned and looked at me. I could not hide the tears in his eyes. I slowly placed my head on his chest.

‘Uncle, please forgive me, I was carried away by the greed for money, if you were not there, who knows what would have happened, my dignity would have been lost…! Then I would not have even got married!’

Suresh kissed my head and took me in his arms.

Maybe I was also looking for the same love that I was looking for in lust. My heart started feeling cool. I felt relieved. Such love was touching my soul.

Suresh looked at me, then looked at his wife’s picture and bowed his head and smiled at me and said- Good night, now go to sleep… I have to apologize to her too.

After saying this, he looked at his wife’s picture, then took shelter in his bed and covered his face with the blanket.

I switched off the light of the room and started going out. Then God knows what came to my mind, love for him surged in my heart. I ran and got inside his blanket and hugged him. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I showered kisses on his face and started crying. He lovingly made me lie down on one side and I fell asleep hugging him. My thirsty heart had got the love of a parent. Perhaps after a long time I had such a deep sleep, such a peaceful sleep, such a loving sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Suresh Uncle gave me the keys of the farm house and went to his house. That morning seemed like a new morning to me, perhaps it was the beginning of a new life… then I remembered my brother that he must be waiting for me and I started walking quickly towards my house!

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