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Story Of The Call Girl Sanaya In Dehradun

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you all are well. Friends, my name is Sanaya and I am a resident of Dehradun, let me tell you that I work as a call girl in Dehradun escort service, now you must be wondering what the call girls from Dehradun are doing in Nainital, so friends this is My story is how I came to Nainital from Dehradun and joined the call girl Nainital site.

Friends, this story is 1 year old from today when I used to work in escort service in Dehradun, friends, I am not very old, I am only 22 years old. And my height is 5 feet, I am fair and my chest is 36, and my marble-sculpted body is like a blooming bud, if people spend the night with me in the room then they will go crazy because I am such a sexy hot call girl. ,

Friends, I had adopted this path when I was in college, at that time I was in great need of money, so I stepped into this path and even now I am on this path, I have met high profile people many times till now. And I have spent many nights in the room with him.

But friends, the Scott Service company with which I was associated was not paying me that much, I was told that they would give you more but when I came to them after finishing their work to ask for money, they did not give me much money. They would silence me by paying a lot of money, the Scott Service where I worked would ask me to do one shot or two shots and make me work there the whole night, due to which I ran away from there and came here to Nainital. Went.

When I came here after running away to Nainital, I did not have any work by which I could earn a living here. I knew only one work which was escort service, I had a little money at that time with which I could earn my living. I was able to stay there for a few days but I was desperately looking for work. I started wandering here and there in search of work, and one day I met a person named Rohan who I liked very much and we both became friends. After getting married, Rohan told me about his work. He told that he works at of Nainital call girls, that is, the work with which I was previously associated was lying in front of me, so I immediately Told Rohan that I am also an escort service call girl, I had earlier worked in Dehradun and then ran away from there and came here.

Then after listening to all my words, they kept me with them and to tell the truth, the site is much better than the earlier site where I used to work as a call girl in Dehradun because the payment is also good here. And only the work that is asked to be done is done, apart from this no other work is given to be done, and the most important thing is that the site keeps the safety of its customers and its staff in mind and they Does not allow any hindrance in privacy.

Friends, I am your Sanaya from, friends, I want to tell you one last thing, friends, my opinion is that till date I have seen many such call girls and escort service companies but till date no escort like Haven’t seen the service company, friends, Sanaya and I are of the opinion that whenever you want to book a call girl or escort service, then do it only through site. Because here the site keeps the privacy of its customers and staff safe.

Friends, Sanaya, now I want to bid farewell to all of you, and if you want to talk to me, then stay connected to, I will talk to you soon.

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